How to distinguish the best house paints on the market and how to mix house paint colors

 Currently, the Vietnamese paint market is becoming more and more exciting with the introduction of many domestic and foreign paint companies. Therefore, the problem of finding a good paint that is suitable for economic conditions is really a difficult problem.

How to distinguish the best house paints on the market and how to mix house paint colors

In fact, the ads of paint companies sometimes reflect the truth, making users very confused and do not know which type of paint really suits their needs.

Paint Dulux

Famous brand AkzoNoBel (Netherlands), Dulux paint is one of the most popular paint brands on the Vietnamese market today with a brand that has been confirmed in the construction market for many years.


Dulux paint is highly appreciated by many users for its good adhesion, perfect smoothness, high resistance to stains and easy cleaning and hygiene during use.

Dulux paint is considered a user-friendly paint because it is hypoallergenic as it does not contain lead and mercury and also offers a wide range of paints with different uses for customers to choose from (Dulux paint in house, outdoor paint, Dulux primer, wall putty, Indoor Maxilite, Outdoor Maxilite ...).

In particular, some Dulux paint lines have alkali-resistant substances, so they are very resistant to moisture, producing bright colors and a diverse color palette.

Dulux also has a variety of paints with different capacities from large to small (while My kolor paint does not have small capacity boxes), so it is also easy to fit more needs.


Compared to other paints on the market, Dulux paint has a rather high price. However, its quality is also commensurate with the price, so this is not debatable. Another disadvantage is that if customers are looking for high-end paint colors, Dulux does not have the same good colors as My Kolor Paint.

Because of the strength of the brand, Dulux is being overpriced, so it is important to choose reputable distributors to buy genuine Dulux paint.

Nippon Paint

As a popular brand, Nippon paint is also a paint brand that is loved by many Vietnamese users because of its friendly price and good quality.


The first strength to mention of Nippon paint is cheap price. As a brand from the country of the rising sun, Nippn is one of the few paints on the market today that meets both factors: both high quality and cheap price.

Nippon Paint is evaluated by most users as having high durability, relatively good adhesion and easy to apply with exterior paints. As for the interior paint line, Nippon is loved for its smoothness, excellent waterproofing and anti-moss ability.


The disadvantage of Nippon paint comes from the lack of diversity in the color palette. The colors of this paint are also rated at "popular", there are no high-end colors like My Kolor or the vibrant tones of Dulux, Jotun paint.

Son My Kolor

Rated as a high-end paint line, My Kolor paint is gradually asserting its name in the paint market because of the excellent quality it brings.


My Kolor owns a variety of color palettes, the colors are bright, the colors are very sharp and there are many vibrant colors suitable for embellishing and highlighting the interior - exterior. It can be said that this paint line gives a better color than other paint brands on the current market.

In addition to the color factor, the quality of My Kolor paint is also a significant advantage. The paint has extremely high adhesion, perfect smoothness and good waterproofing ability. According to the assessment of the paint workers, My Color paint is very low wear but easy to paint evenly.


Of course, the downside of My Klor comes from its relatively high price. However, the quality factor is a compensating factor, making more and more Vietnamese users trust and choose this paint.

In addition, this paint company does not have small boxes but only boxes with a capacity of 18-20 liters, so it is quite inconvenient if customers only have small needs.

Paint Jotun (Norway)

It is not exaggerated to say, Jotun is a formidable opponent of Dulux if in a few years the national paint company Dulux does not have a reasonable direction.


In the same price range as Dulux, but Jotun has a much more diverse color palette. This is a line of interior paint products with high anti-mildew, anti-fading, and anti-scratch ability, but also has the ability to prevent bacteria. Jotun also helps bring high economic efficiency because it owns high-coverage acrylic-based economic interior paint.

Moreover, Jotun has boxes that are small in volume, easy to apply and durable as well as capable of protecting interior surfaces such as plaster, screed, mortar, concrete. In addition, it is not easy to fake or replace the inner paint core because the barrel is designed with an iron shell, the belt is above the lid.


Compared to some other paint companies, the price of Jotun paint is not low. Moreover, finding a Jotun paint dealer at a reasonable price without intermediaries is also quite difficult compared to Dulux or Nippon.

Thus, the paint on the market today has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the needs and purposes of use, you can find yourself the most suitable paint. The advice that we give is to find reputable dealers or distributors to both buy genuine paint and get the best price.

Beautiful paint colors for the kitchen will lead the trend

The dining room is where we return to gather around a cozy tray of rice with our family after a long day of work. So, do not hesitate to decorate this common space with many attractive colors. Choosing a beautiful house paint color is an essential job because the color will largely determine the image of the house.

Choosing the right paint color for the dining room not only makes the room more beautiful and lively, but also partly helps the human spirit to be comfortable.

Light chocolate brown

Brown deserves to be at the top of the list of beautiful house paint colors. If you are bored with pastels or bright tones, don't hesitate to try this chocolate brown.

Brown tones will help harmonize various wood-colored items in the room. Especially when combined with a light-colored ceiling, it gives a seamless look, and at the same time has a bit of a classic but no less modern look.

Crazy red-brown orange

If you want to give your dining room a breath of warmth, this is the tone for you.

The brown-orange color completely transforms your dining room into a traditional kitchen, but works well with modern details like glasses, cups, neutrals combined with a little natural light to soften take the hot pigment of this color gamut.

Active apple green

This fancy blue tone deserves to be a beautiful house paint color worth trying. Bright, dynamic colors will blow a breath of fresh air into your room.

Yellow-green tones can highlight ornate wooden items and give the kitchen space a fresh look.

It will create harmony between the interior of the room when coordinated with a delicate chandelier.

Youthful lemon yellow

Why don't you try to choose this color for your kitchen right away? This bold color may be a little less nuanced, but it really effectively neutralizes black-and-white objects.

Here, the warm pigment of lemon yellow will cover the cool colors of the ceiling or kitchen appliances and bring overall harmony to the room.

Enthusiastic plum red

Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in the space with brilliant plum red. Another classic tone, red will help your dining room increase coziness.

Combine red walls with light fixtures or ceilings, and you'll always want to come home to a cozy dinner table! Plum red is the answer to the question of how to find a beautiful house paint color.

Strong Charcoal

If you are afraid to try a "rare" color but no less elegant and sophisticated, let the purple tone help you do this.

The dining room of the house will look more lively and attractive with cold pigments. And what could be better than when it is coordinated with wooden floors and light colored furniture, try it now!

Warm gray

Gray is a neutral color that can be hot or cold depending on what shade it carries.

Gray is a great choice for those who love a romantic space, a few bright objects will transform the kitchen into a modern space but still keep it cozy.

Choosing the best paint color is always a key factor in determining the style and overall shape of your home. However, for those who do not have knowledge of architecture, the problem of choosing the best house paint color is really a difficult problem.

Rich Navy - the most beautiful paint color of luxury and class

Denim Blue (blue combined with light gray) is a very popular house paint color, next year Blue, also known as Rich Navy, is expected to create a fever in the paint industry. A color that exudes style and elegance right from its name (Rich- rich) is a pity to ignore, right?

Blue color not only brings a feeling of freshness and modernity, but also as a way for the owner to show his class. It will be perfect if this classy color is combined with the furniture with metallic gold tones, copper orange or deep brown. Then your house will become luxurious, modern but with a little bit of nostalgia just like the atmosphere in the ancient palaces.

In the trend of velvet furniture, blue wall paint will easily become a hot trend because both represent aristocratic and luxurious styles.

Monarch Gold – attractive vivid yellow color

Some people are afraid to use hot colors, especially yellow, to paint the walls of their house for fear that it will cause a blinding feeling, easily causing the owner to feel angry. However, try once to find a way to choose a yellow paint color for your home, you will surely be surprised at the effectiveness of this seemingly difficult color gamut. Yellow as a way to create accents, make the space brighter, subconsciously evoke a fresh space of the new day sky.

You can also just add yellow paint to certain areas of the house such as doors, adjacent areas between rooms to create a harmonious picture full of subtle attractive accents. And if you want to choose yellow paint as the main paint color for the whole house, don't ignore Monarch Gold, this is a completely new paint color with a light yellow color that is not too dazzling but evokes a very cool atmosphere. "Royal".

White - gentle, delicate but no less attractive

Over the decades, white has never lost its leading position in the paint industry. A color of purity, cleanliness but surprisingly attractive will probably always be the most beautiful house paint color and never go out of fashion no matter where the times change.

Do not mistakenly think that monotonous white has only one color but ignore it, in fact, if you refer to the white paint palette of many famous paint brands, you will be surprised and confused by the multitude of white colors. different as: Oxford white, Winter Park, Smoke Stain Rose, Light Nile, Insulation paint, ...

By itself, the combination of whites with different shades and weights is enough to create a picture full of sophistication, complementing or contrasting wonderfully. Living room, bedroom and bathroom are the most suitable spaces to choose white paint because of the visual effect it brings.

Purple - the most beautiful paint color for those who like romance

Purple is the color of dream, creating tranquility and perfect for the home office. Deep purple tones often make the space stand out and are even more beautiful when combined with pink or white paint.

If you want a breakthrough, try mixing a romantic palette of purple hues: a blend of pale lavender, pink heather, vibrant violets and amethyst. It will give you a peaceful and romantic bedroom space.

Fresh green - the peaceful green of nature

If you want to create a space full of natural atmosphere, green is really the best house paint color for you. Inspired by plants, green easily enters the human soul and evokes a freshness and freshness. Green is like a sweet whisper, like a friend who calms down the owner's temper when angry.

For homes that are eco-friendly or have a lot of open space to plant trees, green is a color that is hard to ignore. You can adorn your bathroom or reading room with Pristine Green, Scallion, Leaf Bud or Lime Mist colors.

However, should avoid using blue for the dining room because it may reduce the sensitivity of the taste buds, but is suitable for followers of vegetarianism and weight loss.

Beautiful house wall paint colors

Besides finding a beautiful architectural style, finding a paint color for your house is also an important factor because it greatly determines the style of the house and shows the owner's aesthetic.

For those who do not have knowledge of paint and design in general, finding the right paint colors for each living space in the whole house is really a difficult problem because the paint color on the wall must not only meet aesthetic needs but also to satisfy feng shui elements, inspiring work for the owner.

If most of the current articles only give general suggestions about beautiful paint colors, this article will give specific suggestions for each room to help you choose the right paint color that suits your style. for each living space in your home.

Beautiful wall paint colors for the living room

The living room is the most powerful expression of the owner's personality and preferences.

Therefore, in addition to choosing decorative furniture, choosing a beautiful wall paint color is also a matter of priority.

Yellow wall for living room facing east

According to the law of the five elements, the east direction belongs to the wood, but the wood carving earth will generate fortune, so you should choose a wall color that represents the earth, the most typical is the yellow color.

Depending on your preferences and style, you can choose to paint the walls yellow with different dark and light tones. Not only meeting feng shui, yellow paint also shows excitement, strength and creates a cozy feeling for your living room.

White wall for living room facing south

The south direction belongs to the fire element, and fire with metal will bring luck and fortune, so white (representing metal) will be a good choice.

In the field of wall painting, white is a color that has never gone out of fashion, it is both simple, clean and modern, pure and fresh.

In addition to the white color, painting the wall in light ash or milk color is also a good choice.

Blue wall for living room facing west

The color blue is a typical representation of carpentry, but the west direction belongs to metal - metal carving wood will bring fortune. Blue color for living room wall paint shows coolness and freshness.

There are many different green wall paint colors for you to choose from to match your preferences and interior such as: green, turquoise, green, green...

Warm color wall for living room facing north

The north direction belongs to water, water carves fire and brings prosperity, so you can choose paints with hot colors such as red, pink, purple.

However, even though warm colors make your living room stand out, they create a feeling of heat.

To help the overall harmony, you can choose furniture with cool colors or just use warm colors to decorate a few corners of the room instead of using it to paint the entire wall.

Beautiful house wall paint color for the bedroom

The bedroom space is a place to rest and take place but everyone's private activities.

The bedroom is like a separate world for each member, so the paint color must also meet the preferences and age of the user.

A room with a favorite paint color helps people forget fatigue and easily fall asleep in the most peaceful way.


Blue is the color of water and ocean, so painting the bedroom wall blue is a perfect idea to create a feeling of peace, relaxation and coolness in a room that needs rest. In particular, blue can be mix house paint colors with many different colors to create an eye-catching overall for your bedroom.


As sweet as the name implies, pink paint is suitable for girls' rooms or those of girls who like the glamor and modernity that this color brings.


Minimalist and easy to paint, but undeniably the effect that 3 basic colors black-white-gray bring.

In general, these are all paint colors that never go out of fashion but are surprisingly effective in creating a modern living space that easily matches any furniture, creating a sense of orderliness in the room.

You can combine the above colors together or simply paint only one of the 3 colors to have a satisfactory room without having to think much about finding furniture to match the overall look. can anymore.


Coming from pastel colors, the sharpness of purple always attracts and awakens the senses effectively.

Purple also symbolizes water, so it is suitable for couples' bedrooms. Purple paint when combined with pink and white tones will create a very beautiful and attractive overall.

Dining room

The wall paint color for the dining room is also a significant factor that determines the quality of the meal and the family atmosphere.

You should use tones that stimulate appetite such as orange, red, yellow - these are the colors used frequently in eateries and restaurants.

If you are afraid that the above colors may cause a burning sensation, use bright paint colors such as white, cream, and beige for three walls, while the other wall and one wall are painted in a floating color to create accents .

However, it should be noted to avoid using blue for wall paint, furniture or large objects in the dining room because according to feng shui, this color affects the taste buds negatively.

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