Choose a house paint color that speaks to the messages you want to decorate your home with

 Choosing paint color is an important decision next to deciding on the design of the house. Paint color not only affects the design of the building, but also shows the owner's style and sometimes carries secret messages.

Choose a house paint color that speaks to the messages you want to decorate your home with

Faced with paint palettes with thousands of different colors with all levels of light and dark, many people are shocked and do not know how to make the right decision to choose the right paint color. Many people, after choosing a paint color, buying paint, then feel remorse and want to change to another color, but it's too late.

Find inspiration to choose house paint colors

The first and basic thing you need to do when you need to make a decision to choose a paint color. Look for inspiration from interior magazines, books and especially the internet. You can also go directly to see the houses of your friends, the houses that you come across on the street to find inspiration. On design websites is a repository of documents for your reference. See as many pictures of paint colors as you can and save images with paint colors that you feel most comfortable with and feel attracted to at first sight. Then, put the images that you have saved together to compare and make a decision.

Determine the style you want to pursue

Paint color is not simply a coating on your work, but also a tool to help you express your personality and speak your message. So, if you want to pursue a certain style, consider choosing a paint color that matches that style.

Determine what furniture will be displayed in the room

This is also an important step because the paint color and furniture should have a relation and match to create a perfect whole. If the furniture you choose is neutral, then they should hardly affect the overall look or paint the walls too much.

But if your furniture has bright and prominent colors such as yellow, red, purple, you should choose paint colors that can neutralize the overall.

Direction of the room

If your room faces north, you will probably get less natural light. To balance the low light of the room, you should choose warm and pale shades for the walls, like duck egg blue, primrose yellow or baby pink.

South-facing rooms, on the other hand, often get plenty of natural light – some even need cooler shades to help balance the light.

As for closed rooms that often have to use artificial light, the type of artificial light you use for the room will greatly affect the expression and feel of the colors you choose.

For example, halogen lamps emit white and clear light, which tends to produce the most realistic colors. Incandescent bulbs produce a yellow light, which means they tend to discolor yellow tones while fluorescent light is cooler and at the same time often eliminates the resonance of a color.

The problem of finding an interior paint that is easy to clean and anti-fouling

Easy-to-clean interior paint has an important effect in protecting the aesthetics (also known as color fastness) for the work under the impact of external factors, especially stubborn stains such as: mud, highlighter pens, chalk, foods: soy sauce, chocolate, ice cream,...

Elements that make interior wall paint easy to clean

When deciding to buy a paint, you often refer to the mass media and you are easily persuaded by advertisements such as: easy-to-clean interior wall paint created by a advanced technology in a developed country. These things are not wrong but be a smart consumer when today's brands race to exaggerate the quality of their company's products. The only thing you need to be aware of is the “glue content” in the water-based paint.

The easy-to-clean property is created by the cohesion of the paint film (the more cohesive the paint film, the easier it is to clean). This cohesion is proportional to the amount of glue present in the water-based paint.

For a product containing a lot of glue, it not only creates an easy-to-clean feature, but also creates many other features such as: gloss, anti-fouling, contributing to waterproofing, moss and especially the element. Natural odorless (derived from Acrylic glue).

Must-have features of easy-to-clean interior wall paint

Easy cleaning with wet cloth and soap is the most noticeable feature. You can easily check the quality of interior wall paint that is easy to clean with a wet cloth and soap. It's very simple, if you can easily remove common stains such as: mud, markers, color scheme in Diamond style, chalk, chocolate, cream, ... with just the above two items without the need for any other strong detergent, it's good quality easy to clean paint. They can help you protect the aesthetics of your home without spending too much time.

Color fastness

If after cleaning, the color of the paint film fades or even other traces appear on the wall, it is not the paint that is easy to clean as required. An effective cleaning paint can hold up to about 10,000 cleaning cycles.

Golden recipes that require easy-to-clean interior wall paint

If financial conditions do not allow you to use easy-to-clean interior paint for your entire home, you can choose to use it in a few special areas that are often soiled such as: bathrooms, kitchens. ,...Especially if you have small children at home, you also have to pay attention to the living room or the baby's own room because that will be the place where the child shows his or her art.

Repaint the bedroom wall

The easiest way to change your bedroom space is to repaint the walls with a different paint color, it is best to use a completely different color from the old paint to create the effect that you have new. Such a new bedroom.

For the bedroom space, the most popular colors are light tones such as blue, white, pink or light yellow because it creates a feeling of sleep and relaxation. If it is a bedroom for children, you can refer to brighter and more vibrant colors such as red, yellow. As for the bedroom for couples, purple with different levels is also a color worth trying.

Use wallpaper

If you feel that repainting the wall of your house takes a lot of money and effort, then re-gluing the wall with wallpaper is a good suggestion. All you need to do is go and choose a wallpaper with your favorite pattern and stick it directly on the wall and the result is very satisfactory.

Using LEDs

A suggestion for those of you who love a cozy and bright space is to use LED lights. There are countless wall ideas to decorate the room with LED lights such as: stick led string lights on the wall and shape them to your liking, wrap the led string around the mirror in the vanity or even place the LED lights hanging down. from the ceiling in the style of vines.

Buy a new mirror

If your bedroom is small or has no windows, a mirror is an immediate change. Mirrors always create a visual effect that makes the space brighter and larger. And of course, its main use is still to help the owner see for himself and look decent every time he goes out.

Use pictures, artwork ảnh

For those who are artistic, paintings or photos with artistic colors not only help decorate the bedroom but are also a good way to express the personality of the owner.

Depending on your preferences, each person can choose for themselves a favorite type of picture, but do not forget to choose a beautiful picture frame to accompany it.

Replace shelves, shelves or cabinets

Your bedroom will look really different if you add a new piece of furniture such as a bookshelf, wardrobe or nightstand.

Wall painting technique cuts costs in half

The total amount of money spent for each painting of a complete house can be up to hundreds of millions of dong, depending on the paint area and labor costs from time to time. Everyone wants to cut costs, but we cannot cut costs by using cheap but poor quality materials.

According to the towel theory: "spending money on "genuine" things that are 3 times more expensive will save you 7 times more in the future", using high-quality paint will save you 7 times more money than if use poor quality goods and need to be repaired many times

In fact, many stages of painting construction can be done by hand instead of spending a large amount of money to hire workers. Moreover, this is also an opportunity to experiment with new paint colors, and at the same time feel free to be creative and decorate the house as you want besides following certain patterns.

Preparing instruments

The first step to prepare is to choose paint. There are thousands of paints of all shapes and sizes, choose the one that suits your style and vision. Besides, you can also update the trend of hot paint colors year by year, plus feng shui elements to help the house match with the owner while not losing personality.

There are many paint brands on the market: Dulux, Nippon, Jotun, ... with rich color palettes and distinct features: waterproof paint, easy-to-clean paint, matte or glossy paint. Therefore, choose the right paint for the space you want to work on.

The next step is construction. Furniture in the room should be moved outside to avoid getting dirty, or you can also wrap them with several layers of plastic. Normally, you need to put a layer of tarpaulin under the floor to avoid paint splashes. At the edges, you can apply tape to keep the paint from sticking to the walls that don't need painting. The drives also need to be covered.

In addition, you also need to prepare tools such as paint rollers, paint brushes, mixing tanks and scaffolding. Don't forget protective gear such as gloves, hats, and glasses.

Old wall treatment

This is an indispensable step in wall painting techniques if you want to save paint volume. Using sandpaper to brush the wall to remove the old rough paint will help the wall surface to be flat, help the wall become "paint-eating" and the paint will look smooth and glossy. Also, do not forget to remove the wallpaper before applying.

Before being painted, a wall must be clean and dry. The ideal humidity of a wall for the best paint is < 16%. Ideally, you should let the wall dry for 3-4 weeks after painting to switch to painting the wall. Damp days are definitely not an ideal day to paint the walls.

Carry out waterproofing

If you are concerned about moss and mold appearing on the wall after rainy or warm days, waterproofing is definitely a step not to be missed.

Choose a quality waterproofing layer for your home, because it is the basis for the following paint layers to retain their color for a long time.

Paint construction

Painting is a stage in a series of steps in painting a house. The painting determines the aesthetic factor as well as the durability and beauty of the ceiling and wall. Choose a quality paint that is suitable for each project. To paint the paint to maximize its use, avoid applying when the wall is still wet.

Don't skip the primer

The white primer not only increases the smoothness of the coating, reduces the impact of moisture and alkali in the wall, but also ensures that the outermost layer of paint has a color standard. . When using a paint roller, you can roll it back and forth many times so that the path overlaps each other, pay attention to gently so that the paint line does not leave streaks. With corners and edges, you can use a brush to make the paint line more precise.

Carrying out coating

So it's the final step, the last layer is the color paint. For the most beautiful and accurate color, you can apply 1-2 coats, using the same technique as when applying white primer. The interval between each coat is about 1-2 hours. If the paint is smooth, flat, and correctly colored, then you have succeeded in this self-painting process.

After completing the housing project, many people expressed concern about the house painting stage. Because the cost of painting is not small, while the previous construction has consumed a huge amount of money. Therefore, many people decide to delay painting their house for a few years later, which greatly reduces the life of the building due to the effects of natural factors such as rain, sunshine, ...

Tips to choose a cheap house paint

To evaluate a cheap and beautiful house paint, you need to refer to many factors. For those in the field of construction, painting and repairing houses, this job is not difficult. However, for inexperienced people, most of them do not know how to choose a good cheap house paint. Therefore, to help you know which type of paint is good, we provide criteria for you to evaluate the right house paint for your family.

Estimated paint cost

"Does the rice pick up the fish sauce" is an old proverb used by grandparents to advise their children and grandchildren to know whether they can afford to spend, not to let the shortage become poor, the same goes for house painting.

Before building a house, homeowners need to list the types of costs for each construction item, how much it needs to cost for the foundation, the cost of building materials, the cost of painting the walls, ...

Such a pre-calculation and spending list will help homeowners have an overview and track whether the budget is in deficit or exceeded.

Another important information you also need to know is the design of the house. Understanding the structure and area will help you save construction time as well as save a lot of money when buying house paint, avoiding over-buying, which is wasteful or expensive to have to paint over and over again.


The color of water-based paint determines the soul of the house, and also shows the style and personality of the owner. A house painted with simple light colors such as white, cream will bring a feeling of more spaciousness than the real area.

Besides, cool tones like blue and green will make people feel relaxed.

Warm colors such as red and yellow will help cheer you up, they should be combined with furniture and items with dark colors such as brown, black or light colors to help the house be more balanced and harmonious.

Coverage and durability

The coverage and durability of the paint is considered as the "skin" of the house. This criterion should be at the forefront when you decide to buy a paint.

If poor quality paint is used with no smoothness and uniformity, and low adhesion, then when painting the surface is prone to patchiness, after a short time, blistering and peeling can be seen. Besides, high-grade paint lines will help save on house painting costs and repair costs because the coating durability will last from 4-6 years.

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