Received the construction of high quality advanced basement epoxy coating

 Basement is a place built mainly for parking, but this is quite an important place in activities of people in apartments, commercial centers. And the basement is also considered as a criterion for evaluating the quality of apartments and commercial centers. Basement is the most important factor in deciding a high quality basement. Therefore, when building basements, business owners choose the solution of epoxy coating for parking, and paint their workshop floor . This solution helps businesses save time and money for the project.

Received the construction of high quality advanced basement epoxy coating

Why should use epoxy paint for basement parking?

The basement is a place where many motorbikes and cars often pass through with these devices, which will gradually make the floor surface of the basement frequently subject to strong impacts and environmental factors.

If it were other normal floors, resistance would be impossible, so the only remedy now could be to use epoxy paint on the basement parking of different areas.

When should parking basement epoxy paint?

-When the basement floor surface becomes severely degraded, it can be seen through signs such as cracking, peeling, breaking. These are signs of deterioration and once it has degraded dramatically, there is only a completely new floor surface so the cost that it brings is huge. So to minimize the impact as well as improve the floor surface, the epoxy coating for the basement floor is the most suitable thing. In addition, the serious degradation is also partly due to the refusal to preserve and maintain the floor surface.

-Note that please improve the floor surface before it degrades seriously as well as preserve it no matter how good a floor surface is as well as fully functional. will damage the floor surface over time. The use of epoxy floors for the basement is just to minimize cases like this, so once used the floor should be cleaned and preserved more often.

Solution for construction of epoxy coating for parking

Normally, the solution of epoxy floor coating will depend on the situation of the floor surface such as flatness, humidity, needs, ... However, with the works that we have done, most will Use according to the following methods:

For moving corridors and trailers: using epoxy coating method against slippery. This method helps create a better grip, increasing safety when moving. In addition, with 2 sides often use more reflective paint to help increase visibility and control movement even in the absence of light.

For the garage floor area: using epoxy coating on self-leveling system or 3-coat roller system epoxy, this is the method chosen mainly to meet the needs of users, optimize cost and convenience in the process. maintenance process. In addition, in this area, you should combine with paint methods to divide the moving area, parking to help move better, increase professionalism and safety.

Epoxy paint for the basement parking

First: You must clearly define the use of the building after painting the basement floor. That is, your basement, after epoxy coating, is used for normal commuting or must be anti-slip to plan construction and choose the right materials.

Second: Selecting materials is epoxy coating from reputable suppliers, with a big brand that has affirmed its quality in the market and expertise in the epoxy field: The quality of the input materials decides very big. to the quality of the work. These are brands from advanced countries and the leader in the field of epoxy with the quality confirmed in the market.

Unit specializing in construction of epoxy coating for parking

Choosing a construction unit is also what makes many investors interested. In addition to the solution, the choice of epoxy coating unit is also what brings efficiency, quality and meets many requirements given by the investor. In addition to meeting the legal and capacity criteria, the quality of the works that the unit performs is the evaluation factor to choose the best unit for its basement paint works.

Therefore, Kim Loan Epoxy Paint Company is proud to be the leading epoxy coating unit, for the best quality of the work. With a team of supervisors, technical consultants directly at the work with qualified and experienced epoxy floor will ensure the best client's epoxy floor in all cases.

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