What is epoxy paint for concrete ?

 Epoxy paint is widely used for many surfaces such as floor, floor, wall, floor, ... With the real benefit we get a lot, the cost is much lower than the tile, because of the floor. Our area is quite large and will cost very high. So why not think of epoxy paints that are durable and good adhesion to all surfaces such as concrete, wooden floors, steel floors ... 

Epoxy paint is a type of paint consisting of 2 main components: curing part and coating part These two components mix them together according to the ratio specified by the manufacturer to create a perfect epoxy floor paint surface, which is durable, good load pressure, solid but not broken, resistant to ghost wear. Good close, anti-slip, anti-dust, easy to clean without color fading, much lower price.

What is epoxy paint for concrete ?

To create the perfect epoxy surface with 2 types of water-based epoxy paint and oil-based epoxy paint. These two paints include solvents and solvents, the difference is that comes from the solvents of the two, oil solvents and water solvents. 

For oil-based epoxy paint very well resistant to acid corrosion, extreme weather, high hardness, so it is very resistant to impact or pressure wear, good adhesion to concrete surfaces, anti-mildew, full adhesion, Water-resistant, waterproof ... and foreign-based epoxy paint has these capabilities, it is also very anti-slip, fireproof and especially non-toxic, so it is possible to paint floor surfaces in food factories, health care, home Eating, hospital, swimming pool, not just painting floors, painting floors, painting workshop floors, car garage floors, garage floors, supermarket slopes, indoor sports floor Painted tennis court floors, painted outdoor stadium background,

What is epoxy paint used for?

Used to paint on floors, substrates, surfaces for the purpose of creating flatness, increasing gloss and aesthetics, increasing friction, increasing bearing capacity, heat resistance, dust resistance, and easy cleaning. toilet.

For the production floor, when using epoxy paint, it will give a flat floor. The movement and transportation will be easy, not slippery, no squirrel, high compression when large trucks enter.

For the working floor, when painted, it will shine beautifully, high aesthetics, cleaning and cleaning the floor is easy and fast.

The floor which is frequently in contact with water, if it is painted with epoxy, will not be damaged or broken. Slipperiness is greatly reduced. Use for a long time also free from moss and mold.

High aesthetics: the painted surface has a glossy finish with bright colors and is difficult to fade, making the painted surface beautiful to meet aesthetic requirements.

Quality durability: quality comes from raw materials, we guarantee the quality and guarantee a 12-month warranty for customers.

Dust-proof and easy-to-clean properties: Due to the gloss of the paint, the ability to cling to dust is very low, but cleaning and cleaning the floor is also very quick and gentle.

Waterproofing ability: Especially the epoxy paint with waterproof type is the painted surface after drying and waterproofing completely with water. This feature is suitable for swimming pools, clean water tanks, ...

Resistance to friction, friction: with this feature, workshop base epoxy paint is often used for paint works for factories, warehouses, basements, ...

Application of some Epoxy coating systems:

Epoxy floor coating system with color, water dispersion, solvent free, thickness: 0.15 - 0.25mm is the coating solution for concrete floors and plastering in production areas, warehouses, parking lots. , garage, ... The product can withstand normal to medium mechanical loads and is chemically resistant.

Epoxy floor coating system is constructed by roller (thickness: 0.6 - 0.8mm). As decorative floor coverings for commercial and public buildings. Highly capable of cleaning.

Self-leveling Epoxy floor coating system (total thickness: 2.0 - 3.0mm) is also an economical product, used for concrete floors and plastering with normal to medium load capacity. Application for warehouses and ceremonies, maintenance workshops, garages, slopes, ...

Moisture barrier (minimum thickness 2mm). Used as the undercoat under epoxy floor paint, used for high humidity surfaces even used for fresh concrete.

The ability of the floor surface when epoxy coated

Wear resistance - Anti-wear. Pulling moving vehicle products requires a non-abrasive surface for long-term use without damage.

Good friction: We need a good friction surface for easy transport and epoxy coating does that.

Anti-slip: In workshops there can be water and moving on a non-slippery surface is highly effective.

The glossy surface of the paint gives us high aesthetics.

Dust-proof: Dusty environments make cleaning difficult. The surface of epoxy is free of dirt and dirt for easy cleaning

Easy to remove without color fading, the texture of the paint is very special to prevent color change during use.

High adhesion to other materials: We can paint on many materials and the paint can adhere well to all of them for a long time.

High adhesion to other surfaces - Concrete is an ideal surface for painting. In addition, the cement, stone, brick, and painted glass can all adhere well

Resistant to water, prevents water from passing, suffers the destruction of seawater, salt water.

Resistant to destruction of solvents and chemicals.

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