Advantages of construction of epoxy paint for professional competition tennis court, friendly with environment

 Appeared in the world from many years ago, but in recent years, thanks to the superiority in usability, epoxy paint has been increasingly known and interested in using by consumers. The advantages of epoxy coating have been recognized after a period of putting into construction works. Factory background painthas high adhesion to the floor, and has good abrasion resistance. 

Advantages of construction of epoxy paint for professional competition tennis court, friendly with environment

Moreover, the color variety, many colors are both beautiful and luxurious, you can customize according to your preferences. The process of epoxy coating on tennis courts is also easier than some other paints. Perhaps because it requires very high standards at construction time, the benefits that it brings to consumers are not always satisfied: beautiful surface, no joints, anti-mold and even dust. Besides, the epoxy floor paint has another feature that is completely suitable for use on tennis courts that is the anti-slip function. Below we will show you the process of epoxy floor coating for tennis courts.

Step 1: Treat the surface of the concrete floor before painting the tennis court floor.

The entire surface of epoxy painted tennis courts needs to be roughened and treated with an industrial floor grinder to smooth out, remove weak concrete ground, and create roughness to help the material layer. The upper adhesion tightly and steadily to the concrete floor of the tennis court.

Then proceed to vacuum the entire surface of the concrete floor. Conduct a flat treatment and remove defects before painting the tennis court floor with Butadien emulsion material with sand and cement mixture.

Step 2: Waterproofing for the construction floor of tennis court.

Using waterproof agent CT-11 is a waterproof substance made from Acrylonitrile and Alkylsiloxan, which prevents water penetration from outside, but the surface still evaporates easily to prevent water from penetrating to the floor, causing damage. after painting the tennis court floor.

Step 3: Apply a cushion coating to create a smooth, anti-slip and reduce vibrations when playing sports.

Conducting two coats of TN-A cushioning coating to create smoothness, anti-slip and reduce the kinetics of the tennis court surface when playing sports.

TN-A is a special chemical compound consisting of Polymer Elastomer with special chemicals and additives. Has a waterproof effect to form a soft cushion before coating CT-08.

Features TN-A buffer coating has a high flexural ability, elasticity with temperature. There are special spherical particles, which resist slippage during athlete's movement, increase the adhesion ability for CT-08 paint above. Used to flatten the court surface when applying epoxy tennis courts, create a smooth cushion, reduce vibrations when playing sports for athletes.

Step 4: Apply the CT-08 special layer 2 to create high durability and elasticity.

CT-08 is a special coating, has light gloss, high strength, toughness, excellent elasticity. used to cover surfaces of concrete, metal, wood, plastic, road, composite materials ... for sports fields (tennis, badminton), track and field tracks ....

Is a homogeneous plastic mixture, capable of cleaning, resistant to abrasion, and mechanical impact even at traffic places. Is a multi-purpose coating used for the construction of tennis courts (sports floor paints) suitable for the harsh environmental and weather conditions in Vietnam. Inside the environment is alkaline, acidic, sunlight and water.

Notes when applying the special coating for the CT-08 tennis court sports floor:

Apply on a dry day, the surface temperature must not exceed 35ºC. Apply 2 coats of CT-08 as follows:

If the paint bucket is thick, add 5% of clean water to just the consistency depending on the temperature and humidity. stir again for a new homogeneous paint bucket (pay attention to use up to where it is mixed).

Application method: Use roller roller or brush to sweep evenly on the floor surface.

Let layer 1 dry after 12-24 hours, apply second coat. Absolutely do not let air bubbles lie under the coating coating. Use the building 7 days after finishing the painting of the tennis court floor.

Step 5: Apply two layers of paint to draw white lines dividing the tennis court area.

Why should you choose Kim Loan Company to construct epoxy paint tennis court?

Advantages of construction of epoxy paint for professional competition tennis court, friendly with environment

𝕊𝕆̛ℕ 𝕂𝕃ℂ Company was born to apply the methods of construction of epoxy coating on the world's advanced tennis courts in Vietnam, helping investors, domestic and foreign contractors to handle technical problems. when constructing epoxy paint for construction items such as factory floor, basement floor, aquatic factory floor, paint tennis court ...

Certainly, with a team of engineers, skilled technical staff, Kim Loan Company will bring you a construction work of epoxy paint for tennis courts, complete quality epoxy paint. Perfect, durable and beautiful over time, ensuring friendliness with the living environment.

Construction of tennis court paint is a work that requires strict requirements on the construction team, selecting construction materials, ensuring bounce for the ball, not too slippery, creating friction for players. Our Kim Loan Company accepts epoxy paints for cheap competitive tennis courts with best quality, professional construction team to ensure construction process meets international standards. Contact now for dedicated advice.

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