Construction of professional antimicrobial paint nationwide

There are many factories, laboratories, .. that need effective sterility and antibacterial. These gradually become the standards, but not all units can guarantee the quality. SƠN KLC provides quality standard antibacterial epoxy coating construction service . Please refer to our article below.

Construction of professional antimicrobial paint nationwide

The advantages of antimicrobial epoxy coating

Currently, many factories, hospitals, clean rooms, pharmaceutical factories, food factories ... need antibacterial materials to help the environment stay clean. Antibacterial epoxy coating is a new material. With strong antibacterial properties, clean and does not generate dust will be the top advantages when using.

Construction of antibacterial floor paint 3

Epoxy paint is anti-slip, so during operation will be very safe and will not affect the current work. This is an advantage that Epoxy paint is applied a lot in practice.

Waterproofing helps to protect the life of the building and the equipment is also a remarkable advantage of the Epoxy paint.

Epoxy paint can also withstand friction, heavy objects, withstand hot and humid weather in Vietnam. Not only that, in environments such as laboratories, operating rooms, .. often using chemicals, the Epoxy paint is still not affected. With the corrosion resistance properties of dilute epoxy paints, it is also highly appreciated for its versatility.

Construction of professional antimicrobial paint nationwide

Construction of antibacterial floor paint 4

In addition, Epoxy floor paint also has a very high aesthetic. The surface is glossy and very beautiful. That makes people relax, increase productivity.

Standard antimicrobial epoxy coating process

Step 1: Clean the surface

To clean the construction surface, our technicians use the floor tea machine, the industrial floor grinder. These types of machines make the floor surface flatter and smoother.

Then our staff vacuums the entire floor. Helps clean floor surfaces create the best adhesion environment for epoxy coatings.

Construction of professional antimicrobial paint nationwide

Step 2: Primer

This is the first basic step towards better adhesion. With two main construction methods: roller roller and spray machine to apply primer. However, using roller roller is cheaper. Should be very cost-effective for customers and used more. Also use sprayers with higher technical requirements and used for some construction projects with high technical requirements.

Waiting time for the Epoxy primer to dry is about 6-8 hours. After coating, continue to apply the next layer to ensure the quality of the project.

Step 3: Apply paint

This step is a very important step for the foundation to withstand great pressure. Not only that, when executing this step requires experienced technicians.

Mixing time, mixing techniques together with standard tools can create a perfect mixture.

6-8 hours followed by waiting time for the Epoxy paint coating to dry. Then proceed to apply epoxy coating on the surface.

Construction of professional antimicrobial paint nationwide

Step 4: Coating

Self-leveling paint is an option for coatings to complete the construction process. Self-leveling paint is a paint with very good antibacterial ability. There are many brands of self-leveling paint such as: Paint Raibow, Son Jotun, Son SƠN KLC,… .. With the self-leveling properties, this paint has very high aesthetics and can withstand friction and great pressure.

Construction of antimicrobial floor paint 1

Step 5: Acceptance test

This checking and acceptance step will be conducted about 1 week after construction. When accepting, assessing the quality and handing over construction products to customers for use.

Epoxy coating construction service of SƠN KLC

Experience is the decisive factor in the quality of the product as well as the time to finish the product. With many years of experience in the profession, SƠN KLC has done many great projects such as: Paint construction for Medibest pharmaceutical factory - Thuong Tin, Hanoi; Epoxy coating construction at Ngoc Hoi Industrial Park - Hanoi,… .And many factory projects in the Northern province.

Construction of professional antimicrobial paint nationwide

Application of antibacterial floor paint 2

The team of skilled workers, highly trained, should be knowledgeable in the field of epoxy coating construction in general and epoxy coating construction in particular. With the quality of human resources, our works are always completed on or before the committed schedule. Not only that, finished products are always appreciated and meet the requirements of customers.

With modern construction equipment, the construction team can save a lot of time, cost and bring quality products. The standard support tools and manpower are the factors that help our construction cost much cheaper than other units. Because it saves time as well as construction materials.

With the advantages of SƠN KLC promises to be a good choice for customers. If you still have any questions, please contact us by hotline: 0982.999.866 . Thank you for reading our article.

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