Self-leveling epoxy coating steps

Self-leveling epoxy coating (also known as self-leveling, self-leveling) is just a small product line in the industrial coating system.However, self-leveling epoxy paint is being widely used in many applications. industry, such as drug factories, schools, hospitals, laboratories ... etc. We would like to introduce to our customers the self-leveling Epoxy paint. And its applications for readers to have an overview.

Self-leveling epoxy coating steps

1. What is self-leveling epoxy coating?

Self-leveling epoxy paint, also known as self-balancing line paint, is a "line" of products in the industrial coating system (paints used for factories, industrial factories, less used for civil works. use). This product line features no volatile matter content and emphasizes dust resistance and antibacterial properties. The gloss is almost absolute because you will pour 1mm, 2mm, 3mm thick paint onto the concrete surface.

2. Why is the foundation using epoxy paint for concrete foundation?

- Creates a seamless coating on the surface, does not generate dust during the production process.
- For water-proof, oil-repellent ability, chemical environment resistance to prevent these chemicals from penetrating, damaging and corroding the concrete floor.
- Factory floor protection: After applying concrete foundation paint, epoxy will create a paint layer that penetrates deeply into the concrete floor and separates the factory floor from the invasive elements of external concrete.
- High aesthetics: For flat, seamless, shiny surface. Workshop concrete foundation paint helps increase the light reflection, saving lighting costs for businesses.
- Good resistance to force, abrasion resistance, high friction: Allows the forklift to move on the surface after painting the concrete substrate, eliminating the problem of moving wear and friction.
- Epoxy paint for antibacterial, anti-mold, convenient for storage and storage.
- Anti-dust, easy to clean, simple construction method, short construction time.

3. Self-leveling Epoxy coating application process

- The construction of paintwork for factory concrete is complicated and completely different from that of conventional wall paint, the best advice for businesses and investors planning to use the paint product line. Epoxy for our workshop concrete foundation is to learn the most basic knowledge about epoxy, especially need to know the steps in the epoxy coating process.

+ Step 1: Grinding the floor.

- Use an industrial floor grinder attached to a vacuum cleaner to grind the entire floor surface. This stage is to create roughness for the floor surface to help the floor to bond well with the epoxy coating on the top and remove stains, grease and foreign objects on the floor.

+ Step 2: Surface treatment of the floor.

- Use 2-component matic epoxy dedicated to patching, filling and handling all defects on the floor surface. At the convex defects, use a grinding machine to smooth all these positions before patching. If there are cracks in the floor surface, it is required to use a grinder, grind the crack open and then carry out the repair. The purpose of this stage is to eliminate defects on the floor before moving to the construction of concrete foundation.

+ Step 3: Apply epoxy primer.

- Before applying the primer, you need to vacuum the entire floor surface, mix both components A and B with a mixer, roll by roller or spray evenly on the floor surface. Primer helps to harden the surface and creates an intermediate bond between the floor and the paint.

+ Step 4: Coating the coating

- Mix 2 components of the self-leveling epoxy paint with a mixer, pour the paint on the floor using a rake and evenly roll the paint to the floor in proportion. Use a roller to break the air bubbles that are still on the paint surface. This stage is very important to decide the quality and aesthetics of the project. It requires careful, meticulousness, mixing the two components of the paint thoroughly, and the foam-breaking roller is not missed.
- Step 5: Conduct acceptance and hand over the project.
After 24 hours, people and light objects can move on the floor surface, inspect and accept the project.

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