What color should the house paint be dark or pale blue and what color should the bedroom be painted?

 Because the color of the bedroom paint has the property of nurturing the love between two individuals, between the husband and the wife, normally the bedroom will be painted with warm colors such as vibrant red to express a sentiment. passionate, dreamy or faithful purple ...

What color should the house paint be dark or pale blue and what color should the bedroom be painted?

Paint bedroom pink - light pink

Pink bedroom paint is loved by many couples because it symbolizes warmth, helping the couple to be as passionate as the original time.

Bedroom Paint Purple - Light Purple - Pink Purple - Taro Purple

For those who love the mystery and want to favor the bedroom, purple is the first choice. This is one of the best bedroom paint colors and is quite popular with many people.

A private space like a bedroom, which is painted purple, indeed, the charm of the space will increase many times. To prevent the room from being too dark and immersed in purple, you can leave the ceiling white and the background and walls light.

In addition, combining green interior decorations is also an inspiring combination for the bedroom space. Blue - purple will be an exclusive, not dazzling match for you.

Paint bedroom blue, Green, Blue, Turquoise

Blue bedroom paint is also very popular because science has proven that blue has a very good relaxing effect, helping people to calm down and control their emotions better.

Paint the bedroom in gray

The small gray bedroom seemed to be of little interest, but it turned out not to be. Gray is rated by color experts as a very flexible color gamut when combined with other colors to express your emotions and lifestyle.

Paint bedroom yellow - cream yellow - light yellow

The strange thing is that the gold-painted bedroom models bring you joy and intelligence in life. The golden color promotes the development and lucidity of your intellectual thoughts. This is also a color worth reference when you want a bedroom with a paint color like that.

Paints bedroom par Kim

Choosing the paint color of the bedroom according to the destiny is the most important one is the correlation relationship, the five elements of the paint color must be born for the five fateful elements of the homeowner (normally will take the fate of the male). For example, if a husband has a par value, he will match the colors white, gray, black, yellow ...

Many of you ask if the husband is destined to Kim but the wife is destined to Hoa, what to do. In this case, priority should be given to taking your husband's fate. For example, this husband and wife Kim and Hoa are the best bedroom with yellow paint. The purpose of taking Fire Life Earth (Gold), Earth born again for Kim, is a statue of continuous birth so good.

Coloring paint bedroom par Hoa

Similar to the above, the paint color for par Hoa bedroom should be Blue, Green (Blue is not allowed, Blue is a statue of the ocean, belongs to water). The colors pink, red.

Coloring for the bedroom for the destiny of Thuy

Similar to the above, the paint color for the Par Thuy bedroom should be white, iridescent white, gray, and black, blue, all suitable for people of destiny.

Color of paint for the bedroom for the fate of the Moc

Similar to the above, the paint color for Par Moc bedroom should be Blue, Green, Blue or Black.

Color of painting bedroom for the Tho

Similar to the above, paint color for par Tho bedroom should be pink and red. The colors yellow, brown or orange are also very suitable for the destiny of Tho.

Color of painting bedroom according to feng shui

Bedroom paint for girls is usually pink or pink because they represent gentle affection and promote soft, warm femininity for girls. Please join Nano Green to refer to the color patterns of the bedroom paint for your girls.

Coloring paint for boys bedroom

The selection of bedroom paint colors for boys is very important, because they help shape the child's personality as well as the comprehensive development of the baby's brain and senses. So the choice of paint color for the baby's room is very important.

Paint 3D bedroom

3D painting bedroom or any other function room is a trend that many young people love because of its uniqueness.

Paint 3D background

There are many different 3D background paint patterns to cater to all your needs. How do you feel when you look down at the floor, you feel like you are floating in the ocean or lost in a royal garden.

Paint the 3D wall

Paint 3D walls for bedrooms is also a very popular trend in recent times. The starting point of the 3D trend is probably street artists, where they show off their exceptional talent for deceiving the eyes.

Paint your house dark blue or light blue - Which color do you like?

One of the most interesting features of blue house painting is that the color is refracted by the human eye, making the blue appear smaller, farther, more fanciful with other colors.

For the Greeks, blue is a very powerful color. So the blue color in Greece is used to control the eyes of the devil.

For Koreans, dark blue is the color of the morning, signaling a lucky and favorable start in work as well as in life.

For Belgians, blue is the color of wish, of hope

As for the Italians and the Spaniards, the color blue is used to symbolize nobility and kingship with the phrase "The Blue Price".

Blue color in feng shui

In feng shui, blue represents water, also known as "Hydropower" in feng shui. In case your house is oriented east or southeast. Hydropower will have the effect of nourishing the carpentry of your home. This will create a strong impetus for your prestigious career to flourish.

In case you need to promote your children's learning, you should use light blue to stimulate Van Xuong De Quan. According to ancient beliefs, Van Xuong De Quan is the god in charge of the education of the human world. Therefore, if light blue is used, your child's learning will improve significantly.

Moreover, some practical scientific studies have also shown that the baby's brain will thrive when the ceiling is painted light blue. So, please use this color to stimulate your baby's brain development.

Blue meaning in love & life

Can you see, blue is the volunteer blue color where students and young people are eagerly participating in contributing to society and life. Moreover, on major social networks, which attracts hundreds of millions of people to participate in activities, typically facebook social networks ... is also blue, guys. So it is no coincidence that someone thinks that blue is the color of sharing knowledge, contributing and bringing values ​​to the community in the most enthusiastic and strongest way.

Color of confidence and responsibility

Blue is also the meaning of confidence and responsibility for everyone. This is one of the reasons why the world's largest credit institutions prefer to use blue in their designs.

The color of peace

A lot of different studies, many scholars have said that the color blue helps our soul calm down to reduce daily stress and anxiety. It is also for this reason that hospitals often use blue color in treatment, especially hospitals specializing in pediatric patients.

Blue house paint with the above advantages, so you can easily choose to use for indoor or outdoor paint, which are also suitable.

Paint a blue house if the paint is too dark, it can make the space in the room slightly dark. Therefore, you need to use the highlights to brighten the space with clear motifs like lanterns, or sometimes just small white pictures.

The bookshelf will help reduce the monotony space on the wall, and at the same time bring an elegant atmosphere to the living room.

You can also use the pure white sofa set to bring out the living room space thanks to the strong contrast between the blue and white colors.

In the case of a slightly small reception area, painting a blue house can help the space become deeper, more deep ...

In fact, this style of wall painting is not entirely the use of blue paint, but a form of 3D room painting, which is perfect for living rooms with tight spaces.

With walls painted in blue, you should use bright white colors for the floor. This will give the room a green and modern style.

With a deep blue color for your wall paint, the ceiling & floor, you should use lighter colors with bright colors that will make the living room more vivid.

The combination between the blue and ivory colors of the sofa will help your living room have a airy and gentle beauty ...

Blue is more suitable for small children's bedrooms, especially boys' bedrooms. Blue color will foster the intelligence and enthusiasm to be devoted to the baby's life and society in the future ...

Paint a yellow house with cream yellow, yellow, and light yellow colors

Paint yellow house with cream yellow or painting yellow ... has always been the trend of house paint color that is interested and preferred by many families. Because the yellow color not only meets the requirements such as being luxurious, bright ... but also easy to mix with other colors.

It is no coincidence that yellow colors are often used, especially yellow, or are combined to create beautiful and extremely warm bedroom paint colors.

What is the right color for yellow house paint?

Yellow color represents earth, so houses painted in yellow will be extremely suitable for homeowners with metal or earth. However, it is not necessary to paint the house in full yellow. Maybe just a beautiful baby bedroom is enough for the husband and wife's love to become more and more warm.

According to color experts, yellow is also a symbol of happiness, optimism and creativity. If your baby is metal or earth, you can completely paint his room yellow to promote his learning ability & creativity in learning.

Painted yellow house facade

The front of the house can be painted with cream yellow, lemon yellow, orange yellow. Moreover, the yellow color is easy to combine with other colors to create an outstanding beauty that is irresistible to the surrounding guests ...

Paint the house yellow cream

Cream yellow house paint is the most chosen by many families because cream yellow meets many criteria such as: bright, luxurious, close, intimate and cozy. Besides, the cream yellow color also brings with you a pleasant coolness to help you and your family always feel comfortable and gentle after every stressful working hour ...

Cream-yellow house paints can be combined with brown. This combination is somewhat simple, classic but delicate.

Once again we see a rustic yet subtle beauty in a combination of cream yellow and wood brown.

Paint the house in light yellow color

A pale yellow house paint has one prominent advantage: light and elegant as the morning light by a window. Also pale yellow house paint tends to be used the most, perhaps because it is so easy to mix with other colors to create a unique style for your private space.

The combination of walls painted in pale yellow with gray is quite popular in recent years. Light yellow wall paint combined with white painted ceilings will accentuate the orange-yellow sofa set. It's elegant and youthful, isn't it?

Light yellow walls are highlighted with earthy yellow accents that make the living room look stylish and stylish.

Painted house yellow painting (Lemon)

Lime-yellow house painting will bring a bright and pure living space to your family's living space with evocative youthfulness with the liberal features of freedom.

Paint the house yellow soil

Painted earthy yellow house is suitable for those who like to live introverted because it is the color of simplicity, familiarity and warmth. The yellow earth gives you a feeling of peace, warmth, but freedom. However, because of its dark color, yellow earth is only suitable for relatively spacious spaces with adequate light.

Paint the house yellow or orange

Orange-yellow house painting is also a popular trend. However, you should note that this is a color with high warmth, easy to cause stuffiness, pressure if the space is small. In the case of tight spaces, you should use orange yellow to create subtle highlights instead of painting the whole space ...

Actually, the orange color is quite strong, so it should be airy, full of light. This will help the orange color to show off its full impact.

Paint the house yellow brown

Brown yellow house paint really suits the parents because the golden brown color creates a tranquility & simplicity but sophistication and serenity in life ...

Paint the house yellow bronze

Paint a bronze-yellow house if the combination of delicate architecture can highlight the elegance and elegance of the space. Copper gold color is suitable for both modern space and classical architecture because of the sophistication and elegance that copper gold brings ...

Paint copper yellow house is the latest trend today. This living room model looks luxurious and warm, isn't it?

Home painting, standard home painting experience

Common problems when painting the house

Newly painted houses that have been stained, peeled after 6 months, damaged objects in the house when painted, dusty, messy houses after finishing are the problems you will encounter if you choose non-professional contractors.

When building a house, in addition to the raw construction costs, the finishing part is also an issue to consider when calculating. Normally, the cost of finishing painting accounts for about 3% - 5% of the total construction value. Although the density is low, this is an important factor that makes your house stand out & durable or not.

Some families still have the mentality to choose low-cost construction contractors, but they do not take into account the value of the paint volume, the costs of arising materials or solve construction and maintenance problems. Because of any money, after choosing cheap construction contractors, the family must be prepared to deal with many problems as follows:

Choosing the wrong house paint material

Many homeowners, due to ignorance, impatience, or failure to learn thoroughly about the paints and their uses, lead to the wrong use of paints. Each paint usually has its own outstanding feature. If you want to paint the exterior should choose paint lines with good waterproofing. Or, if you paint the interior, you can choose a paint that is easy to clean.

Construction contractor inexperienced

The main reason is due to the contractor's lack of experience in surface treatment (paint when the mortar layer is not dry, not ensure the required humidity of 16% according to the Protimeter) or not follow the standard procedure (ignore outdoor alkali resistant primer, do not check damaged water construction).

Paint patchy walls because they cannot mix colors.

When repainting old houses, many families often repaint themselves with their own hands. This is not difficult to understand when homeowners already know the design of the house. However, maybe due to inexperienced house painting, the walls are often patchy, dark in place. The improperly painted walls may even peel off.

Not performing properly the painting process.

Normally, in order to paint the house to be durable over time, we can apply a thin layer of matit, then primer to prevent moisture, the house paint is most afraid of moisture from the moisture. Next is 2 coats of paint, each coat spaced 6 - 8 hours apart. Besides, an equally important job is to thoroughly clean the surface for smooth smoothness before painting. Lack of experience in painting the house, homeowners often neglect to ensure the wall reaches a standard dryness, and has not yet cleaned the old paint layers for old walls that need to be repainted. This directly affects the quality of the coatings and is indirectly reducing the service life of the building.

The phenomenon of chalking wall paint.

When you touch the paint surface and see the paint clinging to your hands like chalk dust, this is chalking phenomenon. This can be caused by choosing the wrong paint when using outdoor interior paint, so keep in mind that each paint is manufactured with chemical materials suitable for different uses. Use poor quality paint, the paint line does not belong to acrylic resin. To avoid consequences affecting the house, it is best to scrape off this paint and then repaint the wall with the right paint. Mixing too much water to break the bond of the paint also causes chalking.

The paint layer appears white spots, fungi or moss.

This phenomenon occurs when the wall is damp, the alkali contained in the cement and lime inside is not alkaline, leading to corrosion of paint, creating very unattractive white spots. To fix this problem, you should scrape off the paint and repaint it with an alkaline paint. Before painting, it is necessary to have a full primer and can be painted with a matit to prevent the wall from being damp, smooth and beautiful.

Poor coverage, revealing baseboard defects.

After finishing painting the house but still seeing the tiny holes in the painted surface, or touching the rough painted surface, this is due to inexperience in painting the house and making the wrong painting process, or the paint has a coating. least. Before applying topcoats, contractors recommend using a good quality primer, or primer. If not, at least use wax paper to scrub the smooth surface of the wall to get the best adhesion of the coating. Paint must be mixed according to the instructions and stirred thoroughly before painting.

Currently on the market, some brands will have many lines of primer, these paint lines have a differentiation in price and quality. With the primer line, the criteria for quality assessment are the surface bottle and the coverage, so wise consumers should consider carefully when choosing to buy primer products to avoid confusion. On the other hand, the lining of the paint is the same as the foundation of a house, if the house is stable, the foundation needs to be strong, the lining should be used with a good grade to reduce construction costs later when renovating and increasing durability. for the work.

The streak is not even.

The phenomenon of brush marks or streaks is uneven due to the fact that the first layer has not dried completely when the first layer is applied, or the paint is too thick (the viscosity is too high), when the construction worker is not evenly painted. The solution to this problem is to let the top layer dry completely before applying the next coat. When painting, the technician rolls evenly, to avoid the situation of being too exhausted, pay attention to mixing the correct ratio as the supplier does not let paint too thick.

Flowing paint film or paint film is wrinkled, sagging film.

The paint has poor elasticity, the paint film is too thick or the paint is too thin, causing the paint to flow due to loss of bond. Wrinkle wear is defined by the paint film being too thick, painted on the surface at too high temperature, or applied after the first coat has not dried completely, caused by poor paint quality, dispersion and Poor spreading causes wrinkling and sagging of the paint film. The only way to overcome this phenomenon is to completely remove the damaged paint layer, and repaint it with several thin layers of paint. When the paint needs to be applied extensively in thin layers instead of one too thick layer, paint only when the first layer is completely dry.

Pay attention to comply with the regulation of mixing paint with water rate of no more than 10%, but in dry weather with first paint (usually primer with more water ratio) because the first coat with wall conditions Drying will absorb water more strongly, causing wrinkles and sagging.

Damaged objects in the house while painting

When painting the house, due to carelessness in packaging, your furniture is very susceptible to paint or damage. In this case, you can take precautions by asking the contractor to carefully prepare covering, shielding and relocating fixtures during construction.

Dusty and messy house after finishing

Irresponsible contractors will not pay attention to cleaning the site, resulting in even though completed, your nest is still messy and dusty. For these cases, it is best to choose a contractor that provides shielding and cleaning services after construction.

The above problems are something that most families do not want to encounter when building their home.

Home painting experience that you need to keep in mind

Make your home paint durable, especially if you paint your house yourself. You need to equip yourself with proper home painting techniques as well as some experience in handling paint problems such as cracks, flaking, water repellency ...

Determine how often you want to repaint your house?

The cost to serve for house painting only accounts for about 3% - 5% of the total cost of the house. So there is no need to worry too much about choosing quality products. The genuine paints good quality is always the first choice of the builders to have the "century" works.

Evaluation of construction works that need painting and repair before construction

This is the most important process in the construction of home paint because it determines the quality of the paint surface and chooses the method and type of paint to suit the building conditions. Therefore, the guide to paint the house, paint and paint the wall can not ignore the survey of the surface of the building, the surrounding environment, and the annual weather.

Observe if the house has lost the space contact to choose the right waterproof paint and paint color,

Preliminary inspection of the construction quality on how smooth the surface is, the core convex, the dirt of the painted wall ... to decide on the plan of plastering deep indentations, grinding the protrusions, smoothing the surface face, primer or direct waterproofing roller ...

Check the humidity of the wall: see if the wall is waterproof, if there must be a waterproof treatment before painting or using any specialized waterproofing materials to renovate.

So make sure that the first step of painting is to inspect the surface to fix existing construction errors to help get the wall surface before painting the best guarantee as required.

Pay attention to the paint coverage index

The coating coverage is generally specified as m2 / Liter / Grade. Each paint type will have a different coverage index, so keep this in mind when calculating the cost of paint.

Limit patch mileage.

During the construction process, other items in the works such as electricity, wood, brick ... will often collide and scratch your wall. The patch marks of these spots are often inconsistent with the previously applied wall and require you to apply another coat of paint over the entire wall, which is very costly. Therefore, after applying the first coat, we should wait for other items to complete before patching.

Pay attention to cleaning, cleaning ... in the contract with the construction contractor.

If paint causes damage to your furniture and you have to spend large sums of money to buy replacement items, then that is too wasteful. So, before painting your house, you need to find a skilled construction team with a lot of experience in painting the house so that you can rest assured after finishing.

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