Mix the most standard paint colors according to the color chart with easy-to-match watercolor paints

 Water-based paint is a type of paint that is commonly used in many projects today. Not only has high aesthetics, water-based paint also converges many advantages that make most customers who want to buy indoor wall roller paint often choose it, such as: Easy to clean, non-stick, light odor, safe. Safe for humans and environmentally friendly, especially with high-grade paints made from plastic technology.

Mix the most standard paint colors according to the color chart with easy-to-match watercolor paints

Water-based paint has good elasticity, good elasticity, is not waterproof, difficult to catch fire, so it is the best type of paint to help prevent fire and explosion. Besides, water-based paint is considered to have a reasonable price, much cheaper than wall tiles or wallpaper. Therefore, using water-based paint is a solution to help you save money when building or repairing houses.

When using water-based paint for your home or project, what must not be overlooked is the correct way to mix water-based paint. If you know how to mix wall paint with water properly as well as follow the correct house painting process, you will surely get a beautiful glossy wall paint that will not be patchy and can be used for a long time without peeling. peeling.

Instructions on how to mix water-based paint at home

Mixing paint with water is one of the indispensable stages when painting indoor walls and is also the most error-prone stage. When applying water-based paint, we often add 5-10% clean water so that when rolling, the paint is easier to roll, the paint layer is not thick. When rolling, you need to pay attention to rolling evenly, the paint layer will be spread evenly throughout the wall surface. When mixing paint, you must be very careful not to mix too much or too loose paint, because if it is too thick, it will cost you more money and time to order if there is a shortage of paint, or too much mixing. Dilution will affect the coverage of the paint, the paint will not cover evenly.

The way to mix water paint for the wall is quite simple, you just need to put a small amount of clean water into the paint bucket and use a paint mixer to mix it up. Note that the amount of water added must be uniform for all paint buckets with the following basic ratio:

If the wall surface is plastered with matit, it is necessary to add water at the rate of 5 - 10% compared to the specification of the paint bucket for both primer and topcoat.

If the wall surface is painted directly without using putty: You add water at the rate of 5% compared to the paint bucket specification for both primer and topcoat.

According to experts, when painting the house, you should use more putty to ensure a better quality of work. Besides, you need to note that the original watercolor paint colors are basic colors like blue, yellow, red, white... but to paint more strange colors like pink, orange, green... you need to mix multiple original paint colors together. This step you should not arbitrarily mix paint colors will affect the quality and color when painting on the wall.

For the best indoor paint color, go to a paint distribution center, where there is an automatic color mixing system, for assistance in mixing the most standard paint colors according to the palette. Then, you just need to mix that paint with water according to the instructions above, it will make sure the paint is beautiful and smooth.

What is paint?

Vietnam's climate is hot and humid, and it rains a lot, so many homeowners are often advised to paint before painting. Paint or putty paint is the process of applying paint roller with putty putty, which is applied to paint on the surface of the wall to achieve a high smoothness and gloss. This job requires a house painter to have high skills, how to do it carefully and meticulously every detail to achieve the best effect.

Many people believe that due to the hot and humid climate, painting the walls will make the walls more susceptible to mold and peeling. However, that is completely wrong because for spaces with high humidity environments such as bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms, the use of paint is essential to increase the waterproofing ability of the wall. For inner walls, indoor wall putty is the most suitable to increase the aesthetics and quality of the work, after being painted, the paint on the wall will look much smoother and more polished than painting. directly onto the cement wall.

Why is it necessary to put putty on the walls before painting?

Increase the waterproofing of the wall

Vietnam's climate is a hot and humid tropical climate with a lot of rain, not to mention the rainy days, it is very normal for the walls of the house to be moldy. Paint helps increase moisture resistance, anti-moss mold for walls, especially walls in moisture-prone locations such as bathrooms or kitchens. The most afraid of house paint is moisture from the inside, it is the cause of all paint damage, even if you paint directly, the wall can still be damaged. Therefore, it is extremely important to paint the walls to prevent moisture and waterproof the walls.

Save money and time

Using paint will save the most on paint color costs for homeowners when painting the house. Because, if you directly apply primer to dry walls that still have plaster, the paint will be sucked into the small holes in the wall, to get the desired color, you need to paint over and over again, so it will take time. Time and larger amount of paint means higher costs.

Therefore, in essence, paint is to fill the small holes on the plastered wall to increase the smoothness and limit the situation of paint being sucked in. Moreover, the cost of painting the wall compared to primer and especially color paint is much cheaper, so you will save and spend more time for the homeowner.

Enhance the aesthetics of the wall

Using paint to create a gloss, smooth, and highly aesthetic for the surface of the walls, instead of a rough surface showing traces of cement. Besides, we also have to admit that the use of primer increases the adhesion ability much better for color paints in the following steps. That is the key to creating smooth, beautiful painted walls.

In addition, if you paint the house directly without painting it, it will take a lot of time and effort to thoroughly clean the wall surface before painting. Paint putty is the process of rolling putty on the wall and then using tools such as parchment paper to flatten it until the wall is smooth, putty fills the small holes on the plastered wall so that the primer and paint job later can be applied quickly. and more technically correct.

Indoor painting process

The house painting process is not too complicated as many people think, mainly consisting of 3 steps below:

Step 1: Clean the surface of the wall

Wall cleaning is an important step in the construction process of house painting, which greatly affects the quality of the paint layer. The more durable and beautiful you want the paint layer to be, the better and more thorough the treatment of the wall surface should be.

First, you need to scrape off the old paint on the wall, thoroughly clean the patches of fungus, mold, and stains (if any) then brush the wall surface thoroughly with sandpaper or grinding stone to make the surface smooth and free from scratches. rough. Next, you proceed to handle the openings or cracks, if there are, you need to use cement to patch up immediately. If not, you can switch to putting putty and rolling primer for the walls.

Note: Always wear a mask during cleaning the wall surface to prevent dust.

Step 2: Put putty and primer

What is the use of putty and primer? Matit putty is used to smooth the paint surface, increase abrasion and impact resistance, have high adhesion, form a solid, non-absorbent surface layer to help prevent moisture for the wall, thereby making the surface surface. Paint surface is durable, not moldy. The primer layer will act as a cover for the putty layer and as a transition layer with the topcoat, creating a "primer layer" for the wall, it is resistant to mold and alkali in the best painting way. . At the same time, according to the experience of many house painters, the anti-alkali primer also increases the adhesion and color fastness to the finished paint. Therefore, if you want to have a beautiful paint layer, you should not skip these steps.

Step 3: Roll the paint

When the wall is perfectly prepared, ready for painting, you can use a roller or brush to roll the paint, if you paint high places, you can create more rollers for the roller. For straight walls, push the roller gently from low to high, in turn many times to overlap each other and avoid paint drops on the wall. You should roll carefully, evenly, avoiding thick and thin places that affect aesthetics.

Note: The interval between paints is usually from 30 minutes to 2 - 3 hours, depending on the weather or temperature during the painting process.

Note when using house paint

In general, painting the walls with water-based paint is not too difficult, you can completely do it yourself, but you still need to pay attention to the following issues:

If the wall has been soaked in water, you must waterproof it before putting on putty and painting. After waterproofing, it is recommended to let it dry for 3-4 days, then apply matit and cover with water-based paint to avoid reverse seepage.

The wall surface must be dry from 21-25 days in normal temperature conditions, with the naked eye having the dryness and white color of the plaster, the use of Matit or primer will give much better quality.

After finishing the matt flat, wipe it with a damp cloth or clean the matt powder dust and then roll the primer and water-based paint (especially for glossy paint), doing so, the paint will adhere more tightly and have higher durability.

If using glossy paint, you must use Matit and primer to ensure a smooth surface and good adhesion. Do not use glossy paint for the basement, because there is a lot of steam, the paint film is easily blistered. In this area, you can use semi-gloss or smooth paint because steam can escape, avoiding blistering.

Blistered wall surfaces have been repaired many times, even using a backpressure paint but still not effective, it is imperative to remove the cement mortar and re-plaster before using water paint.

Mix paint with water in the correct ratio, absolutely do not add water in excess of the specified level because this will not ensure the quality of the paint film.

Do not paint when the weather is wet or too sunny, the surface of the construction material has high temperature, so the paint film is easy to blister.

It is recommended to paint two or more layers to make the water color clearer and more durable.

Paint cans must be placed in a safe location, covered when not in use, and out of the reach of children.

Construction in a well-ventilated environment, limit inhalation of paint dust, must wear a mask, appropriate eye protection when sanding and painting.

Treat waste and excess paint in accordance with environmental standards, do not pour excess paint indiscriminately into ponds, lakes, rivers and streams, causing pollution.

How to put putty on the wall beautifully smooth, eat paint

Surface preparation

Before starting to paint the wall, we must first have a layer of wall with a clean surface. With old walls, you should clean dirt, moss, grease and old paint, then clean with water and let dry. With new walls, the wall structure must be really dry and stable. If the wall appears cracks, these cracks must be filled with plastic waterproofing admixture. You need to make sure that the wall has reached the required level of dryness, because if the wall is not dry, moisture from the inside will escape and damage your paint.

How to put powder on the wall

You mix putty with clean water according to the ratio of powder: water is 1: 3 then stir well to mix well. To prevent the dough from clumping, you should slowly add the flour to the water and stir gently and evenly, then stir vigorously until the mixture becomes smooth and homogeneous. In addition to stirring the powder by hand, you can use a paint stirrer to help hide the powder more evenly, the more evenly the putty, the thinner and finer the putty will be.

After 7-10 minutes, when the chemicals in the mixture take effect, stir one more time before entering the application of indoor wall putty. How to put putty on the wall is not too difficult, you just need to use a trowel to spread 2 layers of putty on the wall with a thickness of not more than 1.5 mm, if it is thicker, it will affect the drying process, adhesion and durability of the powder. wall plastering. The time between 2 layers is 3-4 hours apart, after 6-8 hours it is possible to apply primer.


White is one of the most popular home paint colors. White color will help your home exude elegance, sophistication but equally luxurious and modern. In addition, white paint color is also very easy to coordinate with different paint colors such as gray, black, green, orange... to create harmony and lightness for your home.

Gray color

Gray paint will help your home become more classy and luxurious. Gray is a neutral tone, so painting this house color will create a cool, pleasant but equally impressive feeling. You can choose other gray colors such as light gray, gray combined with light blue... Besides, you can also combine gray with strong colors like red, purple. ... will help your home become extremely unique.

Milk coffee color

The color chart of milk coffee is deep and neutral, this paint color will make your home more cozy but equally modern and luxurious. You can coordinate milk coffee paint color with other paint colors such as white, orange, brown... to create harmony for the house.


Blue is one of those beautiful home paint colors that you never have to worry about going out of style. The blue paint color will bring a cool feeling to your home. You can use a variety of blue tones from dark to light. In addition, you can also coordinate this color with other paint colors such as green, white, gray... to make the house more lively, fresh and airy.


Green is one of the coolest color tones favored by many homeowners. Green represents nature and is considered the hopeful color of youth. This paint color is especially suitable for houses with gardens, level 4 houses, garden villas... Using house paint colors with green tone color will help your house close to nature, become become more vibrant and vibrant.

Yellow cream

Cream yellow is a neutral tone, easy to coordinate with other paint colors. Cream yellow paint color will help bring a pleasant, close look to your home. This paint color also helps your home look softer but also very luxurious and modern.

What is a paint sprayer, why should you use a paint sprayer?

There are two types of paint sprayers: portable paint sprayers and industrial paint sprayers. Particularly in the hand-held paint sprayer, it has a compact design that can be held in the hand and is easy to operate by pulling the trigger so that the paint is sprayed evenly on the surface. With this type of paint sprayer, you can easily adjust the spray speed and spray pattern (such as horizontal - vertical fan spray, circular pinch shape), making it easy to choose the right spray pattern for many different situations. . Thanks to that, the machine can reach even in narrow areas such as in slots or small grooves that require high meticulousness.

Horizontal fan-shaped jet moves up and down

The spray nozzle is round to apply sharp spray lines or small spokes

Vertical fan-shaped jet for horizontal movement of spray direction.

Two sets of conversion nozzles: 1.5mm nozzle set for oil painting, thin film, fine sharp paint, PU paint, varnish,... 2.5mm nozzle for water based paint application , painting walls, painting large areas with high productivity.

As for the industrial paint sprayer, it has a superior, superior design and stronger performance. This type of machine has a large design, full of features and techniques required as a professional painter.

For example, the Graco GX21 paint sprayer operates with a capacity of 3,500W to help it operate strong and productive, so you can get it done quickly in a short time. The best spray paint surface, smooth and with perfect gloss. The spray gun includes many different adjustment modes, to suit large areas such as industrial construction applications.

Comparison between paint sprayer and manual paint roller

Simplify working time

Manual coating will take time and effort compared to using a paint sprayer. Because the machine works based on an automatic mechanism, just pull the trigger and the paint will come out continuously and evenly on materials such as walls, fine art furniture,... Thanks to that, you don't have to "pay" " Too much time and effort to manually scan anymore, the convenience of a paint spray gun will help you get there! In addition, when investing in a spray gun, you will significantly save on labor costs.

Safer and more convenient

Manual paint job is more difficult when working at high points. Because you will have to take the effort to carry heavy equipment such as paint cans and necessary tools on the scaffolding, not to mention that it will endanger the safety of workers. When using a paint sprayer, you will not have to carry any other tools, just make sure the power cord of the machine is long to be able to work quickly and conveniently on a large scale.

Better quality

The uniform spray speed is the advantage of this machine, helping the paint layer to be more uniform and smooth, minimizing the phenomenon of paint dripping (usually encountered in manual painting method).

Cheap, easy investment

For handheld paint sprayers, the price is affordable, usually in the range of 300,000 - 1,000,000 million, making it easy for you to invest and choose a suitable paint sprayer.

Industrial paint sprayers have many price options, from several tens of millions to more than hundreds of millions. Depending on the construction project and usage needs to choose a more suitable product.

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