Construction of paint factory floor - cheap epoxy floor paint hips tphcm

Construction of paint factory floor - cheap epoxy floor paint hips tphcm


* Observe if the house has several sides in contact with the space to use waterproof paint or color paint.

* Checking the quality of building and finishing wall surface according to technical specifications?

Is the wall surface much concave? Does sand used for plastering meet technical requirements? (fineness, small particles, not mixed with dirty impurities). If detected, suggest the owner or the contractor to have a timely treatment plan such as removing dirt and reapplying deep dents, grinding the protrusions.

* Check the wall is not water absorbent? Find, discover and eliminate water leaks, combine using specialized waterproof materials to overcome.

* Only apply paint when the climate is dry, absolutely do not apply in unsecured weather conditions such as: Rain, wind storms, humid weather.

* Attention: If you do not carefully check and fix the above construction errors, the surface of the wall is not guaranteed to be dry, clean and stable, you can still peel and blister with good quality paint. blistering or moss mold, chalking, fading.

Construction of paint factory floor - cheap epoxy floor paint hips Tphcm


1. Applying putty powder:

* Step 1: Prepare the rough surface

- Use a stone to grind the surface to be baited or painted.

- Clean the surface by using an air spray gun or washing with clean water.

* Step 2: Put on the putty:

Check the moisture of the wall surface to be baited:

- The moisture content of the surface to be baited: From 25 - 30%

- The surface is too dry to roll clean before applying the powder.

* Recommended: Do not apply powder when the wall is too dry or too humid.

Mix the baits with water:

- Pour the baits slowly into the water at the rate of 1kg with 450 - 500 ml of water.

- Use the machine or hand to mix well.

- Wait 7 to 10 minutes for the chemical to take effect.

* Recommended:

- Do not use alum or salty water.

- Only mix enough flour for 3 hours. Finish mixing, do not mix excess.

- It is necessary to avoid letting sand and dust fall into plaster powder.

* Put on the bait set:

* Tools: Knife, bait table.

- Apply 01 layer to wait for the next layer to dry.

- The time between 2 coats depends on the humidity in the air, but the minimum time is 3 hours.

* Recommended: The total thickness of 2 coats of putty must not exceed 3mm.

Discharge to complete the plastering surface.

- After applying for at least 12 hours, use sandpaper number from 150 to 180 to sand the coated surface to create a flat surface for the next stage

- Use a brush, water or spray gun to clean all dust on the surface. sanding.

* Note: This is a very important stage affecting the adhesion of the paint film in the future.

* Recommended:

- Sand and dust, after sanding, need to be cleaned to avoid being blown by the wind and sticking back to the sanded surface.

At this time, the investor should choose the color and type of the coating.

One day after the baiting is finished, it must be sprayed with water to keep it humid, the powder must have water to set. Should apply a thin layer of putty to cover the wall surface and plaster, use Alex putty

* Attention: When applying putty, do not put on too thick to make the paint peel off, do not set, do not stick to the wall surface.

2. Primer roller:

* Prepare before using paint:

- Use chemicals or sandpaper to kill moss on the wall. Clean powder, dust, grease or wax with sandpaper to ensure the surface to be painted must be clean, free of impurities to reduce the adhesion of the paint.

- The surface humidity to be painted is less than 16% according to Protimeter humidity meter or let the wall surface dry from 21 to 28 days under normal conditions of 30 C, ambient humidity 80%.

* Paint tools: Roller, brush, spray gun

* Number of coats: Before rolling the paint, stir well, you should roll from 2 to 3 layers to completely cover the surface and ensure the thickness is enough to prevent the wall from getting water. Resistance to alkali primer prevents the coating from fading and the white color of the primer also helps to express the color of the coating more accurately and beautifully.

* Surface dry: 30 minutes

* Time to paint the following coat: 2-3 hours

* Note: Do not apply in wet weather, weather temperature below 10 C.

* Mixing paint:

- Mix with the rate of not more than 5% - 7% of clean water.

- Stir well before using.

- Do not mix too much water.

* Note: If you do not roll the alkali-resistant primer, waterproof the alkali released from the wall, causing the wall surface to be stained, moldy.

3. Paint roller (Finish paint)

* Paint water color 1:

- This is the most important step to ensure the paint color is covered evenly and avoid unnecessary waste, so it is necessary to strictly implement steps below:

- Check the product's shelf life. Read the directions carefully before use.

- Dilute paint by volume not more than 5% - 7% of clean water.

- Need to mix according to the same ratio to avoid color deviation.

- Depending on the type of paint to choose suitable tools and construction methods.

- Water paint one: It is required to paint evenly for the entire construction item, so that the entire painted surface is completely uniform regardless of dark or light compared to the color code in the color chart.

- If using a roller, roll over and over to make the paint film evenly thin and firm.

* Recommended:

Water-mixed paint should be used up in 5 days.

* Finish

paint - The number of finishes may need from 1 to 2, depending on each color.

- After painting, it must be at least 01 hour to finish painting.

- Before painting finish please make sure the surface painted with water color is completely clean.

- It is possible to add water to paint the finish color, but ensure compliance with the supplier's recommendations.

- Paint evenly for all items to be constructed so that the colors are even.

* Recommended:

- Do not add water to the finish coat to avoid color unevenness.

- Roll from 2 to 3 coats of paint to paint evenly, each coat spaced from 1 hour to 2 hours, the effect of the coating gives the wall the smooth, glossy and beautiful look you expect.

* Attention:

* Before rolling paint, must stir the paint bucket for 2 to 3 minutes to make the paint flexible and increase the permeability of the paint, the paint components will be mixed evenly. Because there are many chemicals in paint with different densities, not stirring will lead to dark spots, light spots.

* Before stirring, the paint can not be divided into two parts, resulting in two different paint parts in quality and color.

* Absolutely do not roll the paint indoors outdoors, leading to chalking paint for a while.

* Do not roll the topcoat too thin, which will lead to rapid deterioration of the paint.

* For an open house with many windows, not being shielded leading to light intensity, diffusing into the house much, we should use outdoor paint indoors so that the product does not chalk, avoid rubbing your hands. .

4. Waterproof paint.

- For non-decorative or unpainted surfaces, waterproof paint is required. The waterproof coating to protect the building from the impact of the wet rain factor.

Especially with the tropical climate, with much rain like in Vietnam , this stage cannot be ignored.

- Surface preparation: Cement and concrete must be sufficiently marked, not peeling. Absolutely remove moss, old paint, grease, chalk dust and weathered cement layers, to clean the surface, increase adhesion and longevity of the paint.

- Prepare cement and Alex prevent at the rate of 1/1 (1kg of P300 cement with 1kg Alex prevent).

- Do not mix dry cement directly into Alex Prevent paint.

- Mix cement with just enough water first, stir to get rid of lumps then mix with Alex prevent and stir again. Use a paint brush to apply 2-3 coats. Each class is 6-8 hours apart.

- Completion of the second time with the same mixing method for the first time. After finishing the construction, it is possible to observe with the naked eye that the coating is evenly coated on the surface, without streaks, without discoloration between layers. .

* Note:

- Material surface must be damp before using Alex prevent. Furthermore, Alex prevent can withstand mild back pressure when applied in 3 coats. For small cracks, use Alex prevent to apply 3 thin layers. If applied thickly, Alex prevent will crack when dry. If cement is mixed, use for 1 hour, because after that time the product will be frozen.

- Where to use, mix cement there.


1. Indoor paint

area Indoor paint area = (Floor area x number of floors) x indoor paint coefficient:

In which:

- System The number of paint in the house is in the range of 3 to 4.5

- If the house has many rooms with few windows: Coefficient 4.5

- If the house has many average rooms with doors: Coefficient 4

- If the house of grade 4 has few doors: Coefficient 3.5

- If the house of grade 4 has no ceiling: Coefficient 3

* Note: The above coefficient is only correct when calculating the overall of the house, but calculating separately for each room,

it is no longer main body again.

2. Outdoor painted

area Outdoor painting area = Facade area x Outdoor paint coefficient

In which:

- Outdoor paint coefficient runs from 1.2 to 1.8, depending on the level of scratching only more or less to make coefficients accordingly.

- In some cases, outdoor paint coefficient is 1 but few because outdoor has a balcony, poop, railing, ...

For example: A house has the width (or width) of 5m, length (or depth) is 10m, 3 floors high, each floor is 4m high, handrail (or balcony) of the house is 1.5m wide.

Calculate the painted area in the house:

- Indoor paint area = (5 x 10 x 3) x 4 = 600 m2

+ Case 1: Paint roller directly without Matis

- Super white paint = (5 x 10 x 3) x 1.2 = 180 m2 (1.2 coefficient of stairs). 1 super-white roller box can be rolled 50 m (Depending on the surface) = 180/50 = 3 boxes + 3 cans of 5l

- Interior alkali resistant primer (1 roller box with two layers of 100 m (depending on the surface) 600/100 = 6 barrels

- colors Satin = (5 x10 x 3) = 450 m2 (walls need paint)

- A barrel roll 2 coats Satin 110 m2 = 450/110 = 4 + 1 can of 5 liters barrels.

+ Case 2: There is a mustard

According to the process of painting in a house with matis, the following steps must be done: Apply 2 coats of which: 2 - 1 pack of putty powder (40kg), 1 coat can be applied 40 m2

- Quantity of putty in the house = Area of ​​paint in the house / Standard of 1 bag of putty in the house = 600/40 = 15 bags.

- Super white paint = (5 x 10 x 3) x 1.2 = 180 m2 (1.2 factor of the stairs) 1 super-white roller box 60 m2 = 180/60 = 3 barrels

- interior alkali resistant primer (1 box roll 130 m with double layer ceiling) 600/110 = 4 barrels + 1lon 5 liters

- Satin color paint = 600 (5 x10 x 3) = 450 m2

- A double-layer Satin barrel is 120 m2 = 450/120 = 3 barrels + 3 cans of 5 liters.

Calculate the area of ​​outdoor painting

- Outdoor paint coefficient ranges from 1.2 - 1.8 (depending on the parapet rail).

- Outdoor painting area = (5 x 4 x 3) x 1.5 = 90 m2

- Anti-alkali 8000, a 2-layer box can be rolled 80 m = 1 box + 1 can of 5 liters.

- 2-layer color paint Alex pro 5 liters roll 30 m = 90/30 = 3 cans (2 cans of background color, 1 can of color)

* Attention:

- Must use a sufficient amount of paint according to the norm.

- Must apply enough paint times and each time must be separated from 1-2 hours, depending on weather conditions).

- Requesting the entire system of agents to read and understand the paint roller construction process to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the works.

With a team of technicians and technicians with many years of experience, along with the most modern equipment and machines, proud to bring customers high quality and professional paint services.

Construction of water paint seems simple, but not everyone can do it. It requires skilled, experienced and aesthetically pleasing to create the most perfect walls and houses. Here are the simplest steps to apply water paint:

Step 1: Clean the wall surface before applying

+ For new wall surface: use sandpaper to smooth the surface and clean dust. If the surface of the wall is too dry, it should be dampened with water before applying

+ For old wall surface: it is necessary to clean old paint layer, mold or grease reducing adhesion on the wall. If the surface of the wall is too dry, it should also be dampened with water before applying

Step 2: Apply plastering powder

Mix 1 part water with 3 parts powder by weight. Mix the flour slowly into the water to avoid clumping. Stir well for a homogeneous pliable mixture. Use a suitable tool to apply the first layer to the wall surface. Then wait to dry for 2–3 hours and clean the surface with sandpaper. Mix the powder with water as in step 1. After 24 hours use sandpaper to flatten the wall a second time. Let the surface dry after 24 hours before painting.

Step 3: Apply primer

No need to mix or can add 5 - 10% clean water (depending on paint type). Painting is 2-3 hours apart, the actual drying time before applying the next coat may be shorter or longer depending on the coating thickness, temperature….

The primer is anti-alkali, prevents algae and mold from damaging the coating. Enhances adhesion and paint life.

Step 4: Paint coating

Add 5 - 10% clean water (depending on the type of paint), use a paint roller with 2 coats and each coat should be spaced 2-3 hours apart. Paint coating makes it easy to clean, has good spreadability, and is very durable.

1. Why should we use bait on our walls?

When you own a house, you will definitely want your walls and ceilings to always be bright, beautiful and durable, right? We recommend that you use a home paint service to ensure the aesthetic conditions as well as the durability of your home. Because house paint not only brings a perfect smooth gloss paint, but also prevents mold, protecting the health of the whole family.

Builders paint the house

2. House painting service in Hanoi includes the following items:

- New house painting service in Hanoi

- Painting service for old houses in Hanoi

- Paint service for apartment buildings in Hanoi

- Repainting service of offices, corporate offices

- Paint repainting service for shops in Hanoi

- Paint service for architectural design of townhouses in Hanoi

- Repainting service of motels and hotels in Hanoi

- House painting service level 4 in Hanoi

- Painting service for old dormitory in Hanoi

Cheap house painting builder team

3. About choosing home paint color

- Paint services for a variety of paint colors and paint firms, we will advise you to choose paint colors that match feng shui and paint color combinations that are suitable for Hanoi house paint prices. There are many criteria to help you choose paint colors for your house, such as your own creativity, hobbies, art, ...

Selection of paint colors.

- We will advise to choose paint colors towards the direction of the house with high efficiency to create a comfortable living space for the family but also need to choose paint colors that are suitable for the light and the direction of the sun.

Warehouse painted water for the wall

- Choose the paint color for the living space, you will simply choose the paint with the paint color to match the light, creating the best atmosphere and comfort for the house. We will advise, suggest, consult and have the best choice for your family

4. Steps to paint the package house

The following is the process of building a package

- Step 1 to clean the house before painting: If it is a new house, we will use sandpaper or abrasive stone to scrub the surface of the wall, wipe out any dirt. If the house is old, the paint team will proceed to scrape off the old paint, scrub the surface before painting.

- Step 2: handle waterproofing, moisture-proof and wall faults: It is very important to handle faults of the wall before painting the house. Because if you do not thoroughly handle the errors, it will probably lead to your wall after painting is finished, quickly peeling, damaged, can be treated against moisture with anti-absorbent primer.

Paint the interior of the house

- Step 3: Apply the matit: This bait will flatten the surface to be painted, making the wall step more beautiful when you repaint it.

- Step 4 primer: Primer has anti-direct impact from the wall for normal primer and specialized primer for anti-alkali, anti-osmosis, anti-penetration.

Outdoor exterior painting

- Step 5 coating: This is the final step to protect and decorate your home beautifully. After painting, the housekeeper will clean your space before handing over.

5. House painting service in Hanoi assures customers:

- Construction on schedule

- House paint price in Hanoi does not incur

- Use raw materials as promised.

- Execute correct technical process.

- Works ensure both quality and aesthetics.

- Clean clean after construction.

- Best maintenance and support after construction is complete.

Old house before painting

6. Why do you choose our house painting service?

a. 100% genuine paint material from the factory

b. Commitment 100% paint materials do not contain harmful substances

- Lead free (Pb)

- Slightly smelly (completely free from tar)

- Does not cause itching, not allergic to the skin

- Does not contain chemicals harmful to health.

Old house after painting

c. Leading paint consultant

- Well trained & fully equipped with knowledge.

- Understanding of paint & chemicals.

- Understanding of home design and decoration.

- Understand feng shui.

- Understanding customers' psychology and preferences.

New house before painting

d. A team of highly skilled construction workers, good wall handling techniques

- Over 15 years of experience in painting construction

- Carefully selected nationwide

- Regularly participate in training courses & contests for good skills.

- Work responsibly & comply with labor safety discipline.

New house after painting

7. Process of house painting construction services in Hanoi:

- Receive customer calls.

- Advice for customers (if the customer needs).

- Check customer information.

- Send staff to survey the project (within 24 hours after receiving customer information).

- Unify materials with customers.

- Unified form of payment and construction.

- Price quote for house painting in Hanoi directly when the two sides agree.

- Arrange construction time according to the requirements of the owner.

- Carry out the construction of house painting services (construction on time, negotiated techniques).

- Clean clean after construction.

- Maintenance and repair when customers are not satisfied.

For more information, please contact: WATER PAINTING

Each construction project is put into use after a period of time with the effects of many different agent factors. Making our buildings degraded, those signs of deterioration are evident in the exterior finishes, in which the most obvious sign of degradation is water paint. When subjected to the effects of time and weather, the coating and material quality easily lead to the following factors:

The coating is peeling off ...

The paint color will fade, no longer beautiful as it was originally.

The textured cracked wall, cracked bird's feet make the painted surface deteriorate quickly.

Affected by weather (rain, sunshine, ..) causes stains on the wall, causing the paint to peel off over time.

In the process of construction, the actual product has not been made (paint not in accordance with the technical process, the paint has not enough layers, the paint is not the same color, ..), the product degrades.

To achieve these achievements, we are committed to always satisfy you because we have: a

team of technical staff, supervisors: engineers with high expertise, responsibility and creativity.

Construction workers: professional, diligent, skilled, passionate about the job

Applying the latest machines, equipment and technologies to the construction to achieve the best efficiency and best aesthetics.

Use materials of the best quality.

Professional construction, fast, ensuring labor hygiene and safety.

Commitment to warranty and take responsibility for the constructed products.

When painting the walls of the house, the most questioned question is how to do the construction in the right order and what to prepare before construction, especially the houses that want to remove the old coat for their walls Instead, another beautiful new coat is applied. Below is the construction process of painting walls for both new and old walls, which have been compiled by Nha Dep No. to give readers the best answer about the steps to paint walls.

The process of painting the walls of the Son house

Table of Contents

The process of painting the new wall of the house

Step 1. Clean and prepare the painted surface

Step 2. Apply waterproof paint

Step 3. Put on the matit powder

Step 4: Apply primer

Step 5: Apply paint finishing

The process of painting the old wall of the house

Step 1: Clean and prepare the painted surface of the old wall

Step 2. Apply waterproof paint

Step 3. Put on the matit powder

Step 4: Apply primer

Step 5: Construction of finishing paint

The process of painting the new wall of the house

Step 1. Clean and prepare the painted surface

- Before painting, works need to achieve the required dryness. Normally, in continuous, dry, ideal weather conditions, paint can be applied after about 3 weeks. Including the time it takes for the walls to dry and the application of paint can take 2 or 3 months.

- For the best adhesion of the primer or coating, it is necessary to remove all impurities by cleaning the wall surface with a grinding wheel.

- Next, use fine or rough rough paper to clean the wall again to remove all remaining sand and sand on the wall surface, then clean the dirt.

- Before applying matit or primer, if the wall surface is too dry, it is necessary to moisten the wall surface by rolling with clean water or by spraying steam in the form of mist.

Cleaning and preparing the painted surface

Step 2. Apply waterproof paint

- When painting the wall, some people have a misconception that using waterproof paint inside the house is not necessary. The reason to waterproof paint is because it will protect the building from the impact of the factors of rain and humidity, while retaining the beautiful durability of your home. Especially in Vietnam, the waterproofing paint is even more important. Because our country has a tropical monsoon climate, hot, humid, and rains a lot, making the house more permeable and leaking more easily. Therefore, for non-decorative or unpainted surfaces, it is necessary to carry out waterproofing paint.

- The rule before painting is to clean the surface to be painted. Waterproof paint is the same. Walls need to be cleaned through to increase the adhesion and longevity of the paint.

- When applying waterproofing, you must undergo two coats of paint. The first time, before construction, it is necessary to mix absorbent paint with cement in the ratio of 1: 1. Note: After mixing, the mixture should be applied immediately, must not wait for more than 03 hours.

- If you want to apply the second paint, you must let the first coat to achieve a certain dryness. Usually 2 hours after the first execution, the second construction can be completed.

- The way of mixing the second coat is similar to that of the first time. After the construction is completed, if observing visually, the coating is even on the surface, there is no streak, no color deviation between layers, the work has met the requirements. bridge.

Applying waterproof paints Applying waterproofing paint

Step 3. Putting on the matit powder

Like waterproof paint, the process of putting on the matit powder must also be done 2 times to protect the paint as well as the time. The time of the painted wall is long with time.

First (put on) baits:

- Mix well mixture made from putty (putty) and clean water according to the appropriate ratio. Mix until the dough reaches consistency is workable.

- Carry out the baiting (plastering) with a special construction tool, then let it dry for 1-2 hours before the 2nd finishing baiting, if it is left longer, the dough will die. A note when conducting the 2nd construction is to remove all ripples, powder, tools on the wall to increase adhesion.

Third (put on):

- After a certain time wait for the powder to reach the required dryness, we proceed for the second construction.

- After the second putty (plastering) is complete, let the dough dry for 3 hours, then smooth the surface using a fine roughness. Take care not to use abrasive because it will scratch the surface.

- To make the flattening better, during assembly, use an electric bulb, which will make it easier to detect the concave. One note to know is that the baiting should not be more than 2 times and should not be too thick because it can cause peeling.

- Next step can be applied after 24 hours.

Putting on the matit


Step 4: Applying the primer

- As you know, priming is necessary when painting the wall. Depending on the needs and conditions, one or two primers can be primed with roller. If applying 2 coats, each coat must be spaced at least 1 hour apart to ensure the necessary dryness.

– Có thể gia tăng độ phủ tối đa và giúp cho việc thi công được dễ dàng hơn bằng cách pha thêm 10% dung môi (nước sạch) theo thể tích trước khi thi công.

Bước 5: Thi công sơn màu hoàn thiện

Thi công sơn màu hoàn thiện

Thi công sơn màu hoàn thiện

Để lớp sơn tường nhà lên màu đẹp ngoài việc thực hiện nghiêm chỉnh đúng quy trình các bước trước đó ra thì các bạn cũng cần lưu ý cho bước sơn cuối cùng này.

Sơn màu lần 1:

– 2 tiếng sau khi sơn lót có thể tiến hành thi công sơn màu lần 1.

– Tùy vào bề mặt sơn hay mong muốn của bản thân mà bạ có thể chọn dụng cụ thi công là máy phun sơn, cọ hoặc Rulo.

– Trước khi thi công nên pha loãng sơn màu với 10% dung môi (nước sạch) theo thể tích để đạt độ phủ tối đa và dễ hơn cho việc thi công.

– Sau khi sơn màu lần 1 cần tiến hành quan sát những khiếm khuyết còn lại của các khâu thi công trước và sửa chữa, rút kinh nghiệm cho lớp sơn hoàn thiện lần cuối.

Sơn màu lần 2

– Ta tiến hành sơn hoàn thiện lần cuối sau 2 tiếng hoàn thành lớp sơn lần 1. Do đây là lớp sơn hoàn thiện cuối cùng nên thi công phải hết sức cẩn thận, tỉ mỉ.

– Khi sơn xong, dùng bóng điện chiếu rọi vào tường và quan sát. Nếu thấy sơn phủ đều, không bị 2 màu, không để lại vết và bề mặt tường sáng đều là đạt.

Quy trình thi công sơn tường nhà cũ

Về cơ bản quy trình thi công sơn tường nhà mới và cũ khá giống nhau. Chỉ khác nhau nhiều ở bước vệ sinh và chuẩn bị bề mặt. Đối với tường nhà cũ thi yêu cầu nhiều hơn, nhiều việc cần thực hiện trước khi bắt tay vào sơn hơn.

Bước 1: Vệ sinh và chuẩn bị bề mặt sơn tường cũ

– Bề mặt tường sau 1 thời gian sẽ có nhiều hiện tượng không mong muốn so với những ngày đầu mới sơn tường. Vì vậy trước khi thi công cần tiến hành loại bỏ hết toàn bộ rêu mốc, tạp chất, bụi bẩn và các lớp bột cũ, sơn cũ bị bong tróc bám trên bề mặt. Cụ thể với từng vấn đề trên bề mặt, ta có các cách xử lý như sau:

+ Bề mặt chứa chất dơ, chứa bột: Làm sạch bằng nước với áp lực cao. Chất tẩy nhẹ cũng có thể được sử dụng. Nếu bề mặt có nhiều bột, nên sơn hai lớp sơn lót chống kiềm sau khi làm sạch bề mặt.

+ Bề mặt chứa màng sơn cũ/vữa xi măng/bột trét: Tẩy sạch chúng bằng các dụng cụ đục, cạo, máy chà xát hoặc dụng cụ thích hợp. Bề mặt không bằng phẳng nên được trét lại bằng loại bột trét thích hợp.

+ Bề mặt chứa rêu/nấm:Tẩy sạch bằng nước với áp lực cao hoặc bằng dụng cụ đục, cạo. Bên cạnh đó cũng cần xử lý bằng dung dịch chống rêu, nấm. Sau khi đã xử lý xong, rửa lại bề mặt bằng nước sạch và để khô.

+ Bề mặt chứa dầu mỡ: Tẩy sạch bằng chất tẩy nhẹ và 1 ít dung môi nếu cần thiết. Rửa lại thật kỹ để tẩy tất cả mọi vết bẩn.

Vệ sinh và chuẩn bị bề mặt sơn tường cũ

Vệ sinh và chuẩn bị bề mặt sơn tường cũ

Đó là trường hợp của những hiện tượng khó, không dễ dàng làm sạch bằng cách thông thường. Nếu tường nhà bạn bị cũ nhưng mức độ vừa phải, do đã hết tuổi thọ của sơn thì chỉ cần dùng bàn chải sắt, sủi chà hay dùng máy đánh bề mặt để xử lý. Một gợi ý cho bạn là bạn nên đánh bề mặt bằng máy sẽ nhanh hơn, sạch bề mặt hơn và tiết kiệm về nhân công và máy. Khi chà xong, ta dùng chổi quét hoặc dùng máy nén khí thổi để làm sạch bề mặt.

– Trong trường hợp bề mặt cần sơn lại còn mới thì chỉ cần dùng đá mài hoặc giấy ráp đánh qua hết toàn bộ bề mặt nhằm tạo chân bám trước khi thi công lớp sơn mới.

– Đối với bề mặt tường quá cũ nát, sau khi vệ sinh xong cần tiến hành xối rửa lại bằng nước sạch sau đó để khô mới tiến hành cho thi công.

Step 2. Apply waterproof paint

Similar to the process of painting a new house wall

Step 3. Put on the matite powder

Similar to the process of painting a new house wall

Step 4: Apply primer

Similar to the process of painting a new house wall

Step 5: Paint finish painting

Similar to the process of painting a new house wall

As the person whose house is being built, you must know the process of painting the wall by yourself so that your paint can not only achieve a smooth, beautiful, but also maximum longevity. Only then will you own a perfect home as you wish.

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2 2. Report board Cheap water-paint price, House-painting price + full-package house painting materials workers

3 Quotes for finishing paintwork (house painters price + beautiful house paint color + luxury home paint color)

4 You can refer add our package home repair service

Viet Vinh Quang House Construction Company is a unit specializing in the construction of water-based paint services, home painting services in Ho Chi Minh City, cheap house painting services, Ho Chi Minh City house painting services, house painting quotes, house painting service quotes, dulux house painting service, hcm cheap house painting service, house painting service price, house repainting service, house paint roller service, house color coordination service, sweeping service house painting ... house painting construction in Ho Chi Minh City, with a team of skilled and many years of experience in the field of house painting, water painting, house painting for each large and small project in Ho Chi Minh City, and districts in the city Ho Chi Minh

Re-paint outdoor exterior 1 primer, 2 coats of color paint with patching miles 15,000 - 18,000 VND / m2

New paint for indoor interior with 1 primer, 2 coats of color and patching 15.000 - 18.000 VND / m2

Retouching the Old House interior 1 primer, 2 coats of color paint and patching mile 12,000 -15,000 VND / m2

New paint for outdoor exterior 1 primer, 2 coats of color paint and patching mile 14,000 - 17,000 VND / m2

Paint Baon for indoor interior wall 1 primer, 2 coats of finishing paint 16,000

- 22,000 VND / m2

Paint Paint for outdoor wall exterior 1 coat 2 finishes of paint 19,000 - 27,000 VND / m2 Price Cheapest paint for wall , Thach Cao finished wall coverings 37,000 - 42,000

VND / m2 2. Price list of cheap water-based paint, Price of house painting + labor, materials for house painting

Quotation of finishing paintwork (house painter price + beautiful house paint color + luxury home paint color)

This price list will answer all questions and any information you wonder, how much does it cost to paint, Rental price for house painter, what kind of house paint is best, what kind of house should be painted, how much does it cost to paint the house, what kind of house paint should I choose, how much does it cost to paint a 2-story house, paint a beautiful 2-storey tube house, paint a house Nice floor, how much does it cost to paint a 3-storey house, what kind of paint should I use, quote for insulation paint, how much to paint the house, what is the best house paint available today, how much is repainting the house, price Paint the house, m2, paint the house 100m2, how much does it cost, unit price for water painting, what kind of paint is the best in the house, the price of water painting.

Please See Now The Price List For The Package Paint , The cheapest paint today compared to other units, to give the cost of preparation before painting the house.

Price dulux House Paint Ball 5 in 1, 1 primer, 2 coats of patching color coating: 52,000 VND / m2

Price dulux Cheap indoor paint Cleaning 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing paint: 43,000 VND / m2

Dulux Outdoor waterproof paint 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing color: 63,000 VND / m2

Price Super Fine dulux 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing color: 42,000 VND / m2

Jotun Super Paint Premium Gloss 1 primer + 2 coats of finish color: 52,000 VND / m2

Premium Super Smooth Jotun 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing color: 47,000 VND / m2

Mykolor paint 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing paint: 45,000 VND / m2

of house paint spec 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing paint: 38,000

VND / m2 Epoxy paint for factory finishing 2 layers of finishing coating: 50,000 VND / m2

Oofun house paint 1 primer 2 coats of finish coating finish: 43,000 VND / m2

Nippon Paint Premium Gloss 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing color: 52,000 VND / m2

Nippon Smooth 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing paint: 45,000 VND / m2

Economical Maxilite paint 1 primer + 2 coats of finish color: 26,000 VND / m2

Maxilite Paint Indoor Effect 1 primer + 2 coats of color finish charity: 32000d / m2

paint primer kova Smooth 1 + 2 coating color finishing: 37.000d / m2

prices Son kova 2019 senior ball, kova cheapest paint primer 1 + 2 coating color finishing: VND 52,000 / m2

Price list Nippon, Tisson ... 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing color : 25,000 VND / m2

Indoor ecoluxe paint 1 primer + 2 coats of finish color coating: 27,000VND / m2

Premium outdoor ecoluxe paint 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing color: 36,000VND / M2

Paint expo exterior paint 1 primer + 2 coats of finishing color: 38,000 VND / m2

Quotation for house painting construction Low price house painting service in Ho Chi Minh

city ​​Viet Vinh Quang House Construction Company specializes in providing Quotations for home painting package, Beautiful cheap house painters in Ho Chi Minh City , is the leading unit in the field. Paints cheap houses in Ho Chi Minh City, specializes in receiving paint for condominiums, painting factories, painting villas, painting beautiful garden houses, painting high-rise buildings, painting beautiful tube houses, painting country houses, painting houses level 4, quotes painting paint professional home wall ...

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the apartment building, Paint for high-rise buildings, beautiful townhouses, paint for grade 4 houses, paint for beautiful villas in Ho Chi Minh City, paint tubes, paint from one floor, paint a 2-storey, 3 or 4-storey house ...

Paint the front of the house, interior painting, beautiful home color for the facade, luxury home paint color, paint the

bedroom, paint the kitchen, repaint the church room, paint the small room, paint the house with many colors

Paint for office buildings, for sale goods, for displays, for

feng shui homes , to paint feng shui rooms, to paint on old houses, to paint for houses by age

Get oil paint for iron, fences, iron stairs railings

Get paint pounded wood, beautiful wood grain, PU paint of wood, kitchen cabinets, stairs, decorative wood ceilings, indoor furniture

Paint waterproof moldy walls, waterproof house paint, factory paint,

construction paint Paint for stone, marble, jade, beautiful color

house paint, paint for your taste, paint for walls, cheap, paint epoxy floors, paint epoxy in Ho Chi Minh City, epoxy paint, paint garage , workshop epoxy paint.

1. Package house painting service

For customers to feel more secure about fast, beautiful home painting service, clear materials, we offer a package of labor and materials construction for customers to choose easily. .

+ Repainting apartment buildings

Condominiums in recent years have increased the demand for repainting, partly because the paint life and the long-term apartment have deteriorated due to the old use time. For decades, but if the house is renovated and repaired, the house will be protected, and it has a beautiful appearance like a newly built house, painting a house at a cheap price - nowhere is cheaper

+ Paint a high-class house

Why are they called luxury houses, in Ho Chi Minh City, villas built by people to live develop rapidly, often houses with large interiors with spacious rooms often houses This beautiful paint only uses imported high-grade paints, while domestic paints also use good old-brand paint, while the price is off the table, these paints are several times more expensive than normal paint on the market. .

+ Beautiful kitchen paint Kitchen

room is often noticed as well as requirements for aesthetics and feng-shui are very high, because it is a gathering place for the whole family and eating, so many homeowners pay great attention to the element of paint color. a kitchen.

+ Paint the living room of the living room, paint it beautifully, house paint color scheme

The living room house is the most important, the reception place should be chosen by many homeowners to choose bright, beautiful colors, but in harmony with sophistication such as jade paint, cream white house paint, cream house paint, house paint color paint sea, white porcelain paint, cream yellow house paint, ... most people choose the above colors, many people choose color according to their destiny, suitable for business age

+ What color is beautiful grade 4 house paint

Gray is chosen by many homeowners. main color gray house paint, because gray can withstand the rain and wind as long as it is durable, less fading like gray house paint, gray white house paint, gray house paint, silver gray house paint,

+ Paint a 3d house,

Paint a house in combination with 3d drawings to give people a real feel outside, really beautiful

+ Beautiful house paint 2019

Provide paint and paint firms to help customers choose the right colors, paint modern house, paint for Tet

house + Paint 4-roof

Thai house Model has a spiky roof to create more beauty. Anyway, the price is also mid-range, this model goes with gray house paint, house paint yellow, house paint yellow painting, house paint yellow gold, house paint color light cream ... house paint color 4

+ Professional home painters

Provide quotation services, painters work enthusiastically, work professionally, billions of dollars in every small detail, the most demanding homeowners must also satisfy the cheapest house painters in Ho Chi Minh City. , home painters in Ho Chi Minh City, please come to us to feel great painting service in HCMC.

Warranty period from 5 years to 10 years for customers to be assured.!

"We are 100% committed to the price - construction quality - genuine paint materials"

Customers should be a wise man to choose a team of professional water painters, working dedicated, cheap, economical. lowest possible cost.

"  Paint the foundation of factories , hospitals, schools, laboratories, epoxy paint construction quotes, cheapest epoxy paint supply in Go Vap market - HCMC "

Workshop floor painting  is a very important construction item because there are a lot of daily production activities in place, the continuous operation of machines, workers move around constantly, so it is demanding and demanding. Factory floor must always be clean and aesthetically pleasing or have other higher requirements such as waterproofing, impact resistance, high durability, making investors (businesses) worry, do not know. Which measures can bring satisfaction to customers.

Kim Loan Paint Construction Company brings a solution for factory floor painting with  KLC epoxy coating solution  that will help investors and construction contractors choose the best solution for  factory floor paint in  terms of durability and durability. fine high.

Currently, many workshops have chosen   KLC epoxy paint as the best option that contractors, investors and consultants recommend because its properties bring very high efficiency in living and daily life. manufacturing.

The advantages of   KLC epoxy coating workshop are:

Short execution time.

Protect the concrete foundation from damage

Quality is guaranteed right from raw materials, 100% imported paint.

The floor after painting has a high gloss.

Resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as: resistant to acid bases about 5%.

Withstand force and friction, is anti-slip.

Resists dust and color stains from substances left on the floor or wall ...

Waterproof, open oil, some specialized products against bacteria, acids, chemicals ...

Meeting the requirements of building modern factories, some factories in food, medicine, and veterinary medicine also meet the requirements of WHO, GMP ...

Self-leveling epoxy paint is the type of paint that has the advantage of withstanding high loads, giving the floor an aesthetics and elegance. Moreover, self-leveling paint has antibacterial and anti-mold effect, so it is very suitable for applications that require antibacterial and condensation such as hospitals, laboratories, food processing places.

Electrostatic epoxy coating is an anti-static anti-static factory paint product used for factories manufacturing and assembling microchips, electronic components ...

Currently, employees always choose the best working environment so that they can stick with the company is the biggest factor for them to choose so the factory is clean and the aesthetics are very important in production. A good working environment will always bring the highest labor productivity that any owner always wants to be like a clean and beautiful factory, high durability is also a factor. So a beautiful factory, please come to our company, we will give customers a desired factory floor, contact us for our advice on a construction plan. factory floor as desired.

SONKLC Paint Company specializes in construction and supply of paints used in industries such as: Epoxy concrete floor, metal epoxy, heat-resistant paint, anti-rust, acid-resistant, lake paint ... Specialize in manufacturing Consulting and executing epoxy coating for workshop floor, industrial floor meeting GMP-WHO standard, Epoxy floor coating system and self-flat epoxy coating chemical resistant, abrasion, fireproof, anti-slip, anti-static, anti generating bacteria ...

Very pleased to serve customers.

Basic process of painting factory floor 

Step 1:  Conduct floor grinding

The technician proceeds to grind the floor

+ To create roughness so that the paint can adhere well and the surface is clean as well as creating quality for the floor, it is recommended to clean the surface with an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove all foreign objects.

Step 2:  Need to cover up the imperfections on the floor surface

+ On the floor surface, there are often holes such as protrusions, concave, peeling, cracks, so it should be treated immediately to avoid affecting the quality of the floor.

+ The cracks should be expanded and then plastered with epoxy glue mixture, wait until the mixture dries, then rinse with hand grinder.

Step 3:  Carry out the construction of primer

+ When the floor surface is dry and clean, apply the primer at the correct rate on the entire floor surface, every 2 hours, continue to paint the dry primer.

Step 4:  Execute self-leveling paint

Conducting coating for the floor

Paint the self-leveling paint for the floor

+ To ensure the required thickness of the paint, after carefully mixing the paint mixture, pour the paint on the floor in accordance with the quantity. Note that when applying, you should use a brush to make the paint surface flat, then use a roller to break the foam, roll thoroughly to achieve absolute shine.

Step 5:  The final stage of the work acceptance step

+ After 1 day when the paint is dry, you can gently move on the floor.

+ During 1 week, then it is completely possible to move heavy objects, move normally as usual

+ Finally, takeover test and put the project into operation.


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Epoxy Paint KLC - Prestigious Epoxy Paint Brand in Vietnam -

Floor painting of factories, hospitals, schools Go Vap - HCMC

Wish you all success !!

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