Floor painting of factories, hospitals, schools Go Vap - HCMC

Paint the foundation of factories, hospitals, schools, laboratories, epoxy paint construction quotes, cheapest epoxy paint supply in Go Vap market - HCMC.

Workshop floor painting is a very important construction item because there are a lot of daily production activities in place, the continuous operation of machines, workers move around constantly, so it is demanding and demanding. Factory floor must always be clean and aesthetically pleasing or have other higher requirements such as waterproofing, impact resistance, high durability, making investors (businesses) worry, do not know. Which measures can bring satisfaction to customers.

Floor painting of factories, hospitals, schools Go Vap - HCMC

SONKLC Paint Construction Company brings a solution for factory floor painting with KLC epoxy coating solution that will help investors and construction contractors choose the best solution for factory floor paint in terms of durability and durability. fine high.

Currently, many workshops have chosen KLC epoxy paint as the best option that contractors, investors and consultants recommend because its properties bring very high efficiency in living and daily life. manufacturing.

The advantages of the KLC epoxy coated floor are:

Short execution time.

Protect the concrete foundation from damage

Quality is guaranteed right from raw materials, 100% imported paint.

The floor after painting has a high gloss.

Resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as: resistant to acid bases about 5%.

Withstand force and friction, is anti-slip.

Resists dust and color stains from substances left on the floor or wall ...

Waterproof, open oil, some specialized products against bacteria, acids, chemicals ...

Meeting the requirements of building modern factories, some factories in food, medicine and veterinary medicine also meet the requirements of WHO, GMP ...

Self-leveling epoxy paint is the type of paint that has the advantage of withstanding high loads, giving the floor an aesthetics and elegance. Moreover, self-leveling paint has antibacterial and anti-mildew properties effectively, so it is very suitable for applications that require antibacterial and condensation such as hospitals, laboratories, food processing places.

Electrostatic epoxy coating is an anti-static anti-static paint product for factories that manufacture and assemble microchips, electronic components ...

Currently, employees always choose the best working environment so that they can stick with the company is the biggest factor for them to choose so the factory is clean and the aesthetics are very important in production. A good working environment will always bring the highest labor productivity that any owner always wants to be like a clean and beautiful factory, high durability is also a factor. So a beautiful factory, please come to our company, we will give customers a desired factory floor, contact us for our advice on a construction plan. factory floor as desired.

SONKLC Paint Company specializes in construction and supply of paints used in industries such as: Epoxy concrete floor, metal epoxy, heat-resistant paint, anti-rust, acid-resistant, lake paint ... Specialize in manufacturing Consulting and constructing epoxy coating for workshop floor, industrial floor meeting GMP-WHO standard, Epoxy floor coating system and self-flat epoxy coating chemical resistant, abrasion, fireproof, anti-slip, anti-static, anti generating bacteria ...

Epoxy coating construction for industrial factory floors , export processing zones ...

Epoxy Paint Construction for chemical factories, pharmaceutical factories, food production….

Epoxy Paint Construction for electronic equipment factories, shipbuilding, nuclear mechanics ...

Epoxy paint construction in laboratory, clean room, school, hospital, swimming pool ...

Epoxy paint construction for basements, garages, supermarkets, showrooms, tennnis courts, gymnasiums….

Very pleased to serve customers.

Basic process of painting factory floor 

Step 1: Conduct floor grinding

The technician proceeds to grind the floor

+ To create roughness so that the paint can adhere well and the surface is clean as well as creating quality for the floor, it is recommended to clean the surface with an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove all foreign objects.

Step 2: Need to cover up the imperfections on the floor surface

+ On the floor surface, there are often holes such as protrusions, concave, peeling, cracks, so it should be treated immediately to avoid affecting the quality of the floor.

+ The cracks should be expanded and then plastered with epoxy glue mixture, wait until the mixture dries, then rinse with hand grinder.

Step 3: Carry out the construction of primer

+ When the floor surface is dry and clean, apply the primer at the correct rate on the entire floor surface, every 2 hours, continue to paint the dry primer.

Step 4: Execute self-leveling paint

Conducting coating for the floor

Paint the self-leveling paint for the floor

+ To ensure the required thickness of the paint, after carefully mixing the paint mixture, pour the paint on the floor according to the quantity. Note that when applying, you should use a brush to make the paint surface flat, then use a roller to break the foam, roll thoroughly to achieve absolute shine.

Step 5: The final stage of the work acceptance step

+ After 1 day when the paint is dry, you can gently move on the floor.

+ During 1 week, then it is completely possible to move heavy objects, move normally as usual

+ Finally, takeover test and put the project into operation.

Refer to the quotation for epoxy paint from _ CORPORATION - KLC PAINT

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