Which paint to choose for your home and industrial paint, decorative paint, powder coating

 Depending on geographical conditions, environment, temperature, properties, weather, climate of each building, there will be good and suitable paint products. Each contractor or expert has a different outlook on good home paints. Maybe that paint works well for one construction but not for another. Therefore, it is difficult to confirm and apply good paint standards.

Which paint to choose for your home and industrial paint, decorative paint, powder coating

The criteria for evaluating indoor wall paint are different from outdoor wall paints, so it is impossible to apply the same paint to evaluate good or bad. It is not necessarily that any paint that sells well or is expensive will be a good paint. You can base it on some criteria, such as paint supplied by a reputable brand, sold at a genuine store.

In addition, paint should ensure factors such as color diversity, richness, and good features. The paint line must be suitable for the building conditions and geographic climate at the site. High adhesion paint has long lasting color fastness, does not affect users' health as well as the environment.

Some of the best-selling paint firms in Vietnam

Son Jotun

Jotun paint is a product from Norway from a global paint group specializing in providing paint products - Jotun. This is one of the leading paint brands in the world providing paint products for civil construction works to marine, industrial paint, decorative paint, powder coating.


The advantage of this paint line is that it has good features such as anti-dust, anti-bacteria towels, waterproof and mold, ... Jotun paint is rich in both types and colors and features. In the Vietnamese market, you can easily buy Jotun paint products at stores and distributors. This paint line has high coverage and is friendly to health as well as the environment.


The disadvantage of Jotun paint is its relatively high cost. Because this is an imported paint line that meets good standards, it has a higher price than other lines. In addition, due to the popularity of the product, there are many shops selling fake Jotun paint, imitation goods, and poor quality goods on the market.

Dulux paint

Dulux paint is one of the leading paint lines in the world used by many famous construction projects. This paint line comes from the AkzoNobel group, with modern advanced paint technologies that are loved by many users. Dulux home paints always guarantee good performance as well as high coverage.


The advantage of Dulux paint is that it integrates many good features, diverse colors, true paint colors, and high aesthetics. In the water paints on the market, Dulux is loved for its ability to clean effectively and its resistance to alkali, bacteria, and environmental friendliness.


Like the Jotun paint line, the biggest drawback of Dulux paint is the high cost compared to the Vietnamese paint market. In addition, this paint company mainly develops wall paints, so the type of paint is not diverse.

Nippon paint

Among the most popular wall paint firms from Japan, it is impossible not to mention Nippon paint. In the Vietnamese market, paint products from the Nippon brand are quite popular thanks to their advantages and good features.


The advantage of this paint line is the rich variety of paints. The paint color is not too much but easy to mix color, adhesion and coverage well. In addition, Nippon paint is also environmentally friendly and healthful for the exposed person, with a slight odor. The cost of Nippon paint is not too high compared to other imported paint lines.


The drawback of the Nippon paint line is that the paint colors are not diverse. Paint colors lack authenticity and do not have many choices of unique colors.

Son Kova

This is a paint line supplied by a joint venture between Vietnam and the United States. This paint line is quite popular in Vietnam thanks to its affordable price and relatively good features.


The advantage of the Kova paint line is the diversity in both types and colors. Products made in Vietnam should be suitable for the climate as well as for domestic projects. In addition, Kova paint is also environmentally friendly and user has good features.


This paint line is produced domestically so it is not popular with consumers. The product is difficult to compete with imported paint brands, so the consumption market is limited.

Paint Mykolor

This is the paint line produced in Vietnam, which has dominated the domestic paint market for many years. Mykolor paint is produced based on the cooperation of 4 Oranges joint venture company between Vietnam and the United States.


The outstanding advantage of the Mykolor paint line is the rich variety of colors, the easy way to mix paint colors. Along with features such as waterproof, easy to clean, anti-dust, good coverage. Mykolor paint is also loved for its environmental friendliness and is recognized by UKAS.


Compared with paint lines imported from abroad, Mykolor paint has an average price. However, compared to the domestically produced paint lines, the price of Mykolor paint is relatively high.

Choosing paint must be durable and not fade with time ”. That is the criterion that many people do not have the correctness. When the paint market in Vietnam was still quite sloppy. Poor quality paint is easy to blend.

So how to choose the right paint? Paint so that not only durable and beautiful? But also safe, ensuring aesthetic value for the house? Uncle Tung Thi Cong will help you get experiences in choosing paint and how to paint your house according to standards.

Paint selection criteria

If you are experienced in choosing home paint. You can confidently consider factors from quality, price to color selection. Calculate the right amount of buying wall paint to choose a good home paint, economical paint.

But if you have no experience choosing to buy home paint. You can consult or ask for advice from the dealer or the construction team

Choosing a paint that best suits the following criteria:

- Type of wall to be painted

- Reliability

- Rich, beautiful color

- Specifications

- Easy to apply

- Environmental friendliness

Always choose quality paint

Currently the market has many brands with many different types of paint. When you want to embark on painting a new house or renovating or renovating an old house. Everyone wants to be able to minimize costs. Because you have met in reality many Uncle Tung advise you not to cut costs for buying paint materials, putty powder.

Because the paint is cheap, comes with very poor quality. Leads to the wall surface very quickly degrades. It is aesthetically pleasing and costly time and money to repair later.

Understand painting techniques

To be able to paint a house, painting a good wall, then definitely choose a good paint. It is necessary to understand the difference between repainting old walls and painting new walls. The proper process of building and painting the house, ensuring correct home painting and wall painting techniques.

Because paint quality only makes up 50% of success in terms of quality and aesthetics. The rest will depend on the skill of the skilled painter. Having mastered and properly executed the steps and processes of painting the house?

Besides, if you pay close attention, there are many stages in the painting process. There are many instructions on popular means such as on the website, youtube. And understand the painting stages without being forced to cost when you have to hire outside services. This is the reason why so many people want to equip their own Home Decoration DIY Painting Process.

Besides, you can search and select a team of painters according to the publicly provided service package.

How to paint your own house extremely standard for beginners

Step 1: Choose the paint color

The selection of paint colors takes a lot of time for you. This stage should be consulted with architects, interior designers or the construction team of Uncle Tung to begin to choose the right paint products so that it does not take much time.

In addition, you can also find out more Color Palette from paint suppliers. Or check online on the paint company website to have the right color choices for your home.

Step 2: Calculate a reasonable amount of wall painting

According to the construction experience of Uncle Tung should apply 1 primer + 2 coats of paint with the following formula:

+ 1 liter of paint is about 10-12m2 / 1 layer

+ 1kg of putty powder can cover 1.2m2 / 1 layer

+ 1kg waterproof additive: 3- 4.5m2 / 2 layers.

When there is an area to be painted, you will easily know the amount of paint that needs to be prepared

Step 3: Clean the surface before painting

For house painting, you need to have 2 main paint tools: Brush and Roller. In addition, it is necessary to add tools to cast powder, sandpaper to create a surface.

Step 4: Clean the surface before painting

Performing powder coating to smooth rough and concave surface. The powder must be abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant, has high adhesion, forming a solid surface layer, helping the wall to be smooth and giving the paint a more beautiful finish.

If you still have doubts about how to determine the moisture content of the application standard, then use your hand to wipe the surface of the wall with visible white chalk, then it is the best time to start painting.

Before painting, you should move objects out of the paint position, cover the floor, avoid spraying paint. Often times, you can use tarpaulins to help you get dirty on the floor.

Step 5: Construction of paint

Construction steps are carried out as follows:

Use paint roller or paint brush to apply. Proceed to scan the corners first.

Push the roller from the bottom up. Roll gently to avoid leaving drops of paint, causing loss of aesthetics. Please lean 2 sides of the roller against the edge of the paint bucket, then roll from top to bottom slowly to dip into the paint. Remember to dip a little. Then change to the other side and repeat the sequence until the roller is evenly painted around.

Waiting time between coats: from 2-4 hours. If you touch your hands and do not see the paint sticking to your hands, then you can roll with water 2

After painting is finished, we proceed to clean the floor, clean up furniture

As you can see, painting your house is actually not difficult at all. Just take some time to learn. You can completely choose the color and paint for your beloved house by yourself.

Paint colors not only contribute to the beauty of the house, but each paint color also shows the owner's success. According to feng shui, each person will suit different colors. Therefore, the selection of home paint colors according to feng shui is also very careful.

At this time, feng shui is also a problem that many people are concerned about. Not only getting married, buying a car, ... people can choose a date that suits their own aquarium. Now, when building a house, in particular, the process of choosing the paint color of the house, it is also important that the paint color is suitable for the age, with the destiny, to help a good career and life.

Therefore, this article below will help you master the basic concepts in choosing a feng-shui home painting according to fateful feng-shui.

The importance of feng shui home painting

The color of a house not only contributes to beautify the house. But the color also has a direct and rapid impact on the eyes and feelings of the owner. Home paint colors can have a huge impact on the user's emotions.

For example, if the house is red, it could at times make the owner hot-tempered, easily angry, and difficult to control. And the green color helps the owner to feel comfortable, peaceful, ...

In Vietnam, the application of feng-shui rules to life is not lacking. It can be applied to business, trading, buying an apartment, buying a car, building a house, ...

If you can choose a color that matches feng shui with your destiny, it will help balance the source of yin and yang energies. Since then, also promote the advantages from the living environment.

So, isn't it important to choose the color of feng shui home paint. The house is not only harmonious and beautiful, but also brings convenience to you in terms of health, family happiness, children and husband's career.

Principle of determining fate by age to paint houses according to feng shui

“The Earth is composed of five main elements: Metal - Iron, Wood - Trees, Water - Water, Fire - Fire, Earth - Earth. They along with other additional elements such as Wind - Wind, Lightning - Thunder, Electromagnet create our living environment. In which the five main factors are called Ngu Hanh: Hanh Kim, Hanh Moc, Hanh Thuy, Hanh Hoa and Hanh Tho ".

Each year there will be a corresponding Representative. 05 Practice will follow a specified time cycle that rotates. Exactly every 2 years here. And for those who are born in any year, their version of Destiny will be that year.

For example: A person born in 1990 - 1991 (the year there was Hanh Tho) will carry Mo Tho, someone born in 1992 - 1993 (the year of Hanh Kim) will carry Me, People born in 1994 - 1995 (the year there was Hanh Hoa). will carry the Destiny of Fire, ...

We humans are part of the universe. And of course we are also influenced by that universe. Determining our own Destiny will help us know which factors in the surrounding environment, what factors will affect us well, what factors will affect us badly.

To determine your own version, you can refer to the Network lookup table by year of birth for people from 13 to 60 years old below to choose a feng-shui home painting:

The principle of mutuality and mutuality in the five elements

We have 5 elements: Kim, Moc, Thuy, Fire, and Tho.

Mutuality: is the accretion, creating good conditions for development. The rules of mutuality are: Moc born Fire, Fire born Tho, Earth born Kim, Kim born Thuy, born Moc.

It is to control, prevent, obstruct, make the opponent become weak and even be destroyed. In the Five Elements, the law of the opposite will be: Kim Khac Moc, Moc Khac Tho, Tho Khac Thuy, Thuy Khac Hoa, Hoa Khac Kim.

You just need to determine the relative destiny and the destiny of your destiny. And remember that the destiny will have a good effect on themselves, and the fate will have a bad effect.

Color according to the Destiny

Based on the table of colors according to the fate below, you will determine the Destiny Color, the Mutual Color and the Corresponding Color, and then choose the color of home paint according to Feng Shui:

Originally, I chose to paint the house according to feng shui

In the process of applying feng shui colors to your house, you will be based on the principle of mutuality - incompatible with your Destiny.

This means that you will choose to use the color of the Destiny version or the color of the Act corresponding to the Destiny version.

You can choose according to the following basic principles:

Paint the living room: should choose a color that corresponds to your destiny - the person who stands in the name of the house, and at the same time choose accent colors, and decorative furniture colors that are compatible with the Destiny of other family members. This will create a convenient space not only for you but also for all family members.

Paint the bedroom of the couple: it is best to choose a color that suits Dest of both husband and wife. But in case that doesn't work, you can use 2 colors for the bedroom: one that suits you, one that suits your wife.

Paint your child's bedroom: You should choose according to the following rules: one is right for you and your child, the other is right for your child, three is incompatible with you.

Paints for the kitchen and bathroom: In these two areas, you can choose your favorite color tones or suit without paying too much attention to the impact of feng shui - five elements. For example, in the kitchen, you can choose colors that create a sense of peace and comfort to have a light, delicious meal such as turquoise, blue. Or if you like a cozy feeling on the dining table, you can embellish the red, yellow accents.

Coating has an important role to play, determining the aesthetics of the house. Therefore, when a new project has been completed, the flaking phenomenon occurs, making the homeowner feel uncomfortable.

The problem of paint film peeling is not natural that can be easily overcome.


When the paint film is peeling off, many people tend to think about the poor quality of the paint. However, according to experienced experts and contractors, there are 3 main causes of this phenomenon: external impact, humidity and poor surface cleaning.

With causes from the impact of external forces, according to the principle of impact, soft objects are deformed more than hard objects. Therefore, it is not possible to "test the durability" of the paint film by exerting external forces such as nailing, rubbing with hard objects, peeling by hand ... With these acting forces, any paint regardless of quality. good peeling.

Contrary to the prejudice of many people, high-class paint is a paint that can be pulled out by hand when the paint film is not completely set. The better the quality paint, the higher the percentage of resin (acrylic) in the composition.

Experienced paint contractors all advise the owner when detecting that the paint film has peeling phenomenon due to the inadvertent impact of foreign forces, so they should handle the patch at the location of the incident, absolutely do not use your hands to remove it. the whole wall is peeling.

Regarding humidity, the application of paint must ensure the surface to be painted must be dry enough. According to the experience of professional contractors, the humidity of the wall below 16% according to the Protimeter humidity meter is reasonable. In the absence of a wall moisture meter, the construction unit should wait 21-28 days in dry weather (ambient temperature 30 degrees C, air humidity 80%) after application.

If the wall surface is not cleaned well, when painted, there is no bond, poor adhesion, leading to the paint film blistering. Therefore, the builder should note that poor quality or too soft putty also reduces the paint adhesion, even the powder disintegrates, causing the paint to peel off.


It is important to clearly identify the cause of this phenomenon. In principle, if the adhesion of the paint product is problematic, the entire construction wall will peel off, not merely appear locally in a few locations. Therefore, homeowners need to consider the overall very carefully. For example, the construction area is 35 m2, the peeling part is only 5 m2, then you have to see if there is a problem with 5 m2.

If external effects from objects that are harder than the paint film cause scratches, all you need to do is patch up, do not pull them off. If the cause is due to the humidity of the wall, the construction unit should ensure the wall is dry as recommended before construction. In the event that the surface is not clean, homeowners can use a roller to dip water on the wall to wipe dust, avoid using a brush in the usual way because sweeping and un-swept areas are difficult to see. to difficult to ensure hygiene.

Thus, in order to have a beautiful and durable coating for the house, in addition to investing in selecting quality paint products, homeowners should be equipped with basic knowledge to well supervise the construction process. like detecting the cause, knowing how to handle it appropriately and effectively in case of unexpected problems.

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