Things to know when painting your house to have a perfect living space

 Painting a house is one of the final steps in completing a building. And this category plays a very important role, determining the aesthetics of the whole project.

Things to know when painting your house to have a perfect living space

That is why there are many issues that you need to pay attention to before going into the completion of this project. So today we will together explore the things to note when entering the beautiful home painting process!

Principles of painting standard house walls

The principle to paint a beautiful wall is to follow all the steps correctly and properly. Clean the surface you want to paint clean, mastic (if any).

Then proceed to flatten the wall surface. Currently, there are many types of specialized machines to help perform this step, no need to waste time doing it manually as before.

The next step is to apply a white alkaline primer over the entire wall, which is similar to applying a layer of cream before applying makeup.

You should wait about 2 hours for this primer to dry completely and then paint 2 coats of color on top. On the rule of three coats of paint you must comply completely, skip one step, the result will definitely affect a lot.

The secret to choosing colors when painting the house

House painting is not easy right from the home design category and the choice of paint color. One of the first rules to keep in mind is not to use too dark, too dark colors for an entire house or for a large array of walls.

The colors that attract, attract attention and stand out should only be used for decoration, highlighting in certain areas.

Too much abuse will create a feeling of cramped, cramped and mental tension. Most importantly, the aesthetics are not high. This is also a taboo in the interior and exterior design of the design field.

There is a fact that you may not have heard of that color has the ability to "expand" in size. Whether the space is open or narrow depends a lot on the paint color you choose.

For small areas, you should choose bright paint colors to deceive the vision, creating a wide sense. White and cream will work well with the above.

What color is the room painted, and what is the purpose of that room? Because according to research, color in general and home paint in particular have a direct effect on human psychology.

If the room is built for the purpose of relaxation, rest such as bathroom, bedroom, you should choose green or blue when painting the house. You can also choose some peaceful and gentle colors such as cream, milk, light coffee, ...

With modern-style works, people often combine many colors in the same house to create a sense of creativity, dynamism, youth and modernity.

However, as a basic rule, you should not use more than 3 paint colors in the same room. Because the abuse of color is not only unattractive, but also makes the space very confusing.

In general, the choice of home paint color also shows the thinking, logic as well as the ability to be sensitive to the aesthetics of each person.

Select feng-shui interior and exterior paint colors

Not only the display of furniture, house-oriented house, new house construction hours related to feng shui. Even the choice of home paint color also needs to have feng shui elements in it. Because color has a great impact on human destiny.

Each person will have a different destiny based on the year of birth, including: Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, Tho. The choice of paint color must also follow the principle of compatibility-compatibility.

For example, the land will be suitable for colors such as yellow, brown, red, and orange. Because "Fire-borne earth- use fire to turn earth into bricks".

How to deodorize after painting a simple house

Deodorizing is always a problem that worries every family who has just completed the project. The smell of home paint not only makes us uncomfortable, stuffy, but also directly harmful to our health and respiratory tract.

Deodorize paint with diluted saline

The simple way you can deodorize home paint is to dilute white salt with clean water. Pour that solution into each small cup, place a cup every 10m2 to absorb odors.

You do this for 2 days, change the water 3 to 4 times a day for faster effect.

Deodorize home paint with pineapple

This method is extremely simple, you prepare 1.2 pineapples (or more depending on the size of the house) and candles (candles). These can be easily purchased at the market or supermarket.

You use pineapple, also known as pineapple (another name for pineapple). Cut off the two ends, cut out the intestines of the pineapple, then place the candle in the middle of the pineapple and light the fire.

The heat from the candle will cause the essential oils in the pineapple to fly around the room. Helps to remove odors extremely effectively and quickly.

In terms of placement, you should place the pineapples in the corners of the house just finished painting. In addition, this method also helps to deodorize well in wet places such as bathrooms, warehouses, garages, ...

You only need to light candles for about 10 minutes a day and a pineapple you can use for about 3 days.

Tips for cleaning walls with stubborn stains

Dirt: Use a vacuum cleaner or brush, sponge, and mild detergent like dish soap.

Crayon Stain: Still a mild detergent combined with a blunt knife.

Ink stains, felt pens: In this case, you must use detergents such as cif. If you can not use hair spray, toothpaste, ...

Coffee stains, soft drinks: With this group of stains, you should try the mild detergents first, if they are not yet clean, then switch to specialized detergents.

Experience choosing to buy home paint should definitely know

To be able to choose to buy good home paint, users will need to know the paints on the market in terms of features and brands. At the same time, if you know how to choose a house paint color that matches architectural design, preferences and especially feng shui, it will help the space become more beautiful, ensuring durability for the project.

The current paint types

Currently, there are many types of paints with different features to serve the diverse needs of users in interior and exterior paints for a beautiful space and quality of the building to ensure durability and guarantee. weather protection.

The types of house paint used in the construction of new home construction paint, house repainting include: interior paints (indoor paints), exterior paints (exterior paints) and primers. At the same time, there are house paints with specialized features such as waterproof, heat-resistant, heat-resistant, fireproof or have special decorative features such as imitation stone paint, wood imitation paint, emulsion paint and diverse prices. Depends on the brand of paint production.

There are also more products to support the construction of finishing house paint, ensuring durability such as: Putty - Powder plaster.

Experience choosing to buy home paint - good wall paint

In home paint, people often choose water-based paints used for different internal and external spaces. This requires the user to understand the characteristics of a solid, temporary building, humidity, light intensity, a frequently dusty or clean environment, use of paint indoors or outdoors, and preference for color. new paint ... can choose to buy cheap, good paint suitable for the most space.

If you are experienced in choosing home paint, you can confidently consider factors from quality, price to color selection, calculate the reasonable amount of buying wall paint to choose a good home paint. , economical painting. But if you are an inexperienced user to buy house paint, you can consult or advise on home painting from agents or painters before choosing to buy house paint.

Choose your paint color

When you are about to "dress" for the wall, you will definitely ask what color to choose? How to choose a house paint color… In fact, how to choose the right house paint color will need to consider factors including:

Home design style: choosing the paint color for a home garden will be different from that of a tube house, an old style house will be different from a modern home. So choosing to paint the house white or blue ... will depend in part on the architecture of your house.

Homeowner's preference for paint color: You will need to consider choosing a luxurious home paint color or expressing a personal mark, inclined to the classic ...

Area of ​​paint space: choosing paint colors for a house with a small area will be different from choosing a paint color for a large house. Usually, small houses will choose simple colors, bright properties to increase brightness and wide space. In contrast to the large spaces, you can completely choose modern home paint colors such as deep colors, helping to bring luxury.

Depends on interior or exterior paint: Choosing outdoor paint color can differ from indoor paint because it also depends on the ability to retain color, the impact of humidity, light, and dust.

Feng-shui element of house paint color: Currently, feng shui of houses plays a very important role in the design space of the house. In which, color is considered as the factor to choose suitable with feng shui. In it, each homeowner will match some colors and help increase your fortune. But there are also home-paint color options that are incompatible with the destiny of the homeowners, making the homeowners unlucky. In addition, people also choose to paint the house according to the direction of the house, the position of the house in the overall space to ensure balance in feng-shui. Therefore, the feng-shui factor will be something that cannot be ignored when choosing the outdoor paint or interior interior.

Therefore, how to see the house paint color or how to choose a beautiful house paint color will need to fully evaluate, there is a harmonious combination of factors that affect the selection of paint colors for walls and house paint.

Choose the best quality wall paint, home paint today

In the paint market, there are many types of paints for the different needs of home paint, iron, road paint ... In which, home paint is also classified into many types and popularly used is the form of water paint. Also known as home paint, wall paint with hundreds of brands in the market and thousands of products. So how to choose the best home paint products today is not easy for consumers.

Determining the paint space of the house: Currently, water paints or wall paints are divided into indoor paints and exterior paints (interior and exterior). Buyers will need to determine whether the paint space is indoors or homes in order to choose the appropriate indoor paint or buy the appropriate outdoor paint. Because of the characteristics of the interior and exterior, it will be different for different painting environments. Therefore, new manufacturers classify these paints to help decorate the most beautiful interior and exterior space, in accordance with the environmental conditions.

Experience choosing interior paint

Interior paint is the inside surface of the home space exposed to the typical environment: easy to be wet, difficult to dry, stains are often impacted by humans with many different types of dirt ... Therefore, when choosing Interior paint should be noted to ensure a full assessment, well ensure the following factors:

How long does the paint have good adhesion and fastness to color?

How hard or soft is the painted surface? Is it easy or difficult to clean, can it be self-cleaning?

Whether the paint composition ensures health safety is different in the paint and does not meet safety standards.

How to choose outdoor home painting

Exterior paint is the paint used to paint the exterior wall of the house and is always directly affected by the weather from rain, weather, changes in temperature, humidity, and dust. Therefore, the exterior paint's performance will also have a different requirement compared to the interior paint. The criteria for evaluating the quality of outdoor paint are:

Exterior paint products ensure a high degree of coverage and adhesion, keep the color fading for a long time;

The paint surface has wide coverage, waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-fouling and good cleaning;

The composition of the exterior paint must be friendly to people and the environment, contain no harmful substances and have good heat resistance, save energy, and minimize the greenhouse effect.

In general, exterior paint also needs to meet the specific technical and artistic requirements for the wall surface. Rich paint colors to help easily meet the aesthetic needs of each person. In particular, you should choose paints with safe ingredients, paints with harmful substances in home paint should be noted below the allowed level as low as possible.They are: VOCs (volatile organic compounds can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, severe infections, prone to birth defects, cancer and central nervous system damage.), mercury, lead ...

Choose to buy economical paint

Buying cheap or high price house paint depends on many factors. But as a rule of thumb, paint with good brand name, guaranteed quality, and variety of colors is difficult to be cheap for users to choose from. On the contrary, choosing house paint, cheap wall painting construction, of course, there will be weaknesses in terms of quality. So how cheap to buy paint will need to take into account the following factors:

Financial capability

Painted works are temporary or permanent houses, repainting old houses or painting new ones.

Segment the paint market by quality

Of course, you can also consider comparing the quality and cost of water-based paints of the same type to choose a better product, a little more economical. That is to compare only the same group of products with the same quality segment to choose cheap brands.

Price list for paint and construction of wall paint

Painted walls are the final finishing step in the construction of a house and it is an important factor showing the appearance and aesthetics of the building. Therefore, not only the construction owner will have to know how to choose good quality paint, but also need to choose a construction unit with good house painting, painting your house technique, good wall painting at a good price.

Wall paint prices of all kinds

Wall paint prices of all kinds will depend on the manufacturer's price announced and listed. It is important that consumers can choose from level 1, 2, 3, 4 distribution agents ... then the discount rate of the agent is different. Therefore, when you need to choose home paint and need to consult a large dealer to find out the price of wall paint to be able to choose the cheapest home wall paint address.

Steps and procedures to properly paint the house

In order to be able to paint the house, paint the wall well, then, in addition to choosing a good paint, you will need to know how to paint the old house wall, paint the different paint, the steps to paint the wall, the process of painting the house. properly, ensuring correct home and school painting techniques. Because the quality of paint only makes up 50% of success in terms of quality and aesthetics, the rest will depend on the skills of the painter who has the technique, mastery and construction of the right steps, the house painting process or not. .

Evaluation of construction works that need painting and repair

This is an important process of building paint because it determines the quality of the paint surface and chooses the method and type of paint to suit the building conditions. Therefore, the guide to paint the house, paint and paint the wall can not ignore the survey of the surface of the building, the surrounding environment, and the annual weather.

Observe if the house has lost the space contact to choose the right waterproof paint and paint color,

Preliminary inspection of construction quality on how smooth the surface is, the core convex, the dirt of the painted wall ... to decide on the plan of plastering deep indentations, grinding the protrusions, hitting smooth surface, spray paint or waterproof paint roller directly ...

Check the humidity of the wall: see if the wall is waterproof, if there must be a waterproof treatment before painting or using any specialized waterproofing materials to renovate.

Assessments of painted surfaces will determine how to paint the old walls, how to paint or paint the newly built walls, how to waterproof the toilet, how to paint the painted walls, lime paint, paint the walls of the house. mold, peeling ..., paint the wooden house, paint the house, paint the house, primer or paint ...

So make sure that the first step of painting is to inspect the surface to fix existing construction errors to help get the wall surface before painting the best guarantee as required.

Paint and paint application process

Put the putty on the wall and rub the fine sandpaper to remove the sand

Use a clean brush to sweep dust and fill in small, rough holes in the painted wall to create a smooth surface, in order to meet the correct painting technique of the house.

Putting putty powder, after finishing 1 day, must be sprayed with water to keep moisture, the putty powder has water to set it will not set. So put a thin layer of putty powder to cover the wall surface and plaster.

It is important to note that when applying putty, it should not be too thick because it will cause the paint to peel off easily, not to set, not to adhere well to the wall surface.

How to roll primer

The wall is dry and clean, then primer can be rolled. Before rolling the paint must stir well, and should roll 2, 3 layers and each coat is separated from 30 to 60 minutes depending on weather conditions, wind and weather affecting the dryness of the paint.

Primer 2 - 3 times to help the wall have a full coverage of the wall surface, ensuring sufficient thickness to increase the waterproofing, alkali resistance from the outside to the wall well to avoid color fading. In addition, the white color of the primer prevents the coating from fading and increases the level of authenticity of the paint color, which is more aesthetically pleasing. But especially pay attention to primer should not choose alkali resistant primer because it prevents alkali from escaping from the wall, causing the wall surface to be stained, moldy.

Process, how to roll coating

Paint coating is the last coat to complete the space so that a beautiful wall paint must ensure the process of painting the house as follows: Roll at least 2 coats, usually 2-3 coats of paint depending on quality. It will help to paint the house beautifully. Similar to primer roller, the time between paint roller is also from 30 - 60 minutes. Here is a guide on how to paint your home with topcoat to make your walls the smoothest, most shiny and beautiful.

Home painting experience ensures good quality

Only apply paint when the climate is dry to avoid painting and repairing houses when it is rainy, windy, or stormy, adversely affecting the quality of the paint, and unsafe during construction.

The way to hunt the paint on a beautiful wall, with good coverage, before rolling, stir the paint for 2-3 minutes to make the paint flexible and increase the permeability of the paint, the paint composition is more even and the building is even, good quality. .

Absolutely do not divide the paint bucket into 2 parts before stirring the paint if you feel that you have not used it all. Because the self-dividing paint before stirring will cause uneven color, difference in quality due to not stirring, and being deposited.

Do not use interior paint to paint the exterior area because it is not suitable in terms of features, making the quality of the building not guaranteed.

An economical way to paint a home is not that the paint roller is too thin, leading to the quick discoloration of the paint.

If the house is painted with airy repair, with many windows, but not covered, it is advisable to use outdoor paint instead of indoor water-based paint, which will help the painted wall not to be chalked to create sticky powder.

The pads should be placed close to the foot of the field to avoid paint sticking to the floor. In case the paint gets stuck on the floor, use an effective way of removing paint from the floor such as: use gasoline, vinegar, alcohol, sandpaper or hot water to remove effectively and simply, ensuring a clean and beautiful floor surface.

Guide to self-painting a professional standard

How to mix water-based paint standards

Currently, on the market there are many paint companies and the ratio of the paint to water of the stretchers will be different. There is a company to ensure the standard color applies the paint mixing technology at the factory or the major dealers have the paint color mixer and the product reaches the consumer completely without having to worry about the difference in paint color. With the exterior simulation, or between the paint tanks there is a color difference that prevents the painted wall from having a uniform color.

The manufacturers have up to 1000-2000 thousand different paint colors and different mixing ratios to produce color fish according to the manufacturer's announcement. However, basically there are colors: white, yellow, blue, black red. Also note the basic subtractive colors that are: blue, lotus, yellow because this is a color that can be used to mix other paints but can not use other paint colors to mix these 3 colors.

The ratio of mixing water colors from some basic colors

Some combinations of house paint and basic wall paint can be mixed by itself, adjusted to the desired color ratio and water ratio. Usually the basic colors are mixed as follows:

Blue + yellow (1: 5 phase ratio) = Green

Red + Yellow (1: 5 phase ratio) = Orange

Blue + Yellow + Red (5: 25: 1 phase ratio) = Moss color

Red + Blue (10: 1 phase ratio) = 10: 1 = Red

Red + Blue (1: 5 phase ratio) = Purple grape

Red + Blue (5: 3 phase ratio) = Chocolate brown

Note how to mix the standard paint suitable for the space

When applying paint to the house to be able to mix beautiful watercolor paints, you will need 10% more water for the paint to roll, evenly spread and the paint is not thick, difficult to stick to the wall surface, causing peeling.

In addition to choosing the color of home paint, the standard paint should also be based on large or narrow spaces, more or less light. Tips for mixing paint colors are: Choose paint colors carefully and suitable for the indoor and outdoor space and paint color with the surrounding housing.

Do not use too hot paint colors when mixing colors, but should use bright colors and create a cool feeling, hot colors should only be used for decorating combinations.

Paint must be stirred evenly before painting.

Small rooms should be mixed with paint on the ceiling about 1-2 tones lighter than the wall to create the effect of expanding the space.

Rooms with direct sunlight should not use bold colors to paint houses that easily reflect colors.

The standard way of mixing watercolor paint will help you get a beautiful space, ensuring high durability.

Calculate the volume, m2 of painting the house

You can choose to paint your own house or rent it through a package of house painting services (including: construction cost and self-made paint) or construct and paint the landlord prepare. However, regardless of the form, you should also know how to calculate the amount of paint to have a reasonable rental price or budget for the amount of paint needed to buy, how long is the time to self-paint and repair the house. in terms of benefits.

Here is how to calculate m2 when painting the house, how much paint, wages ... for you to choose the right house painting form and service.

How to calculate m2 when painting the house

Formula to calculate the painted area in the house:

Painted area in the house = Floor surface area x Number of floors

However, depending on the type of house, which is a tube house, a house with many rooms, there is a different coefficient. Usually the coefficients are calculated as follows:

Construction price for painting the tube house, many rooms: 4 walls, and the ceiling area is calculated by the coefficient of 4.5;

If your house has many rooms but the number of windows is moderate, calculate the factor 4;

The way to calculate paint for a grade 4 house, a little door system, with an appropriate coefficient ceiling is 3.5;

And level 4 houses have few doors without the ceiling, calculating the coefficient of 3.

In cases where the paint coefficient changes, you should note:

Frame houses with many rooms and few windows calculate the coefficient of 4.5;

The average multi-room frame house is calculated by the coefficient of 4;

Level 4 houses with few doors calculated the coefficient of 3.5;

If a tier 4 house has no ceiling: Coefficient 3.

These coefficients are only for the whole house and not for each room as it will be inaccurate.

How to calculate the painted area outdoors:

Outdoor painting area = Facade area * Outdoor paint coefficient


The outdoor paint coefficient ranges from 1.2 to 1.8 depending on how much or less the float (decoration) is to give a suitable coefficient.

The outdoor paint coefficient is equal to one with some special cases if the exterior of the building does not have a balcony, a lathe, a balustrade, or a decoration ...

If not calculated in this way, it can be measured directly and calculated from the height and width according to the actual construction area (excluding the door part ...)

How to calculate the amount of house paint

Home painting techniques to ensure durability and aesthetic factors, homeowners usually paint at least 2 layers. So how to calculate the amount of paint needed to paint the house is as follows:

Calculate the number of m2 of paint x m2 / liter to get the number of liters of paint to buy. Normally, an 18 liter paint can can paint about 60 to 70 square meters (2 coats of paint). Note that you can refer to the instructions on how to paint 1 liter of paint, how many m2 of the wall to buy with the expected number of times to paint is 1 layer, 2 coats.

At the same time, the wall painting technique is not only using water to paint the wall, but depending on the quality of the wall, the requirement for the surface of the wall after painting, but can be used to apply wall paint (paint roller with matit), waterproof paint and coating.

Thus, depending on the coverage of the paint, the area, interior or exterior paint, the quality of the old and new walls, the type of paint to calculate the formula of how many times to paint the wall, what kind of specific.

How to deodorize new house paint

When choosing paint for walls, you should pay attention to choosing paint with safe ingredients, avoiding harmful substances VOCs, APEO, lead, and mercury. The higher the content, the greater the toxicity, so the lower and no the better. Often painted with less smell will make the space comfortable and less toxic.

However, it is a fact that after painting the wall, it often smells unpleasant. So how to deodorize new house paint safely and effectively.

Create a well-ventilated air: Open the house to deodorize paint in addition to the use of salt, activated carbon ... first create the most airy space for the house.

Use white salt: dilute salt with clean water, depending on the area of ​​the house, increase or decrease salt. Then pour the brine into the cup and the distance is 10m2 / 1 cup of salt water. Change 3-4 times a day, but keep in place. Every other day in 2 days will work.

Use activated carbon: with good antimicrobial deodorizing effect, you can place activated carbon containers in many room locations to absorb paint odors.

Use green tea leaves: use bitter green tea leaves in many boxes and put in many different room positions it will absorb the unpleasant odor.

Use coffee beans or coffee grounds placed in positions of the room door or windows so that the aroma of coffee spreads over the paint scent.

Use aromatic essential oils

Use the peels of an orange, tangerine or grapefruit, pineapple, and onion cut into thin slices and spread throughout the house to remove odors.

In addition, you can use fresh milk, sour vinegar, flour and garlic placed in the new paint scent space to remove the smell is also very effective. How to treat the smell of new house paint is not too complicated and you absolutely can make the living space more comfortable, safe and less toxic.

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