The steps to prepare interior paint when applying epoxy paint and the use of waterproof paint

 The painting method for each type of surface will be different. In particular, for concrete, the performers need to conduct an assessment and learn thoroughly.

The steps to prepare interior paint when applying epoxy paint and the use of waterproof paint

Assess the current state of the concrete surface to be constructed

When applying roller or self-leveling epoxy coating, the builder also needs to conduct an assessment of the concrete surface to be applied. Depending on experience, each person may have a different assessment. In addition, the concrete foundation of the workshop will have a different assessment from the basement concrete ... The operator needs to carefully evaluate to prepare the most suitable materials.

In particular, when evaluating for construction, the following factors should be considered:

Check the humidity: if the humidity is below 10%, it meets the requirements, if it is more than 10%, it is necessary to perform other processing steps.

Check the grade of the concrete: this factor will affect the loss of paint during the implementation.

Flatness of the ground, cracks in the surface ...

Prepare materials and equipment necessary for construction

After the assessment is completed, the operator needs to prepare adequate supplies and equipment. Depending on the type of platform, the equipment used by the paint line will be different. Look for locations that supply reputable paints, paints that are suitable and have the rating that meets the requirements of concrete products.

In particular, the builder needs to prepare both primer and epoxy coating. In the process of using, it is necessary to use the right period, avoid misuse and use at the wrong time.

In which, epoxy paint construction materials include:



Paint thinner.

In addition, the construction unit also needs to prepare all kinds of machines to carry out the coating, including:

Large industrial grinders, usually 3-phase types, to clean the floor, effectively remove old paint layers.

Large vacuum cleaner: used for surface cleaning and cleaning when grinding floors.

Manual grinder: used to sharpen areas with narrow areas, small corners, edges ... where large capacity machines cannot reach.

Epoxy paint mixer: used to stir the paint evenly.

With epoxy roller coating, it is necessary to have a paint roller.

Process of performing epoxy coating for concrete foundation

To perform epoxy coating on concrete substrates, you need to perform the following steps correctly and fully:

Concrete ground grinding

Before proceeding with epoxy coating, you need to clean and smooth the entire surface. This is also known as the roughing step for the concrete foundation. The roughing will help the paint stick to the substrate better, making the bonding and adhesion more effective and durable. Primer and topcoat will be both color and beautiful. In particular, the ground grinding step will also help remove all foreign objects on the concrete floor. From there help facilitate construction.

Cleaning and handling problems on concrete foundation

After grinding the concrete floor, you need to remove all kinds of dirt and roughness with an industrial cleaning machine. During the construction of a concrete floor, it is definitely impossible to avoid the concave position, defects ... Therefore, cleaning and handling problems is an important step when applying epoxy paint.

Construction of primer

After cleaning the floor surface, the builder needs to proceed with painting epoxy paints. When painting is divided into 2 stages, which is primer and topcoat. Primer will be done first to cover errors, defects on the concrete floor surface. At the same time, the primer will effectively penetrate the concrete floor. From there, it helps to strengthen the bond between paint and the floor surface. This will help increase the adhesion of the paint layer to the concrete floor.

However, in order for the primer to be effective, the operator should pay attention to clean dust and dirt. Because if there is dirt, the paint will not be smooth and cling is not good. With concrete surface, the builder should apply 2 primers to ensure the bonding and adhesion to the concrete surface.

Resolve the remaining defects on the concrete foundation

After you have successfully applied the primers, you need to continue using the sander to remove the fine sand particles from the top of the floor. This is an important step to help you get the smoothest and most durable paint surface.

Carry out the construction of the Epoxy coating

This is an important step when applying epoxy paint. You will apply the topcoat over the primer after it has been cleaned. This coating will help the surface to be more complete, more aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, the coating also shows the quality of the building. Therefore, operators need to roll their hands evenly, carefully and strictly according to the norms given by the manufacturer.

For 3-layer epoxy coating system

The way of applying 3-coat roller system epoxy paint will have some differences, requiring different techniques and implementation. In order for the paint to dry evenly, stick well and be durable, you need to follow the correct process and regulations.

Construction of the first roller system epoxy coating

The first epoxy coating will act as color for the concrete surface. Therefore, the operator needs to paint evenly and evenly cover his hands according to the technique. If using a spray gun, the hand should be sprayed evenly over a certain time.

Then wait about 3-4 hours for the paint to dry completely. Then mark any uneven color, paint remaining. Use a sander or sander to clean the surface.

Construction of epoxy coating finishing roller system

The second and third coat will continue to work as the first coat. However, the second coat needs to wait 24 hours for the coating to dry completely. And after finishing the 3rd coat, it is necessary to wait 7 days for the smell of the paint to go away, ensuring the health of the user.

For self-flat epoxy coating

Unlike roller systems, self-flat epoxy coating needs to follow the following 3 steps:

Apply foam tape separating the work area: areas with different colors should be spread evenly with tape. After that any paint color, only paint in that area.

Mix the paint according to the correct ratio: depending on the paint of each manufacturer, the mixing ratio will be different. Read carefully, contact the manufacturer if needing assistance. Then mix correctly according to the specified ratio.

Proceed to pour paint on the floor: finally, you need to pour and spread the paint evenly on the floor. Then wait for the paint to dry.

Some notes after applying Epoxy paint

When applying epoxy paint, in order for the construction to be effective, safe and to bring high aestheticism, the operator should note the following things:

Concrete need to have 250 or more braces and cut at the expansion joint.

Before painting, it is necessary to choose the most suitable tools.

Before painting, the construction unit should spread a layer of geotextile or bitumen film. This will help avoid reverse waterproofing.

For concrete substrates, paint should be done only after the entire substrate has dried for at least 30 days.

After painting, wait at least 7 days before using.

Selection of paint colors based on the overall design of the house

For housing works

To highlight the indoor space, the advice for you is to choose bright colors such as white, light pink, light yellow, ... thereby creating a cozy beauty for the house. room as well as creating more space and ventilation.

The space will be even more wonderful when there is a harmonious combination of wall painting with consistent interior design details. Because that will help the space add more substance as well as create a balanced overall.

For apartments

At present, the apartment building is also chosen by everyone, especially young families. Most of the space features inside an apartment are often quite dark, so it will need the presence of natural colors from the sky such as yellow, orange or white.

For structures without windows, absolutely should not use dark colors such as gray or gray. It will make the space more dark and special will bring a sense of mystery to the homeowner.

Not only that, when painting an apartment, you also limit the use of many colors in combination. Specifically, there should be the uniformity of living room space, the kitchen should avoid choosing other colors. If you want to change the color of the paint can be adjusted in the bedroom because it is a separate space.

Overall, the footstep area of ​​the house, one will have to feel the unity and harmony with the appearance of at most 3 colors.

For villa works

Referring to the villa, people have felt the luxury and courtesy so when choosing paint colors you should also pay special attention. The choice for you now is yellow with the meaning of warmth as well as bringing more prosperity and luck to the homeowner. This is considered the color gamut exclusively for villa design.

In addition, you can also choose from white paint for lightness, freshness and purity. White gamut is a color that never goes out of style and will last forever. It can suit a wide variety of design styles from modern to classic quite effectively. A new suggestion for you is to combine white colors with different color roofs to bring a new look to your living space.

Choose paint colors based on feng shui colors, according to par

Paint color for the people of the Martyrs

Suitable for colors such as silver, white, gold, gray, ... mainly colors with sparkling metallic luster.

Should use yellow or white as the main color tone but should not overdo it, it needs a balance, harmony between other colors.

Choosing the right color for the destiny Kim will help bring more luck in life as well as work for homeowners. Ensure the safety and harmony with everyone around.

Paint color for the Mau Moc people

The fate of the Moc people should choose the main green color tone in combination with dark blue, blue colors, ... and limit the colors of the Kim onion.

Green is suitable for different grades from light green to dark green. This is a color associated with nature that brings a feeling of peace and serenity in the soul.

Paint for the people of the Mau Thuy

Because Kim born Thuy, you can choose colors such as white, yellow, iridescent, ... living.

Selecting the dominant blue color scheme combined with blue tones with many other levels. As a result, homeowners will feel relaxed, blending into the cool and green nature.

Homeowners choosing this color will be beneficial in life as well as career, with more new steps in the path of fame.

Paint color for the Martyrs

The main paint color selected in accordance with the Martian will have red characteristics such as pink, red, purple, ... Because this is the palace representing fire, priority will be given to hot colors.

Because the carpentry produces fire, the blue color will also be selected when combining home paint to get the best results.

It is possible to use yellow or white because this is a color that par Hoa can overcome as well as reduce stress and fatigue in life.

Paint color for the Meets

The color representing Tho's destiny will be earth brown or dark yellow, red, and orange and should avoid the color of carpentry (green).

Brown or yellow earth gives a sense of harmony and certainty as well as helping homeowners avoid the unlucky things in life as well as at work.

For a great effect, you can combine yellow or brown earth with gentle colors such as pink, orange to bring harmony throughout the space.

Choose paint color according to personal preference

Active people

Green will remind us of a sense of closeness to nature as well as the freshness and enthusiasm of youth. This will be the right color gamut for those who love dynamism and playfulness.

People with strong personality

A strong personality is indicated by a vibrant and strong color gamut with red for example. It shows the passion as well as the desire to show off. Most people who love this color gamut will be quite strong and brave.


The perfect combination between yellow and can will be a symbol of happiness, creativity and future light. If you know how to combine these two standard colors, it will bring a new space as well as stand out in the overall.

The quiet person

When it comes to purple, people will remember fidelity, tenderness and gentleness. This is also the paint color that people choose quite a lot. Because a space filled with purple will make homeowners feel light and peaceful. However, its disadvantages are quite poor, not even subtle and difficult to combine with other paint colors.

People who love simplicity

White always symbolizes simplicity but is full of purity. It is always a symbol of purity, perfection, and sophistication and modernity. Finding houses with color colors will not be too difficult, especially for homeowners who love simplicity and sophistication.

If you are a lover of modern style, it is always the perfect choice, stand out beautifully. Not only that, you can also easily combine many different colors to create a balance in the overall space.

What does the color of the interior paint in the house mean?

It is no coincidence that interior paint color is considered one of the important, indispensable parts for a beautiful home. So what does interior paint color actually mean?

Bring aesthetic beauty to the home space

One of the factors that cannot be ignored when it comes to the meaning and use of interior paint is the aesthetic beauty that it brings to your interior space. If the structure and design create the frame of the house, then paint the interior like a shirt, coat the house with a distinctive, bright look, showing the owner's style and personality.

Depending on the homeowner's preferences as well as the style, the house is designed with different colors. For house models with designs in an ancient, royal direction, often use deep colors or golden tones to create a certain luxury. For houses with modern sound, it is advisable to choose bright colors, expressing the vitality, youthfulness and dynamism of the new generation such as white, milky color, turquoise ... As for those Homeowners love the rustic, simple colors such as brown, light yellow can not be more suitable.

If you want to choose the paint color that best suits your home design space, expressing your individual personality and style, consult with designers and paint experts to There are the most suitable options.

Create the most comfortable and comfortable living space

Home is the most important and sacred thing to anyone. That is the place where we return from the tiring chaos of life to relax, rest, recharge for a long tiring day. Therefore, home space needs to create a sense of comfort and comfort for family members, in which paint color plays a significant part.

According to the latest research on Psychology shows that paint color greatly affects mood and mental state of people. Accordingly, for the resting spaces, choose gentle, cozy paint colors to create a feeling of closeness to relieve stress. For spaces that need creativity, focus for work should choose bright colors such as yellow, blue, orange ... to spark creativity.

Paint color really plays an important role in the home space. It not only creates a certain aesthetic beauty but also has a great impact on mood and affects daily activities and work of each family member.

Therefore, choosing the paint color is very important, you should not only choose the paint color according to your preference but also must base on many different factors such as: feng shui, the purpose of the room, the father. interior decoration ...

Top beautiful interior paint trends trend

Over each period, interior paint color trends will have a certain change. To be able to give your home a modern space, in line with the current trend, you need to update the paint color palette that is being loved.

Gray gray

Gray gray is considered one of the "national paint colors", suitable for all different home spaces that you do not need to think about. Gray gray is a color mixed between gray and gray in a certain rate. With color characteristics that are not bright but not too dark, suitable for all homes, especially for small spaces. Gray gray brings a feeling of luxury, courtesy, but extremely comfortable. Especially for families with small children, gray gray is an unsuitable choice, it makes the smudges sink, not visible on the surface, causing loss of aesthetics.

Green Blue

Green is a color commonly used in modern spaces, it brings a certain youthfulness and dynamism, positively influencing the mood of family members. Many people believe that blue paint is not suitable as it can reflect blue light on furniture. If so, you can combine yellow with a certain ratio of paint to create a very eye-catching light blue. Yellow will help reduce the blue light and make the space become much warmer and softer.


This is one of the hottest colors of the past few years and is expected to remain the favorite interior paint color of the year. Blue brings a characteristic cool space, bright and soothing eyes, making the mind more relaxed and gentle. Blue paint is also one of the secrets to help expand your home space, making the space become wider and broader.

Blue is considered to be one of the colors that stimulates the brain to function, helps you focus on work effectively, and at the same time helps to remember better than normal.


Yellow is a color you can combine with many different colors to create extremely eye-catching colors. Usually, paint experts will combine yellow with colors blue or yellow with white to create a certain lightness, warmth, and sweetness.

Some of the most popular yellow paint models today: milky yellow, chicken feather yellow, sunny yellow ... For yellow, just change a certain amount of paint and combine a few other paint colors to create very unique paint colors.

For houses with royal architectural spaces, the use of yellow paint is always a priority. Yellow color creates a feeling of luxury and sophistication, creating the level of the homeowner. Not only that, this is also a color that easily blends with the interior of the house regardless of style.


This is one of the rather strange colors to paint a house. However, in the modern trend towards unique beauty, in Western style, purple is expected to be a favorite paint color by customers. You can combine purple with white to create a paint color with a certain lightness.

When using purple colors for the space, you should choose a classic western-style interior, to enhance the beauty of the house. In addition, the arrangement and decoration of light in the house is also very important, creating a unique feature, a certain highlight for the space.


As mentioned above, white is an indispensable color for home improvement. White interior paint will accentuate the interior of your home space. At the same time, it is a harmonious connection between the house's architecture and the interior interior, helping the indoor space to be more in harmony than ever. White also helps to expand the space, making the space cool, clean and extremely modern. For homeowners who love lightness, simplicity but still exuding sophistication and elegance, white is a certain paint color that must not be ignored.


For girls who love sweetness, pink is a very suitable paint color. Many people believe that pink causes dazzling, even "cheesy" and feels quite hot in the summer. However, in fact, if you paint the right color, it will not happen like this. You can combine pink and white to create a lovely, sweet, milky pink without being too cheesy.

Pink helps the space become cozy and gentle, effectively reducing stress. Not only that, but the color pink also helps to think more creatively and create efficiency for work.

Therefore, pink is no longer a typical paint color for women, but it is suitable for the space for the whole family. This is also one of the easy colors to combine with different interior patterns.

Orange color

Orange is considered to be a color that will be loved by special customers of young households. 2020 is considered a year when bright colors will be crowned, orange is no exception. Orange color helps bright home spaces, without having to turn on too many lights, but the indoor brightness is still stable. In addition, this color also helps to limit stains effectively, especially for families with small children, it will be inevitable that the baby paints on the wall.

Orange also helps bring positive energy to family members. According to the latest research, the moment a person looks at orange, the happiness index is 10-15% higher than normal.

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