Create rough concrete floor before epoxy coating

 Previously, when pouring concrete, people often sprinkle hardener hardener to the warehouse floor, the advantage of this layer is its ability to bear loads and wear well. But after a period of use, because many vehicles are active so they can easily get dirty on the surface, it is only suitable for a number of industries such as mechanical warehouse, large weight products.

Create rough concrete floor before epoxy coating

When applying epoxy paint to the floor of the warehouse, it will be able to overcome the above disadvantages, epoxy paint is a special paint line to protect concrete from damage, ensuring the warehouse floor is always clean, resistant to dirt and bacteria. ..

Step 1: Surface treatment before epoxy coating

The purpose of the floor surface roughing is to create the adhesion between the surface with the epoxy primer and the epoxy coating. Depending on the contractor's machinery system, the quality of the epoxy floor will be affected.

For the hardener-applied surface, the surface treatment process is more complicated, because the hardener layer is hard, difficult to create rough compared to the normal concrete surface ...

Before epoxy coating is applied, the surface must be clean, free of dirt, and damaged surfaces must be removed.

Step 2: Repair the floor surface

Using 2-component epoxy mortar, filling in damaged, concave, rough places, some cracked floors must use appropriate materials to handle.

Step 3: Apply primer

The steps of epoxy coating coating system with epoxy coating or self-flat epoxy coating are indispensable for the priming process. Primed epoxy paint has good permeability and adhesion to the surface and should be used as the glue to bond the epoxy coating to the concrete floor.

Step 4: Apply epoxy coating intermediate layer

Before applying the finishing coat, an intermediate layer of epoxy paint must be applied, the intermediate epoxy coating is the color coating, usually the same color and the same type as the topcoat.

Step 5: Apply epoxy coating to finish

After the intermediate epoxy coating has dried, proceed to clean again before applying the last finished epoxy coating. The way to mix epoxy paint for finishing epoxy paint must follow the norms and ratios of the manufacturer.


The steps to apply epoxy coating include the basic steps described above. If one of the construction steps is missing, it will affect the quality of the epoxy floor.

Learn how to build industrial warehouse floor paint like?

Some benefits of epoxy coating for warehouse floor, industrial factory floor

Easy to clean, hygienic, dirt on the surface.

High economic efficiency due to extremely durable epoxy floor coating, achieving high safety due to non-slip surface.

Epoxy paint makes the surface of the warehouse resistant to stiffness when a truck weighing 2 - 3 tons can enter without damaging the floor surface (normally the concrete floor will peel or break if the truck weighs equivalent to go in);

Warehouse epoxy paint can prevent the growth of bacteria, creating a fresh environment, extremely good for the health of workers.

Product line used to paint warehouse floor:

There are 2 types of epoxy paints that are widely used for warehouse floors, 3-layer thin paint and self-leveling epoxy paints, food company warehouses, pharmaceuticals ... or use high-class self-flat epoxy paint. Because both withstand loads, abrasion and resist bacteria, mold ...

Construction method of epoxy coating for industrial warehouse floor:

If using self-leveling epoxy paint, use a serrated rake and roller to destroy air bubbles, while using epoxy floor coating, use roller to roll paint or pressure spray gun.

Tools for constructing epoxy paint

EPOXY PAINTING tools for factory floor paints: Serrated trowel, epoxy roller to roll epoxy base paint, mixer, vacuum cleaner, concrete floor grinder, brush, machine Spray high pressure paint.

Epoxy paint is a two-component epoxy paint, a special paint line to protect the precast floor, here we would like to introduce the detailed tools used to construct epoxy floor paint.

Unlike water-based paint, epoxy coating must have a construction standard that must prepare the surface thoroughly, because the preparation is too sketchy, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the work.

Concrete floor grinder: The purpose of roughing, grinding undulating and damaged positions, depending on the Contractor's Scale and Prestige, there will be different types of sanding machinery.

Dust shortage machine: Vacuum out all the dust so that the primer coat will stick on the concrete surface

Serrated trowel: Using self-flat painting, serrated trowel must be flexible to ensure the correct paint thickness. The quality of the self-flat epoxy coating depends very much on the serrated trowel and the workmanship of the EPOXY PAINTING PAINT team.

Air bubble breaker: Breaking air bubbles during self-leveling epoxy coating

Specialized roller: Used to paint epoxy, if choosing the wrong roller will leave many foreign objects on the floor

Paint sprayer: Use a paint sprayer of high pressure to paint the painted surface beautifully

What is water-based epoxy paint?

What is water-based epoxy paint? What is the application of paint in the construction sector? In essence, water-based epoxy paint is a two-component epoxy paint, including: water-based primer, water-based coating, because the solvent is mainly water, so it is not harmful to the skin and health of the epoxy painter.

What is the application of water-based epoxy paints? Because of its water-soluble nature, epoxy paint will form adhesion layer, high permeability, anti-abrasion, water resistance, chemical resistance, acid resistance, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. easy to use and friendly with the environment.

Water-based epoxy paints have very low VOC (volatile organic compounds, the lower the better) below the permitted level of 50 milligrams / liter (Green Label standard, PSB Singapore). On the Vietnamese market, some companies use epoxy paints such as KOVA, SIKA, some products of Joton, Apt ...

Calculating the outstanding properties of the water-based epoxy coating, it is used in floor paints of factories, manufacturing, hospitals, hotels, etc., with high acid resistance, so it is used in heavy industry, shipbuilding industry. boat,…. antibacterial ability to use in laboratories, to measure chemical samples ...

What is industrial paint?

What is industrial paint? how its application in river life and production. The following is a knowledge of industrial epoxy coating one of the widely applied industries in human production life.

The main ingredients of industrial epoxy paint consists of 2 main parts: 2-component epoxy paint and epoxy floor paint in the industrial and civil construction field. Popular in the field of epoxy floor paint, industrial floor, factory floor, warehouse floor, production floor ...

With extremely good environmental resistance, industrial epoxy paints are used in the shipbuilding sector, fireproof paint, tennis paint, anti-heat paint, anti-corrosive acid paint ...

Characteristics of industrial epoxy paints with high durability, strong acid resistance, oto-paint, anti-rust…. Therefore, in the climate in Vietnam with high humidity, the use of industrial epoxy paint is a wise choice.

Choose the best waterproof paint

You are worried because you have no experience choosing the paint that is most effective for waterproofing your home. On the market there are many different types of paint from high-end to low-end, each with different prices and quality depending on your needs.

According to the manufacturer's recommendation, the ratio of paint to water is about 3-5%, but we can increase it to 10-15%, so it does not affect the quality of paint and the coverage of a paint can 18 liters of the above paints, the 2-layer finish paint is about 80m2 (excluding primer). So you have saved yourself about 20 m2 / 1 can of paint.

With a tight financial limit, you are a tenant, the walls are wet, causing bad adhesion, so only paint at an average level like maxilite paint, but can not use good paint. Conversely, if you are just building a house, then use a good high quality paint, good low resistance, high durability, do not regret the money to buy home paint. Because the house is used for long-term stay. Before painting the house, we need to ask the technician to carefully make the wall surface so that it is smooth and flat, to avoid rough gaps due to the construction process. To increase the surface adhesion well keep rolling paint properly and walls. In addition, it is necessary to dilute the paint ratio so that it is appropriate to avoid dilution, causing the phenomenon of not high, thin adhesion, affecting the quality of works later.

How to choose the color of home paint in the direction of feng shui

Choosing a feng-shui home paint color is very important due to your family and your career. If you can not afford to invite feng shui teachers, you can read through below for a more overview of home painting according to feng shui.

Each paint color has a different meaning, in general brings luck, health, fortune as well as minus the bad luck, loss of talent affecting the homeowner. Therefore, choosing the color of paint according to the direction of the house is extremely important. For houses that receive a lot of light, hot, they should choose cold paint colors to harmonize and soften. On the contrary, cold houses need hot paint for a warm space.

Northeast direction:

Northeast-oriented houses are usually very cold in winter, receiving a lot of northeast wind, especially in the northern regions. In the months of October-December, the northeast wind brought in cold air. To make the house warm and lucky, choose hot colors such as pale pink, light orange to avoid eye aches when looking for too long.

House in the Northwest direction:

Contrary to the northeast direction, this is the direction with a lot of sunlight, especially in the sunset. The sun is too hot, causing the house to become hot in the summer, causing discomfort affecting the homeowner's life. Should choose cold paint colors such as navy blue, green. Do not use pale colors as it is counterproductive. With cold colors will carve the heat. Thus creating a sense of harmony with nature and more comfortable

House in the east or west

Most of the houses located in the East or West are the ones that receive the most sunlight. During the day, sunlight shines directly from the east in front of the house, in the afternoon, the sunlight from the west makes the house always full of light and hot in the harsh summer. Therefore, choose cold paint colors such as blue, green to help cool the sun. In front of the house, we should plant more trees, hang the canvas to reduce the lack of sunlight to shade our house.

Houses in the south or north direction

The house located in this direction does not receive direct sunlight, so it is very cool, but the downside is humidity and lack of vitality. Therefore, it is necessary to use hot colors such as white, orange, pink, red, and yellow to make the house stand out and cheerful. Need to arrange more lights on the front door to catch the light to bring luck and fortune

Houses in the Southeast and Southwest direction

This two-way house is considered to be the most ideal and stable while getting the cool breeze and the sunshine. So choosing colors is not too difficult to choose colors according to personality, favorite feng shui such as light yellow, light pink, ...

With the knowledge of choosing paint colors in the direction of feng shui will help homeowners have the best choices. Help the house become bright, lucky and bring a lot of fortune.

Construction of anti-slip epoxy paint

Normally, when applying epoxy paint by the method of epoxy coating using roller roller or self-flat epoxy paint, epoxy floor after painting has low level of anti-slip function, such as anti-slip for pedestrians. when the epoxy floor is dry as well as when the epoxy floor is wet, the convenient steps on the floor are not slippery.

Anti-slip epoxy coating is required only for areas such as ramps, basements, mats, stairs or workshop floors ... Anti-slip epoxy paint is a 2-component epoxy coating, including component A and curing component B and aggregates such as quartz sand or fiberglass ...

Because surface roughing aggregates are used for anti-slip purposes, the application process and selection of epoxy coating products for the most effective application is the construction secret of each epoxy paint contractor ...

Some notes when applying anti-slip epoxy paint:

Epoxy paint products must have a high adhesion so that they will not be damaged when motorcycles and cars go

The product must be dust-resistant because the anti-slip epoxy coating is susceptible to dirt adhering to the surface

Epoxy paint must have high bonding because when it rains, it easily seeps into the floor and peels the paint.

Appropriate reinforcement must be chosen to match the type of material given.

What color was the age of At Mao, which colors were suitable for feng shui, talent and fortune?

What color did the Age of At Mao paint the house to suit feng shui, to attract wealth for homeowners? Eastern people from the past up to now have always conceived and appreciated the role of the 5 elements Kim Moc Thuy Hoa Tho in everyday life. Believing and following feng-shui is sometimes the culture of many people and regions in order to avoid bad luck, seize opportunities towards good luck and good things. Each age palace has different notes in feng shui, as well as how to choose colors and separate home decorations.

From the point of view of feng shui, house paint, car color or clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry play a great role in balancing, supporting and regulating the yin and yang factor. - the five elements of each person's destiny. Therefore, grasping how to use colors to suit the point of view of the law of feng shui is something you should consider to pay attention every day.

In the case of using the colors of prosperity for their destiny such as blue, black or white, milky white, etc., people of the age of An Mao can achieve a life of luck and wealth. However, with colors such as yellow, brown earth ..., you can still use it to create unique & impressive highlights for your living space.

Exterior paint color - outside the house is suitable for the age of At Mao

At the age of At Mao was from par Thuy Thuy, so painting a blue house is the most suitable. Painted a vast blue (par Thuy) house can bring a sense of depth, vastness, immensity, but extremely stable and peaceful, like when we follow a blue sky with our eyes and eyes. Blue also means purity, purity and masculinity. In addition, it is also the color of loyalty, trust, wisdom, confidence and wisdom.

Or you can use white paint belonging to Par Kim (because Kim Sinh Thuy). Black and white colors will create a simple, sophisticated and luxurious house

The homeowner can harmoniously combine these colors together to help the family do a thriving business, a good job, and the members are always healthy and happy. For example, Combining blue with white or iridescent color (Kim) brings high aesthetic effect and Feng Shui because both compatibility and compatibility. Green color brings lightness, comfort, relaxation and youthfulness, good for developing and expanding wealth.

Also according to Ngu Hanh, because of Tho Khac Thuy, homeowners should avoid painting the house brown, yellow soil ... if you do not want bad luck affecting the happiness, fortune and health of the whole family.

The living room paint color is suitable for the age of At Mao

The living room is the place where the most energy is gathered in a house. Painting the living room with paint colors that match feng shui also increases good fortune, luck, peace, happiness and money for your family.

Do Kim born Thuy, so when you choose to paint the living room for the year of the Rabbit, you can use white, gray, gray in combination with the black color of Par Kim. Black and white tones are the main color tone. Black and white, although two basic colors, will bring sophistication to your room, combined with the gray sofa will create a perfect overall and make the room appear wider. Guests coming to the living room of the year of An Mao will be impressed by the monochrome and still impressive, in addition to using the fateful color also helps balance yin and yang for the homeowner, bringing abundant health and family. peaceful religion.

Bedroom paint color is suitable for the age of At Mao

The bedroom is always a place that is most concerned by the owner because it is the place where the owner rest. For a comfortable and relaxing space, you can choose the right bedroom paint color for the 1975 age group, which is iridescent with blue curtains, which will help the room to accentuate the beauty and feng-shui of the room.

For newlyweds, choosing the color of the bedroom paint is white and blue, making the room more airy and spacious, bringing a light sleep and creating the most comfortable and relaxed feeling during resting hours.

Kitchen colors are suitable for the age of At Mao

With the houses of people born in 1975 in a modern style or apartment buildings, the living room and kitchen are often on the same floor and connected to create an airy space. Therefore, the color of the kitchen and dining room should be the same as the color of the living room of the Hamlet people.

What color car should you buy in the Year of the Rabbit?

If you choose a car in Black, blue: Black, blue is the fate of the Age of Apos. If the car is black and blue, the people born in the year of Enos will not get lost, it is easy to find the way. Business advantage.

If you choose a green car: Green is the color that represents the element of Wood. According to the five elements, Thuy Sinh Moc, at the age of Apo, belongs to Thuy's destiny, which is the duty of birth to a car, a vehicle that sucks all life's energy. Eat deadlock, sometimes die from a car accident.

If the vehicle is Red, pink, and purple: Red, pink, and purple represent destiny, Age of Entrepreneur Thuy's head has the color of black, blue. According to the five elements, Thuy Khac Hoa, that is, the car is killed by a duty, or if the car is broken, it is the duty or the accident.

If the vehicle is yellow and brown: yellow, brown soil represents Tho's destiny. According to the five elements, Tho Khac Thuy, at the age of Ato, belongs to Thuy Thuy, which means that a car can carve people.

If the vehicle is white, gray, and gray: White, gray, the gray color represents par Kim, According to the five elements, Kim Sinh Thuy. At the age of An, he belonged to Thuy's destiny. It meant that the vehicle supported his life. Driving with few accidents, good health, good health.

What color is the most luxurious and delicate house paint?

White is still the most popular color and never goes out of style in home paint color choices. White color brings a fresh, modern beauty, but equally luxurious and sophisticated. Especially, white color is easy to combine with other colors to create a unique and attractive feature for the house.

The house design is simple but extremely delicate because the combination of white and chocolate color creates an attractive look.

Yellow represents wisdom and happiness

In interior and exterior design, yellow color is always the first choice because of warmth, happiness, exuding noble and luxurious beauty for the house. Not only that, the yellow color has many colors from dark yellow to light yellow, which is easy to coordinate with other colors to create accents.

Gray represents class

Gray has recently been used by many design experts as the main color for the house. Because gray is a cold, neutral color that represents the level of the owner, creating a luxurious and modern look for the house.

Instructions on how to coordinate beautiful and unique home paint colors

Each color has its own unique and distinctive features. To get the right color to create a luxurious, modern look, the color scheme will need to comply with certain rules. Should choose colors according to the appropriate dark tones, avoid fading, monotonous, avoid choosing more than 3 colors will cause eye confusion and stuffy.

Some popular color schemes today will help you choose a luxurious, modern and unique home paint color.

Color scheme according to the Monochrome monochromatic principle

This is the most popular and easiest to use color scheme. You just need to choose a favorite color and use it with many different levels from bold to light, creating accents for the house.


Dark blue - light blue - white

Green from dark to light

White gray

Pink colors range from dark to light

Color matching according to the rules of adjacent.

Color scheme according to the adjacent rule is a combination of three colors standing next to each other, with color similarity creating uniqueness and attraction. However, when applying the color scheme according to this rule you need to have a certain ratio between the colors to avoid creating a feeling of confusion. It is best to choose a main color and other colors as accents.

Complementary contrast color schemes

This color scheme uses two opposite colors on the color wheel to stand out and attract. Because this color scheme uses high contrast colors, it is necessary to have the ingenuity in choosing and coordinating colors so that it is harmonious, the layout is reasonable to avoid roughness. You should choose a more prominent color, the other color used for small details as accents.

Color scheme according to hot and cold tones

Hot colors are colors made up of main colors such as red, orange, yellow ... energetic, creating a warm, close feeling for the space. Hot tones are often used to create classic, traditional and luxurious styles for the house.

However, using hot colors will make the space narrow, so it is necessary to combine neutral colors to create harmony and sophistication.

Contrary to hot tones, cold colors such as blue, green, turquoise ... create a feeling of fresh, gentle, friendly with nature. Cold tones are easy to coordinate with each other to create distinct styles, from modern, luxurious to classic gentle styles.

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