How long does it take for house paint to dry? How to quickly and effectively deodorize paint?

 How long does it take to paint a house? This depends on the weather, guys, if it's sunny in the summer, it's 35 - 38 degrees, to tell the truth, our team of painters will dry as soon as we finish painting, this hot sun is still dry, and it's raining If the humidity is low, it takes at least 2 hours, if you want to dry quickly, you can put the fan in the place where you want to dry quickly or heat it with a heater.

How long does it take for house paint to dry? How to quickly and effectively deodorize paint?

As for normal weather conditions, it only takes 1 hour to dry, and it depends on the wall surface, if the wall surface is damp, where there is no ventilation, it will take 2-3 hours to dry, not including the paint layer. 1 then paint the 2nd coat of paint.

How long does it take to finish painting the house? Does it affect pregnant women?

In the past, the market was not developed, people mainly whitewashed, and today, with modern advanced technology, using mainly water-based and non-toxic paints, if there is a pregnant woman or For small children, when painting the house, you should avoid it a bit, after painting the house for about 1-2 days, it's okay.

Normal people should just dry the paint, fan to ventilate the house, put furniture in normally, non-toxic, don't worry guys.

How long does it take to build a house before it can be painted?

Depending on the season, depending on the weather, paint the house, remember to let the wall surface dry, if the surface is still damp, it will be easy to get damp after a while after painting, the moisture in the wall cannot escape. . In the summer, 2-3 weeks can be painted. Usually about 4-5 weeks after plastering is done.

When repainting the house, the peeling area is scraped off, will it be peeled again after repainting?

When the surface of the wall paint is peeling off, it needs to be scraped off because it has not adhered to the wall anymore, it needs to be removed and then put on with putty putty, put back the peeling place, the bond between putty, putty New and old will take shape and will not peel off anymore, wait for the topcoat to dry before applying water-based paint.

Once mixed with putty powder, putty should be used immediately because when it reacts with water and the outdoor air, it makes the powder dry quickly and clump, also known as dead powder, can not be used anymore.

The secret to painting the walls directly, without the need for putty is the most durable, the best.

In the past, when our forefathers built houses, there was only lime and mortar, then whitewashed, and now more modern with cement, built with reinforced concrete, sure, and decorated with house paints and paintings. , wallpaper... But the long-term purpose, both beautiful and economic, is always needed. Therefore, in the field of house painting, there are two main ways to do it: the first is to paint the walls directly and the second is to put the matt before painting the walls.

Choosing any form has its advantages and disadvantages, but the criteria of both durability, beauty, and economy must be put on the top.

Direct wall painting is always the most durable, 10 years is normal for the longest time. Why is that, because when painting directly, the wall will be airy, the wall is always dry, so it doesn't get moldy, it's okay to rain or shine.

On the contrary, painting the matt before painting the wall will have a high aesthetic, smoother, flatter but low durability. It's only been about a few years, then it's very sharp. This matt brick wall is easy to get wet, easy to absorb, easy to mold. Therefore, if you want to put a beautiful, long-lasting putty, the only way is to use a good, flat, smooth putty to keep the environment well-ventilated.

And of course, adding more mattite stitching costs more workers, more paint materials, and it costs more.

Why is the matite bait born?

Most of the living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, hotels, spas, business shops, beauty shops require high aesthetics, plaster ceilings and reflectors. If you have to put on the matt, the new house will look luxurious, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing. The place where there is no plaster to look at the wall has protrusions, it is not smooth, nor can it be used with plaster lights.

Unnecessary areas are not necessarily putty such as kitchens, workshops, fences, facades...

Share the secret to painting the wall directly for 10 years before fading, the most economical.

To be durable, choosing a good paint is a top priority. Get branded, reputable paints such as Dulux, Kova, Jotun...

In each type of paint, there are pre-gloss, semi-gloss, and smooth paints. Should choose glossy or semi-gloss paint, it's a bit expensive but easy to clean and sanitize, so it's durable. For example, if kova paint has glossy, semi-gloss, and smooth, choose the glossy or semi-glossy type that you like.

Apply paint according to the technical process is putty (if any); then apply 1-2 coats of primer, finally paint (color paint) 2 layers.

Techniques of painting walls without bait, Should the wall be painted before painting, Should the wall be painted outdoors, Painted directly on plaster, Should be applied in 1 layer or 2 layers, Paint the wall without primer, Roll the wall putty, Yes wall putty should be used... The most searched keywords about putty are here.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of putty and non-matte paint

It is necessary to understand that wall paint, also known as putty paint, is a fine white powder additive such as putty, putty combined in the house painting process. Before painting, the worker paints a layer of one layer of bait like plastering the wall with putty mixed with water. Then wait for it to dry, hit the armor paper to make the surface smooth and then proceed to paint.

The advantage of a house with matt paint: helps the wall surface to be smoother, more polished, it seems that it only needs to be painted and armored, not painted, but the wall surface looks like it has just been painted (very suitable for glossy paint). Especially for houses with drywall ceilings, it is imperative that the new matite is uniform and durable.

Disadvantages of houses with matt paint: expensive to buy putty, laborious to hire workers, short durability of only a few years, it will rot, and it takes labor to hire workers to redo it, this putty is not waterproof so with Weather conditions in tropical monsoon climate like ours, blistering and peeling is inevitable.

Advantages of house paint without putty: no need to spend an extra purchase of putty, labor, faster paint construction time because it doesn't take much effort, don't have to wait for the surface to dry before polishing, no dust...

Disadvantages of house paint without putty: the surface is not very smooth, but there is no cost to buy putty and labor. Painters conduct the painting process quickly, saving time and costs, high durability...

The process of standard house painting steps for professional painters

To do well in any job, we need to master the theory first and then practice later.

Repainting the old house save money? fast?

Here are the basic house painting process steps as follows:

Prepare your workspace

An open space will make painting easy, when tools are not entangled and collide with household items, causing damage...

It is very important to carefully clean up the furniture before painting, followed by sweeping away the dusty cobwebs, so the cleaner the paint, the faster the paint color and uniformity.

The preparation, especially the initial shielding, is very important, because the paint job can be quick and the cleaning and cleaning work if the paint is dropped on the floor or furniture is very long.

So always ensure the following basic elements

Maintain the best lighting for your room.

moving heavy and bulky objects into the middle of the house or at least 30 cm away from the house, enough for the painter to slip into the construction... clean the surfaces to be painted, glue the electrical outlets, switches, etc. clean pictures...

Choose paint color

Should choose light colors for the interior to create a feeling of light and easy to coordinate.

Choose bold colors for the exterior to make your home stand out

Different rooms can be painted in different colors depending on the preferences of each family member...

Top 5 beautiful house paint colors that never go out of fashion

Top 5 beautiful house paint colors that never go out of fashion, home wall paint colors with good brands, loved by all generations, all times, never afraid of going out of style.

Cream Yellow: The vast majority of Vietnamese people love the color yellow, we are familiar with the bright red tiled roof house, the walls are as golden as the color of straw. Both interior and exterior chose this yellow color because of the cozy, friendly, gentle look it brings. With a creamy yellow color, it brings a gentle beauty, yellowish, white, both beautiful and delicate.

Creamy yellow house paint never goes out of style

Moreover, yellow color is very suitable for architecture located in tropical monsoon climate, bringing a youthful and dynamic features.

Top 5 favorite house paint colors

White: White is a neutral color that is easy to combine with all colors in the family, especially in a family with limited space, white makes the space look more open, you choose white as The most obvious color choice.

Gray color: Gray color is suitable for modern decoration, furniture is simple but delicate. Gray color is now popular with young people, like the type that doesn't need to be dazzling but luxurious. When choosing a neutral color like this, it will be easy to combine the decorations in the office to make the background for those items.

This is a youthful color suitable for modern homes, but it is also great when combined with a retro classic style. This will be the perfect color for your interior.

Green: Green is the color of nature, both close and dear, this is the tone that gives you a cool and refreshing feeling like stepping into a green park.

Pink: If you have a daughter, the pink color is the color that is often used, can be pale pink, lotus pink, showing femininity, softness, and grace.

Turquoise color: Turquoise color is very beautiful but also unique, young people who specialize in hunting these toxic colors paint to express their personality.

What paint is good and durable to paint iron doors with?

Paint iron doors with paint that is good but durable, on the market today, there are many different paint brands to choose from, but to choose which paint is good, durable, and has a brand name, not many people know. Many customers feel confused because they do not know which paint to choose.

DULUX: Paint iron doors with good and durable paint, the top 1 must be mentioned is Dulux:

DULUX PAINT: is a type of paint that is known by many people because of its good products, popular with people, big brands, diverse colors, so it gives customers a variety of choices, high adhesion, increase the smoothness of the wall and keep the color for a long time about 7-10 years, do not contain Lead, Mercury... Due to such advantages, many shop owners want to be rich and make fake goods. Therefore, everyone should check carefully before buying paint.

KOVA: is the TOP 2 line of paint that many customers choose and trust, good adhesion, less dust, you can clean stains on iron doors, fences and railings with just wet towel, this paint line can withstand the sun and rain, suitable for the tropical monsoon climate of Vietnam.

NIPPON: This paint company is not only famous in Vietnam but has become a leading brand in the world with Japanese technology. Environmentally friendly, good coverage, light paint smell, good washability, color fastness, reasonable price,...

Eagle Paint: Is a familiar brand of Vietnamese consumers, because it is non-toxic to workers and the surrounding environment, water-resistant, alkali-resistant, good heat-resistant, paint can be used both indoors and out. God.

MAXILITE PAINT: Maxilite paint has beautiful colors, high durability paint, good anti-rust ability, a little higher price than other paints.

JOTUN PAINT: manufacturer from Norway with international leading technology and this paint is famous in the field of ship paint, rig paint. In Vietnam market, this type of paint has not dominated the market although this paint line is quite good, economical, durable and high gloss when painting iron doors.

DURABLE PAINT: is a paint provided by the American company PPG, the paint has excellent colors, does not contain heavy metals, provides good resistance to chemicals, corrosion, moisture, and is environmentally friendly.

Bach Tuyet Paint: is Vietnam's oil paint, has good quality and is trusted by Vietnamese people, the paint is glossy, firm, suitable for use on many different metal surfaces, moreover it is resistant to It is weather resistant, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The experience of choosing to buy a certain house paint should know

To be able to choose to buy a good house paint, users will need to understand the types of paint on the market in terms of features and brands. At the same time, if you know how to choose a house paint color that is suitable for architectural design, hobbies and especially feng shui issues, it will help the space become more beautiful, ensuring the durability of the work.

Types of paints available today

Currently, there are many types of paints with different features to serve the diverse needs of users in painting houses inside and out to help make the space beautiful and the quality of the work to be ensured. protection against the effects of weather.

Types of house paints used in the construction of new houses, house repainting include: interior paint (indoor paint), exterior paint (exterior paint) and primer. At the same time, there are house paints with specialized features such as waterproof, heat-resistant, heat-resistant, fire-resistant paint or with special decorative features such as imitation stone paint, wood imitation paint, emulsion paint and various prices. Depends on the paint manufacturer.

In addition, there are additional products to support the construction of finishing house paint, ensuring durability such as: Putty - Wall putty.

Experience choosing to buy house paint - good wall paint

In house painting, people often choose water-based paint for different interior and exterior spaces. This requires users to understand the characteristics of permanent, temporary buildings, humidity, light intensity, frequently dusty or clean environments, use of paint indoors or outdoors, color preferences. paint ... can choose to buy cheap house paint, good suitable for the most space.

If you are an experienced person in choosing house paint, you can confidently consider factors from quality, price to color selection, calculate a reasonable amount of wall paint to choose a good house paint. , economical paint saving. But if you are an inexperienced user in choosing to buy house paint, you can consult or advise on choosing house paint from agents or house painters before choosing to buy house paint.

Choose house paint color

When preparing to "dress up" for the wall, you will surely ask what color to choose? How to choose a house paint color… In fact, how to choose the right house paint color will need to consider factors including:

House design style: choosing a garden house paint color will be different from painting a tube house, an antique style house will be different from a modern house. So choosing to paint your house white or blue… will partly depend on the architecture of your house.

Homeowner's preference for paint colors: You will need to consider choosing a luxurious house paint color or expressing a personal impression, leaning towards classicism...

Area of ​​paint space: choosing a paint color for a small house will be different from choosing a paint color for a large house. Usually small houses will choose simple colors, lightness to increase brightness, wide space. In contrast to large spaces, it is possible to choose modern house paint colors such as deep colors, helping to bring elegance.

Depends on interior or exterior paint: Choosing exterior paint color may be different from indoor paint because it also depends on color retention, the impact of different humidity, light, and dust environments.

Elements of feng shui house paint color: Currently, house feng shui plays a very important role in home design space. In particular, color is considered a factor to choose in accordance with feng shui. In it, each homeowner will match a number of colors and help increase luck. But there are also house paint color choices that are incompatible with the age of destiny, causing the owner to have bad luck. In addition, people also choose house paint colors according to the direction of the house, the location of the house in the overall space to ensure a balance of feng shui. Therefore, the feng shui factor will be something that cannot be ignored when choosing to paint an outdoor house or interior.

Therefore, how to see the house paint color or how to choose a beautiful house paint color will need to be fully evaluated, there is a harmonious combination of factors that affect the choice of wall paint color, house paint.

Choose the best quality wall paint and house paint today

On the paint market, there are many types of paints to serve the needs of house painting, iron, road paint, etc. In which, house paint is also classified into many types and commonly used as water-based paint. also known as house paint, wall paint with hundreds of brands on the market and thousands of products. So how to be able to choose the best house paint product today is not an easy thing for consumers.

Determining the space to paint the house: Currently, water-based paint or wall paint is divided into indoor and outdoor paint (interior and exterior). Buyers will need to determine whether the space to be painted is indoor or outdoor to choose the right indoor or outdoor paint. Because of the properties of the interior and exterior, it will be different for different paint space environments. That's why new manufacturers divide these paints to help decorate the most beautiful interior and exterior spaces, in accordance with environmental conditions.

Experience in choosing interior paint

Interior paint is the inner face of the home space exposed to the environment, characterized by: easy to get wet, difficult to dry, stains are often caused by humans with different types of dirt... Therefore, When choosing interior paint, it is important to pay attention to ensure a full assessment, ensuring the following factors:

Does the paint adhere well and how long does it last?

Is the paint surface hard or soft, how smooth is it? Is it easy or difficult to clean, is it self-cleaning?

Whether the paint composition ensures health safety is different from the paint that ensures safety standards.

How to choose outdoor house paint

Exterior paint is the paint used to paint the outside walls of the house and is always under the direct impact of the weather from sunshine, rain, temperature changes, humidity, and dirt. Therefore, the features of exterior paint will also have different requirements compared to interior paint. The criteria for evaluating the quality of outdoor paint are:

Paint products outside the house ensure high coverage and adhesion ability, keeping the color for a long time;

Painted surface has wide coverage, waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-fouling and good cleaning ability;

The composition of the exterior paint must be friendly to humans and the environment, contain no toxic substances and have good heat resistance, save electricity, and minimize the greenhouse effect.

In general, exterior paint also needs to meet specific technical and artistic requirements for the wall surface. Rich paint colors to make it easy to meet each person's aesthetic needs. In particular, paint with safe ingredients should be selected, paint containing toxic substances in house paint should be noted below the allowable level as low as possible, which are substances: VOCs (volatile organic compounds that can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, severe infections, birth defects, cancer and the risk of damage to the central nervous system.), mercury, lead...

Choose to buy economical paint

Buying cheap house paint or high price this depends on many factors. But as a rule, paints with good brands, guaranteed quality and diverse colors can hardly be cheap for users to choose. On the contrary, choosing to paint houses and paint walls at cheap prices will naturally have weaknesses in terms of quality. So how to buy cheap paint this will need to take into account the following factors:

Financial capability

Painting works are temporary or permanent houses, repainting old houses or painting new houses.

Paint market segmentation by quality

Of course, you can also consider comparing the quality and cost of water-based paints of the same type to choose a better, more economical product. That is, only compare the same product group with the same quality segment to choose a cheap brand.

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