Waterproof paint and exterior paint and how to create a masterpiece of water-based paint

 Waterproof paint is a type of paint used to help prevent seepage on the construction surface, which occurs due to environmental influences such as sun, rain, humidity, ... This waterproof paint has the effect of protect your home, increase the life of the surface of the wall, floor... for the house's exterior to be beautiful and clean.

Waterproof paint and exterior paint and how to create a masterpiece of water-based paint

Each type of waterproof coating has different uses. Basically, waterproof paint prevents water penetration on horizontal, vertical, bottom-to-top and inside-out surfaces like a solid armor. Waterproof paint will protect your home against the negative effects of the weather.

Using waterproof paint from the beginning when construction will help increase the durability of the structure. As a result, the project is durable and beautiful over time, limiting costs incurred such as repairing damage due to seepage or waterproofing later.

Current waterproof paint has many advantages and outstanding features, especially such as anti-mildew, anti-heat, anti-alkali and salt chemical...


There are many types of waterproof paint today, knowing how to classify waterproof paint will help you choose the right paint for your needs.

Specifically, waterproof paint classified according to the original will include 4 types:

Cement-based waterproofing

There are two types: one-component cementitious waterproofing and two-component cementitious waterproofing. The advantage of this type of waterproofing is its surface adhesion, water resistance and longevity. However, the disadvantage is that the ability to withstand vibrations is poor, because the cement-based waterproofing is not elastic. So you need to consider.

Bitumen Polymer Base Waterproofing

Consists of 2 types: liquid waterproofing used to create a waterproof membrane and waterproofing a torch membrane. This type of waterproofing has the advantage of fast construction, not picky on painted surfaces. However, the durability, longevity and membrane connections are somewhat inferior to other types of waterproofing.

Penetration Silicate-based waterproofing

This type of waterproofing has a lot of advantages such as: good adhesion, overcome all leakage from the inside, has high durability and is very versatile used in all waterproofing problems. The only disadvantage of this type of waterproofing is its relatively high cost.

PU-Polyurethane-based waterproofing

This is a two-component, solvent-based, multi-function liquid, resin-based waterproofing compound. PU-based waterproofing has high adhesion, surface coverage, and elasticity. As a result, cracks are effectively covered without leaking. However, the cost of this type of waterproofing is also higher than other types of waterproofing.

Waterproof paint is increasingly becoming a popular waterproofing measure not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world. So protect your home against the effects of nature with one of the simplest and most effective ways to waterproof, which is to use waterproof paint.

The development of a color mixing machine system helps paint agents to be more active in color, they only need to import goods with basic color bases from the manufacturer, then proceed to mix colors according to the formula that the manufacturers have provided. level on the color machine.

Today, with the increasing competition of the water-based paint market, large and small domestic and foreign paint companies to improve product quality must continuously release color collections and add new colors. in the collection. Therefore, computerized color mixing is a must for agents to be flexible in distributing paint according to the color required by customers without having to go through the manufacturer.

The development of a color mixing system helps dealers to be more active in color, they only need to import goods with basic color bases from the manufacturer, then proceed to mix colors according to the formulas that companies have provided on color mixing machine. The color of the product after mixing will ensure the same color as on the color tree provided by the company.

However, not all dealers have color mixing machines, paint brands such as Forich, Lady's, Azzo, Nanocar, Afast ... all have regulations in providing color mixing machines for dealers. Dealers who are granted genuine paint color mixing machines must meet the technical requirements as well as sales ... and must be carefully guided by technical staff. Therefore, owning a color mixing machine is also one of the factors that evaluate the dealer's reputation.


Timeliness: Whenever a customer needs paint, you are ready to supply it immediately.

Flexibility: Shorten paint supply time. Going to market customers need to be there.

Able to sell to contractors on request.

Supply to a variety of customers: Use, contractor, agent (Equivalent to 1 paint factory).

Enter Cheaper: Discounted Bases

Get big order, best price policy.

Support color money, help increase profits

High professionalism

Quality goods due to mixing from automatic color mixing machine.

Scale up: Due to building a level 2 system below.

Also according to Dr. Keith Prowse, the British Lung Foundation only needs to inhale the smell of these cheap indoor paints in a short time, people will suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma and sinusitis. Inhaling the smell of paint means that your body is in direct contact with the solvents, if it is severe, just one inhalation of the human body will begin to appear symptoms such as headache, nausea or vomiting. dizziness and even momentary memory loss.

If quality paints have a very small content of organic VOCs, fake water-based paints have a large amount of VOCS ingredients. According to research, this is an organic compound that has serious effects on human health such as irritating the eyes, nose and throat, especially reducing creativity, thinking and memory of people. For pregnant mothers, this substance can cause birth defects and damage the baby's central nervous system.

Despite the strict management and harsh punishments from the environmental management team, the facilities that produce low-quality indoor water-based paints still calmly produce and consumers still buy. However, choosing to buy house paint products in a smart and selective way will be the first solution to help homeowners avoid the dangers of poor quality house paint.


Avoid choosing to buy cheap indoor water-based paint products, but choose quality paint products from reputable paint dealers and establishments to avoid buying fake paints of poor quality to reduce Minimal organic solvents VOCs.

After painting, it is necessary to let the house space dry and cool for 5-7 days.

Do not paint the house when there are pregnant women and young children.

Before painting, make sure that the furniture in the house is moved without contact with the paint or covered with a white cloth.

Do not allow young children to hold, chew on objects containing paint or kiss the walls.

After contact with paint you need to wash it thoroughly with white wine.

In case the paint stain is on the floor or furniture, you should use gasoline to remove it and then wipe it with water.

Avoid contact with paint by wearing special protective gear

How to mix water paint to create new colors from basic paint colors

Currently, on the market, there are many different lines of water-based paint masterpieces. This has brought customers more choices not only in terms of color, quality but also specializing in price range. So how do we master the principles of mixing the most beautiful watercolor paints? There are actually countless ways to combine different watercolor paint tones and customers should have no trouble getting in the know to specialize in these ways.

The principles to remember in how to mix water paint

In the process of combining beautiful wall paint colors, customers need to follow a few basic rules below:

The color chosen must be suitable for the living area, the color and decoration of the house, the design of the house, the apartment...

Do not abuse the colors that are too hot for the wall space when combining paint tones. It is recommended to mix cool bright tones as the main tone. With hot colors should only be used to combine tones.

With the main colors like blue-black, red, white, yellow, blue, apply the color mixing ratio in part one to create new colors.

With tight living spaces, color the house back one to two tones lighter than the wall color right next to it to create an airy effect for the room.

For many living areas with direct sunlight, absolutely do not use bold paint colors for most ways of mixing water paint.

The mixed color palette can also be used to paint other surfaces such as doors, cabinets, beds, tables and chairs...

Painting is the final step to complete your project. Although only accounting for 3-5% of the cost of the project, painting is the most important step in determining the house's aesthetic. “Wrong one glass, go one mile” so it is very important to monitor the work when applying water-based paint. If you do not have the skills, please refer to some of the skills shared by Tota Paint contractors below.

For the stage of finishing water-based paint, construction supervision plays an even bigger role. They can help you:

Save materials – reduce costs

In the process of plastering the walls or rolling the paint, it is inevitable that the loss of materials due to drops and spills. However, when there is a supervisor, the level will be greatly reduced thanks to the carefulness of the workmanship.

Make the best use of raw materials

Before starting to apply paint, what should be prepared before applying wall putty, what is the thickness of the putty layer, how many layers are needed, how is the construction technique, how much is the optimal time? clean paint effectively primer,... These are the decisive factors to the aesthetics and durability of the paint network later.

Control the color of water-based paint in real life

If you choose to use water-based paint products of distribution centers, dealers that do not do color mixing by automatic computer systems, this is extremely important. The paint color when you choose on the palette or color tree will not be exactly the same as the real thing if the color mixing ratio is not correct. Therefore, you need to carry out close construction supervision.


Construction of water-based paint has many stages, depending on the requirements of the homeowner that the painting team will perform. Usually, for long-term projects such as houses, homeowners often use 1 layer of paint and 1 layer of primer followed by 2 coats of topcoat.

Prepare the paint surface

The stage of checking the painted surface before painting is quite important, determining the durability of the paint film. Before proceeding with painting, make sure the cement wall is dry.

Let dry for 21-28 days under normal weather conditions (30oC, 80% humidity)

It is necessary to thoroughly waterproof the contact edge between two different materials such as window edges, handrails with special glue. Waterproofing the inside of ceno, lime trough.

For paint base

Paint bait, also known as putty, is the first stage when applying paint. Paint has the effect of smoothing the surface, increasing the aesthetics of the house. But many people believe that the paint is the cause of the reverse seepage. So should you use paint before painting the house or not?

As soon as the cement wall reaches the standard dryness (<16%), we proceed to apply paint. The layer of putty is not more than 2mm thick. When conducting the test is also simple, rub hands directly into the coat of paint. If there is dust, it means that this layer of paint is too thick, if there is no dust, it means it has reached the standard. For walls with a layer of paint that is too thick, if not repaired, it will lead to peeling and patchy paint film. Therefore, when seeing the phenomenon of chalking, the owner should ask the paint construction team to quickly overcome it by rolling the wet roller and waiting for it to dry (for hollow powder).

For primer coat

Primer is carried out immediately after finishing the base coat. The coating has a waterproofing effect, increasing the adhesion of the coating layer to the wall surface. The way to check the standard primer is also very simple:

Compare used and estimated paint volumes: Theoretical coverage is always greater than actual coverage. This means that there may be a case of lack of paint, but in case of excess paint compared to the estimate, the homeowner needs to reconsider. In case of excess paint, the paint may be diluted more than allowed.

Compare the gloss of the wall surface: When the paint is diluted, the gloss will be lower than the standard paint.

Comparison of ductility: After finishing the coating, use a metal sharp object to slit a line on the paint surface and then check the toughness of the paint film. If the paint film is flexible, tough, and there are few sets after the topcoat, the wall surface has been primed. And vice versa, the wall without primer is when the coating film peels off quickly, not tough.

For coating

The effects of poor coating quality are reflected in the paint color. There are two points to pay attention to:

Paint lack of topcoat: Usually, just 2 coats of paint with the correct technique will paint the paint to a beautiful glossy color as long as the paint used is genuine. If the construction team is negligent in applying only one layer of topcoat, you can easily identify through the uneven, overlapping paint stains.

Paint stains due to patching: No matter how good the patching technique is, the patch can not match the color of the coating film. Therefore, during the construction process, after finishing the first coat of paint, patching and finishing should be performed. Then continue to apply the second layer of topcoat to ensure the paint color is uniform, avoiding the loss of aesthetics.


Exterior paint is a water-based paint specially formulated to paint the exterior of outdoor buildings.


Because of the characteristics of being directly affected by external environmental factors such as sunshine, rain, weather, dust, exterior paints often have outstanding features such as: Withstanding the harshness, anti-moss, waterproofing. , insulation, anti-UV, prevent the peeling of the wall panels very effectively.

However, the disadvantage of exterior paint is that the smoothness and glossiness of the paint is quite limited. The reason is that the composition of compounds that help increase weather adaptability has reduced the smoothness of the paint. Therefore, almost no one uses exterior paint to paint the interior walls of the building.


To get a beautiful exterior painted wall, you need to understand the basic interior painting process that we share below:

The first and most important thing before painting the exterior exterior wall is that the wall surface needs to be flat and smooth. The smooth, flat wall surface not only helps your paint to adhere firmly, but also significantly saves the amount of paint applied.

Before applying exterior paint, make sure the wall surface of the building is completely dry before painting the exterior. If the wall is damp and you paint it, the paint will not stick and easily lead to swelling and mold. Therefore, if you want to paint the outdoor exterior, you need to be applied on sunny days. The wall humidity must be kept below 16%.

For exterior paint, you should limit the use of mastic putty. It is best not to use cheap mastic putty.

Exterior painting process, the painter needs to strictly ensure the following steps:

The primer should be applied at least 2 times to help the paint surface even and reduce the amount of paint on the outside.

As for the outdoor coating, you can do 2-3 layers (usually 2 layers), to ensure the paint surface is beautiful and meet the requirements for paint durability.

The last thing to note when painting the exterior is to let the primer dry completely before applying the top coat. Absolutely do not paint consecutively. If in a hurry for time, the painter must also ensure a gap of a few hours, after touching the primer, it is no longer sticky, then paint the outer color coating.

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