Use waterproof paint, clean paint effectively primer

 Waterproof paint is always an effective "armor" for your home. Waterproof paint is a building material used in waterproofing for houses, swimming pools and water tanks. To ensure the best waterproofing effect, it is necessary to pay attention to a few factors when using and applying waterproof paint, especially before the rainy season.

Use waterproof paint, clean paint effectively primer

Use effective waterproof paint

After many years of encroachment, the strong impact of Vietnam's climate has caused heat to expand and crack the wall. Intrusion of rainwater causes mold and mildew in cracks in walls, ceilings, toilets, kitchens, and especially in toilets of popular apartments. Therefore, the solution of using waterproof paint needs to be focused to protect your home against the harshness of the outside environment.

General rules before rolling waterproof paint

The first rule is to make sure the surface is clean, dry and stable. Old paint film, dirt, grout, fungus, mold, etc. must be removed with water with high pressure or with suitable scraping tools.

It is recommended to moisten with clean water before painting waterproofing in case the wall is too dry and the surfaces absorb water...

Instructions for waterproofing paint for new walls

In the case of a new wall, we use wall putty to cover the surface. Then smooth and smooth the surface of the wall, using specialized tools to apply primer and then waterproof paint layers.

The leakage of the apartment ceiling mainly comes from the toilet area or the water tank of the houses on the upper floors. In case the ceiling is only slightly yellowed, we can use waterproof paints with fast drying properties in 2 or 3 hours.

Experience shows that using paint and putty to decorate the walls will help your home come alive and beautiful. This decoration helps to make the walls smooth, bright, and glossy, and you can choose as many colors as you want. However, the wall of the house will often be moldy, badly stained after a period of use.

Waterproof paint for old walls

In the case of waterproofing for old houses, the walls of old houses are painted with waterproof paint to handle wall penetration. The first operation is to scrape off the peeling paint or dust powder with a stiff brush, then use cleaning chemicals and kill moss, clean the affected area. The paint layer is very easy to blister and is not of good quality if you do not clean the old wall when applying waterproof paint.

Must ensure that the surface to be painted is clean, dry and the wall humidity is below 16% to achieve good results. Use mortar to seal holes and large cracks in the wall, smoothing the surface. After preparing the surface well, it is necessary to apply a layer of anti-alkali paint, wait until the paint dries, then apply 1-2 layers of waterproof paint.

Using waterproof paint should be noted

The surface to be waterproofed must be very dry because if it is wet, the waterproofing layer will blister or cause mold. That is also why the application of waterproof paint should be done on dry days.

What should be noted when using waterproof paint?

Use sandpaper, wall paper to perform rough grinding, fine grinding, to bring a clean, flat and smooth wall surface. This not only increases the waterproofing effect but also increases the aesthetics of the wall surface.

It is best not to use wall putty, putty, if any, only a very thin layer should be applied.

Apply primer with very thin layers of paint and paint several times. This not only helps the surface to be painted more evenly, but also contributes to reducing the cost of coating. After the first coat is completely dry, the second coat is applied. The interval between these two coats is several hours.

In the past, the use of waterproof paint was not very popular because most homeowners or contractors thought that investing in wall waterproofing was unnecessary and costly. However, now the use of this product line is becoming very popular because of the benefits that wall waterproofing paint brings.

If you make sure to follow the principles and process of applying waterproof paint, you will save a lot of money to overcome the phenomenon of water absorption later, providing a project of outstanding quality and durability over time time.

Selection of waterproof paints

Choose exterior waterproof standard paint colors

Dark gray when using normal cement xi

Ivory white when using white cement

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate and receives a large amount of rain every year, so how to protect the walls of the house is a concern of many families. Waterproofing is the simplest and most effective form of protection for your home against the influence of weather as well as the impact of the surrounding environment. Waterproof paint is the easiest method to carry out waterproofing that you do not need to know much as well as hold high techniques.

Along with global development, the health-environment relationship is an important issue of concern. To solve the problem of environmental protection as well as ensure the quality of human life, many smart solutions have been born. Understanding that importance, the industry in general and the paint industry in particular have made breakthroughs, producing clean paint products that are safe for human health and protect Mother Nature.

Clean paint is evaluated based on two main criteria: low content of heavy metals and low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C).

Previously, manufacturers wanted to reduce the cost of raw materials to compete, so they used cheap pigments containing high levels of heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc.). The solvent in the paint will contain volatile aromatic rings such as Toluene, Xylene, etc., which have an unpleasant odor, a high risk of fire and explosion and are harmful to users' health. At the same time, when evaporated into the air, it also destroys the ozone layer, seriously affecting the environment. This type of paint is called oil-based paint (solvent-based paint). Currently, in developed countries, this type of paint is rarely produced, but instead uses clean paint: solvent-free paint or water-based paint.

The house is not only a place for you and your family to live, but also a place for you to receive guests and friends, so living in a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing home is very important. However, with the weather situation in our country, the weakness in construction is causing the house to be moldy. The moldy, patchy causes loss of aesthetics as well as affecting the health of family members. That is why the problem of corruption is becoming more and more common today.

Under the influence of the weather, especially the tropical monsoon climate of our country, it is easy for your house to have seepage and leak phenomena. And that is certainly what the owners do not want.

Waterproofing is an indispensable stage in construction works, the waterproofing process also requires following the correct process, it is necessary to understand the construction rules and product use for each item to be consulted. to ensure the aesthetics of the project as well as to avoid waste. The use of proper waterproofing methods and reputable waterproofing products will ensure that the structure and aesthetics of the building are not changed.

Currently, most construction and finishing materials have tiny holes on the surface and gaps due to the impact of the environment and the process of construction and use. When the weather changes, this will initiate this leak, so in addition to the technical specifications, you need to have a few concepts in use and design from the time of forming the basic idea. You need to pay attention to the space using water to ensure that it is always dry.

Usually, the main cause of the house seepage is due to the significant influence of the hot and humid climate in our country. Besides, there are other causes such as: using poor quality paint, improper construction technique... Since then the consequences are yellow stains, seepage causing serious aesthetic loss and This has had a significant impact on the quality of the house. Therefore, waterproofing paint plays an important role.

Waterproof paint is always an effective primer "armor" for your home. But waterproof paint outside protects the house from sun and rain, is it necessary to use waterproof paint indoors? And how to choose a good paint?

With the hot and humid climate in Vietnam, especially in humid areas all year round, waterproof paint plays an important role in limiting mold stains, cracks caused by water leakage. These mold stains are not only unsightly to the overall interior of the house, but also accumulate dirt, which seriously affects respiratory health for everyone.

Currently, on the waterproof paint market, there are countless different types of paint from high-end to affordable, which also confuses families when they have a need to buy waterproof paint but do not have much experience experience.

To optimize all of the above problems, you should choose a paint with high alkali resistance (anti-moss), good adhesion (minimizes peeling), high coverage (helps surface the wall is smoother, covering the small defects of the mason's wings).

To ensure high quality works, when choosing to buy paint, homeowners need to pay attention to the paint's characteristics such as composition, glue consistency, gloss, adhesion and anti-fouling ability.. .

Quality waterproof paint supplier

Not only choosing for themselves a good and quality paint, homeowners also need to choose for themselves a reputable paint supplier.

On the market today, there are many establishments and units that sell fake paints, poor quality paints, if they paint these poor quality paints, they will not only not be protected from a number of agents harmful to durability of the house like rainwater, affecting the beauty of the house but it also affects the health of everyone in the family. Be a smart consumer to have the safest and most sustainable home. All decisions are at your fingertips!

To be able to rest assured about your construction, use waterproof paint products for more peace of mind, helping the construction to be sustainable over time.

Rain or shine, your home needs to be protected by the most scientific methods. And waterproofing the walls is also one of the ways to increase the life of your home.

Question: According to feng shui, what is the relationship between color and the owner?

The theory of Five Elements arranges colors and elements as follows: Red belongs to the element of Fire (South); Blue belongs to Wood (East); blue and gray belong to Thuy (North); white belongs to Kim (Western); Yellow belongs to Tho (Middle Palace). In the relation of the Five Elements, in principle, color affects the owner. According to my feng shui point of view, depending on the patron saint in the Flower Armor table, choose the right color for the owner.

Homeowners with a Kim network, for example, should use yellow or heavy yellow in interior decoration. Similarly, the homeowner with the Earth network is decorated with a lot of pink or red; aqua network decorated with white or white inclination; Blue Fire network; Black Moc network.

I would like to note that colors in the Five Elements theory are relativistic. For example, black is not only black as we often see, but also a black color such as viscous green, dark gray or purple... Or red includes dark pink, light pink, but few people do. Paint the house in bright red.

Question: Is the color of the floor unimportant?

Not. The background color is also important and must be in harmony with the walls, ceiling, and other items in the house. The floor should choose a darker color than the wall (inner wall as well as outside wall of the house).

Question: In reality, there are many houses painted in different colors, the facade painted in a different color, the living room painted in a different color, the bedroom painted in a different color...

Houses painted in so many colors are not good. It creates a feeling of insecurity, confusion for the people who settle in it. Living in a house with too many colors, especially bright colors, our mood is often anxious. The color of the walls in the house, as well as between the rooms, should be in harmony with each other.

Question: Why do so many people like to paint their house yellow?

The view of ancient feng shui is that we Vietnamese belong to the South, the South belongs to Fire as mentioned above. Therefore, yellow is considered the color of harmony with Southern people.

Question? There is a view that bare high-rise buildings (that is, the surrounding houses are all very low) should be painted red. Is this true and how is it interpreted?

Tall buildings are basically not good. The red paint is just a solution to the situation.

Question? Most of the villas nowadays are roofed with red material, is that good?

The roof is made of red material, which in my opinion can come from the old folk habits. In the past, people used to have tile roofs, but the tiles were red. As for the concept of feng shui, red belongs to yang, tends to rise up, so red roofing is appropriate.

Primer is an important step that should not be overlooked when conducting construction work. There are many people who have a need to repaint their houses and often have the question "Does repainting the house need to use primer?

First of all, to answer the question of whether to paint a house with primer, we must find out what primer is and the effect of primer on the construction and finishing of the work.

What is primer? Primer is a film of paint between the host and the finish coat. Primer has the effect of creating a flat host surface, filling cracks, jagged marks. In addition, the primer also has anti-alkali, waterproof, anti-rust effect...

For the use of primer, experts recommend using a primer with alkali resistance to give the best protection to your walls. Alkali resistant primer is a special product manufactured by a specific formula to help ensure the best aesthetics and protection for the walls.

Old house walls have the characteristic that they are peeling due to the paint layer being overused, the wall surface is stained by mold, moss, and the paint is rough due to water absorption. In addition, there are many scratches, holes, cracks, cracks on the wall surface due to external impacts.

Old house walls are often moldy

To repaint the walls for the best effect and to overcome all the old wall phenomena as above, it is recommended that you use primer for repainting the old walls. The use of primer will help:

Create a base for the topcoat (make the coating even, color faster, the surface of the coating more beautiful and shiny).

Helps to maximize the amount of coating and bring economic efficiency to the homeowner.

Primer with very good alkali resistance will help increase the durability of the wall surface.

Enhances the adhesion of the coating.

Enhance the waterproofing ability of the wall surface.

If the walls are still new, you may not need to use primer

However, for new and beautiful walls, when checked, the plaster layer as well as the old paint layer are still very solid and not peeled off much. Then it may be okay to not use primer and to save on repair costs. As for the wall is too old and peeling a lot, it is imperative to use primer. If the wall is peeling a lot, it will have to be patched to treat a lot of the surface, but if you have bait, you must have a primer to stick well. It will help to make the color of the plaster and uneven walls even.

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