The meaning of blue colors for your home facade

 First of all, to choose a suitable facade paint color, you must choose the main color tone for the house. With the main color of the house, you should refer to the choice of the homeowner's destiny. Because choosing the color of home paint according to feng shui affects you a lot.

The meaning of blue colors for your home facade

Choose the color of feng shui facade paint

- People who are destined to Fire should choose hot tones.

- The Fate Thuy people often match the color of Melaleuca green and gray.

- The destitute Moc matches the color green.

- The destiny Kim is suitable with bright gray, green yellow, and white colors.

- The Tho destined for brown and yellow earth.

Some principles when choosing paint for the facade of the house:

No matter which facade paint color you choose, be sure to understand the principles of not choosing the following facade paint color:

Limit should not choose more than 3 colors for the house, if you choose many colors, the paint color will be more confusing. Thus, it will make the house both unattractive and create a feeling of stuffy. So the less color combinations, the easier it is to highlight your house, the more prominent.

If you choose hot tones like red, orange, dark yellow, ... will often overwhelm the cold colors. Therefore, choosing cool colors will help the house cool, much more spacious.

Color painted on the facade of the house yellow

The painted yellow facade brings life to the house. The yellow facade, combined with the color of the sun, is younger and younger. To choose a cream-yellow color like that, you should choose a color with a light shade. That way the house will be elegant and elegant. And if you combine a little brown as an accent, the space will be softer and softer.

According to the parable of the Hoa Binh flag. Green represents freshness, purity and wisdom and kindness. This is the season that inspires peace from within, fueling imagination and dreams.

Because this color gamut is inherently quiet and peaceful, many people when it comes to blue think that this color represents sadness. However, try to imagine the chaos of work and life. You return to the house with dark blue tones. Your mind will be instantly calmed, bringing you a relaxed mind or a restful sleep.

Blue has a lot of positive meanings, is a color that makes us feel closer to nature. The more and more developed society, the more modern, the more people want to feel more peaceful, cool, simple and natural. In recent years, the green facade paint has been chosen by many customers.

Experience in choosing to paint the facade of the house blue

Choosing the first house paint color should pay attention to feng-shui factors, suitable for the homeowner's destiny. Choosing the facade paint is the same, for blue paint, suitable for people with a destiny as follows:

Pay attention to feng-shui factors

Carpentry is associated with the image of plants, green and green are the main colors. Mutual affinity for the destiny will be the colors of blue. This combination will bring luck to the carpenter.

Destiny's color is blue, sea water. The colors belonging to the Kim lattice like black and white are very coordinated because they will give birth to the destiny of the water.

Destiny has a fate color that is as hot as Red. Should choose combination with softer color gamut to increase harmony. It is most suitable that combining with the green color of the earth will have many advantages and luck.

Some other note

In addition to the feng-shui factor we should note: Blue in design and architecture belongs to cold colors, but becomes more playful when combined with other tones. However, limit should not mix more than 3 colors for your house. Because the more colors, the more confusing, losing the predominance and meaning of the main color tone.

The facade of our house is influenced by external factors quite a lot, so we need to pay attention in choosing the appropriate paint. Currently on the market many different paint lines are popular. Each type has its own uses, features and advantages and disadvantages, so you need to learn carefully before buying.

Some combinations of blue facade paint.

Blue paint when mixed with some other colors will be like? Here are some of the most popular combinations today:

Blue with gray gray

We can use gray gray for doors, windows, and tiled roofs. At that time, the outdoor color of the house will be very bright and vibrant. Gray gray also makes us feel clean, cool and comfortable.

Green is combined with white

Similar to the above combination, when fresh green color combined with pure white color shows the best harmony with nature. The exterior of the house is not only lively but also very fresh. It gives us a feeling of being very cool, comfortable and fresh.

Turquoise with white and bright yellow

This is a set of 3 colors that are said to be very well coordinated. The house is not only cool but also extremely cheerful and lively. The wall is painted in emerald green with yellow and white highlights on the door, and the tile roof is very eye-catching.

Waterproof paint characteristics

Water-repellent paint consists of chemical compounds in the form of water, which have strong bonds and high elasticity of the glue to form a coating that protects your home from water penetration. from outside to inside the house wall. The larger the glue content, the higher the resistance to waterproofing.

Waterproof paint is also the top coating, so in addition to its function of waterproofing, it also has an aesthetic element in your home décor.

Simple but highly effective solution - waterproof paint

Depending on the cause of the leak, there will be appropriate treatments. However, repairing a wall that has been waterlogged is often time-consuming and costly, while the effect is not quite as expected because when treating your wall is deformed, reducing the durability. during the time affected by humidity.

Therefore, the use of water-proof paint is the most effective and simple method chosen by the top builders, designers and homeowners. Paints with a large amount of glue will create a paint film with good cohesion, high elasticity, and better resistance to the harsh climatic conditions of Vietnam.

Note: When choosing to buy waterproof paint, you need to pay attention to important properties such as glue content, gloss, ability to clean, anti-fouling ... to achieve effective protection of the house or the building. best submission.

Basic criteria in the professional home painting process

Criterion 1: selection of suitable waterproof paint

In order for the house not to absorb water due to the influence of environmental factors or the impact of the weather, besides the use of specialized construction additives, the first solution that professional home paints is to use. The paint has good waterproof ability. Because the paint has good waterproofing properties, it will protect your home from the agents that cause leakage and peeling, making it durable and beautiful. At the same time, meeting the high aesthetics of the house as well as ensuring no yellow stains, moss on the walls of the house.

Criterion 2: Use anti-fouling paints

To remove the stains in the air, the environment or the impact of the daily life of the family, use paints that are resistant to stains, easy to clean from the start. The benefits of Anti-fouling Paint are to ensure aesthetics as well as prolong the life of the house.

Criterion 3: Use family-safe paints

Safe paint will help antibacterial for the home and safe for family health. One of the top criteria in the professional home painting process is the health of everyone in the family. If your wall does not guarantee the safety of antibacterial, you will be at a higher risk of respiratory diseases, allergies. The safe paint is: good antibacterial, environmentally friendly, pleasant smell, able to separate your home from bacteria with special technologies.

Criterion No. 4: To select paints produced by modern technology.

The paint lines are manufactured based on the latest technology nowadays, which is the perfect integration of moisture-proof and anti-fouling features that optimally protect your home used for interior and exterior.

What color is beautiful house paint?

Yellow paint

Considered as the main color group in the facade paints of houses and villas for the East and the Vietnamese. Yellow color represents nobility, luxury, warmth, fullness and prosperity. This is also a beautiful facade paint tone that was loved by the ancient kings, mandarins and nobles, used to show wealth and power.

White paint color tone

Is the color with the highest and widest applicability, showing sincerity, clarity and purity. With white house models being the color of all times and never outdated, it is a faithful and safe choice for beautiful facade paint.

Pink paint

The most commonly used are orange-pink, cream-pink, pink-rose, purple-pink, rose-rose and dark-pink tones. Pink color represents warmth, romance, lightness and trust for beautiful facade paint.

Blue paint

Belongs to cold colors, with a variety of color schemes. Green color makes your home space fresh, gentle and peaceful, helping the spirit to be refreshed and relaxed after each stressful working day. Green is the color group that is loved by people working in scientific research, art or community relations, choosing for their facade color.

Dark paint color scheme

Front facade paint belongs to groups of dark colors such as black, earth brown, cockroach brown, coffee color or purple ... not used as the main paint color for the facade paint but is ideal for coordinating with light tones. .

The beautiful exterior paint color has the effect of highlighting the architectural style, even contributing to the effects in the design and construction such as creating the feeling of enlarging or shrinking the space, deceiving people. or cover up the defects of the house.

The most beautiful ways to paint the facade of the house

Color scheme of facade paint yellow and brown

This is also a grade 4 house with beautiful paint color chosen by many people. In the paint color schemes for the facade, 2 neutral pale colors, yellow and brown, are also a trend that many people choose. These are the colors that catch the sun so when used will make the whole space more vibrant. At the same time it also shows youthfulness and freshness for the house.

Color of house facade paint with coffee milk color with orange color

Earth orange has hot properties, evokes vivid feelings of joy. However, coffee with milk color will bring a feeling of something luxurious but youthful. This seemingly impossible combination of earth orange with milk coffee color will give the viewer an excited, cheerful mood, energizing the homeowner before a stressful, tiring working week. waiting ahead.

Color green facade paint with white

Green has long been known for being difficult to match. However, when you combine green with white to paint the facade of your house, you see a rather surprising effect.

Green brings a light, fresh feeling, giving us the feeling of being in harmony with the green nature and immense air, helping us to immerse in nature but forget the heavy dust out there. . White will create a feeling of both freshness and elegance but no less elegant. Green - white, the harmonious combination between these two colors will help your house look both elegant, modern, and in harmony with nature, creating a cool feeling in the hot summer noon for the facade. friend.

The color scheme of the facade is blue with white

Blue will bring a sense of cool comfort when reminiscent of the fresh air brought by the sea. When you look at the blue color, you will easily imagine yourself standing in front of a blue beach, the wind blows gently. The blue color also helps people become more calm and harmonious before the busy life.

The white color gives an elegant and modern feel to it. These two colors combined together will make the facade of your house a peaceful feeling but without lack of elegance.

Combine gray house paint with the right interior

Because of the modernity, with a bit of classicism, gray is chosen quite a lot in the process of painting the house. More specifically, if you know how to combine with other furniture, the result will be even more amazing. The furniture itself will transform your house, into many different styles, that even the viewer must admire.

Gray house paint combined with white interior

In particular, the furniture with glass materials, sparkling metal, cotton or leather has been subtly coordinated. They will make your room more luxurious and light.

Gray house paint combined with yellow interior

Is a perfect combination, extremely familiar: yellow - gray brings life and novelty. Even the bedroom, to the kitchen, or any other space. If you book a bright yellow salon set, go with a hint of gray, your living room will be filled with spring, playful.

Gray house paint combined with blue interior

If you didn't try it, you wouldn't have imagined that gray and blue would bring such "harmony". The quiet gray color, combined with the softness and freshness of blue, brings the overall beauty of the room.

Gray house paint incorporates shades of gray

Many experts recommend that you combine gray paint with many different shades. Because like that they will help your home look more prominent. You can apply several shades, such as gray-white, yellow-gray, or bluish-gray. Mixing colors together not only reduces the feel of gray house paint, but on the contrary, it also turns into a mixed color gamut, more eye-catching and more stylish.

Advantages and disadvantages of glossy paint

Advantages of gloss paint:

Matte paint has a light color, which is more beautiful than fine paint.

The ability to clean and clean the glossy paint is extremely good.

The paint film is much more flexible and tough than fine paint.

Good resistance to stains.

Cons of matte gloss paint:

Glossy paint can be a bit difficult to apply, so you need to be meticulous and careful.

It is very easy to reveal the blemishes on the wall.

Paint too glossy will reflect light, causing discomfort for the homeowner.

Glossy paint also has a high cost.

So should we paint the house with matte paint?

With the above analysis, you will find that matte paint can not always be used in any area. For example, if you intend to shade the living room too much, it will cause an unpleasant feeling when light is reflected off the wall of the house.

You can apply matte gloss paint to each suitable area, as follows:

- Shade: has the advantage of looking at a smoother wall. Suitable for painting living rooms, bedrooms, ceilings.

- Light shade: suitable for painting in office, worship room.

- Ball sale and super shade: used to paint children's rooms, stairs, kitchens, doors.

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