Beautiful house paint color scheme from the inside out is very impressive

 Beautiful home paint color schemes not only help you express your delicate aesthetic. But also helps to clearly assert their lifestyle. In addition, owning a beautiful house paint pattern also means that you bring an ideal living space for your beloved family: children study smart, prosperity, healthy family. And warm.

Beautiful house paint color scheme from the inside out is very impressive

In fact, every paint color is beautiful, each color has its own meaning and message. Here are some of the basic meanings of colors like White, Black, ...

White: The color of purity & sophistication

Time to return 3 years here, white is taking the throne. One of the reasons is perhaps white is so easy to mix. White can be combined with any other color to accentuate your ideal living space.

White is the most popular color and never goes out of style. Because it can be combined with all the different colors to create distinct feelings. White can be used for both interior and exterior to give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Black: The Color of Power & Mystery

Black color represents the luxury of your family. However, if you use black, you should buy bright white furniture to create a sense of luxury and comfort for your family.

Yellow: The color of wisdom and happiness

Yellow is a symbol of warmth. It is associated with a feeling of happiness, joy. In particular, the yellow color stimulates the ability of the mind to function quite well

Pink: The Color of Elegant

The pink color is especially suitable for the home of newlyweds. Because of the special warmth and sexiness of the pink color, it will foster more love for the couple.

Beautiful home paint color scheme through basic principles

Any color is beautiful. However, the way to combine beautiful house paint colors so that it impresses & stands out is that you need to master some of the following basic requirements:

Do not choose more than 3 colors. Because the more colors, the more confusing & stuffy it feels. The fewer colors, the simpler the color scheme and the easier it is to create accents. The case of using many colors is only suitable for entertainment projects ... Where we do not often live.

Where space is limited. Priority should be given to using cold colors, cool colors to create a sense of ventilation, spaciousness ...

Making strong impressions & personality. Should coordinate with architectural design to achieve the best color effect.

House paint color scheme according to mood

The exterior of the house is the most obvious part of your aesthetic taste with your friends around. Therefore, the color scheme of exterior paint is very important. Let Nano Green refer to this issue under the following article.

How to color paint the facade of a beautiful tube house

Currently, the phenomenon of crowded land is making the living space of people gradually shrink. To solve this problem, instead of building L-shaped villas and garden houses, tube houses are gradually becoming a trend.

The color scheme of the facade of the tube house is gray - gray

Follow the advice of architects. Bright colored facade paint will create a sense of comfort, impression and fun when entering the house. Blue and gray gray with the same color tone will create harmony for the whole house.

Usually, blue will be painted over most of the house. Gray will be painted on small details in the house such as walls, windows ... to create accents for the whole house.

Gray gray also has many other tones such as light gray, dark gray ... Each color has a different beauty. However, when used in combination with blue it will stand out. The color scheme of the tube house facade with two shades of gray and gray is very suitable for houses in the South where heat waves are frequent.

The color scheme of the tube house facade with two colors of coffee milk and orange

If you love the youthfulness and novelty of the home space, the two colors orange earth and milk coffee will be very suitable. In addition, the combination of these two colors is also extremely luxurious and classy. This style is especially suitable for young homeowners (aged from 28 to 40 years old).

A house with milk coffee color will create a very sweet and romantic beauty. To create an accent for the house, you can add orange motifs to the small details of the house.

Paint the facade for the tube house in yellow - brown color

Yellow has long been known as the symbol of sunshine. It expresses warmth, elegance, it carries the power of the Sun. Light yellow paint color will like adornment, a gentle touch for your living space. Certainly, the light yellow color will make everyone extremely happy and comfortable when entering the house.

Contrary to the elegance of yellow is the rustic, simple feature of light brown earth. The brown color is inherently a symbol of rusticness, of a loving motherland. The harmonious combination between the elegance of yellow and the simplicity of brown will surely bring a perfect picture for the house.

Yellow and brown earth have many different grades: dark, medium, light ... To create a harmony for the front of the house, you should choose two paint colors with the same level. For example, if you love the lightness of light yellow, use light earthy brown as well.

In addition, the climate of each region is also a factor you should consider. Northern homes usually have long, cold winters. Therefore, the paint colors of yellow - dark brown will be extremely suitable for heating people in winter. In contrast, the south often has a hot and humid climate all year round, we recommend painting in softer tones.

The color scheme of the facade of the tube house green and white

Experts' home painting experience has shown great effects when combining two colors green and white. It creates a lively but also extremely new and unique. In addition, two colors green and white when combined together will create airy and comfortable for everyone.

For these two colors, you should alternate each paint color. Depending on your personal preference, you can combine two paint colors with different proportions. The most common houses are the main blue and white paint to create accents.

Paint the tube house in blue, gray and white

Looking at the blue houses, we always feel immense, peaceful and extremely cool. Blue color when combined with white will like to awaken a fresh, vibrant space of the house.

The combination of blue, gray and white gray can suit any home. From tube houses in the streets to tube houses in the countryside. At the same time, this color is also extremely harmonious with the overall overall look of the houses.

Unique color scheme with two colors black and white

Perhaps, the two colors black and white are no stranger to many people. It brings a unique, fancy but also extremely youthful. White color represents purity, purity, but also elegance. Black, on the other hand, is a symbol of mystery and power. It would be great if you were to combine two colors into the whole house.

Using only white or black paint can create a feeling of monotony. However, when combined, they will bring about amazing color effects. Black decorative motifs such as gently adorn the white wall add a lively touch to the whole house.

Unique and fancy with two colors orange - green

If you love novelty, youthful then why not choose a house painted green and orange. These two colors are quite "new", often very few people use. Combining these two colors requires dexterity, sophistication and color balance.

The green color is in cold tones, using only this color will make the front of the tube house a bit tedious. To embellish a picture, people often add orange decorative motifs. The rate of "yellow" for these two paint colors is: 70% green, 30% orange. You will be amazed with a house painted green and orange.

Color scheme of the facade of the tube house with 2 colors Brown - White

An extremely perfect suggestion to make the tube house more luxurious is the combination of brown and white. Many people think that brown will make the house dark and less prominent. However, if you think like this, you are completely wrong. A house painted brown will create a very luxurious and classy look.

In addition, to create harmony for the tube house, you can incorporate white paint. Doors, white decorative patterns will be the focus of attention on brown painted background.

Some notes on how to paint the facade of the tube house

Dear friend, to make the whole house perfect, in addition to choosing the right paint color, there are many other factors. Below, we would like to give you some tips on how to coordinate the paintwork of the tube house facade.

Incorporate some decorative motifs

Small beautiful decorations such as ornamental plants, flower pots ... are extremely effective in making the house more beautiful. In particular, do not forget to install more colored bulbs. Shimmering light from colored bulbs of the same color as the wall paint will create a very wonderful effect. Usually, people choose yellow, white, or red bulbs.

How to coordinate the exterior wall paint color

In addition to focusing on interior paint, exterior paint is also a highlight to help the house add elegance and sophistication. The choice of exterior wall paint colors is always a concern of most families.

The choice of paint color for their house with a main color is chosen by many families. Here are some samples of main color for exterior wall painting for your reference as follows:

Color painted green exterior wall

This is the color of paint for exterior walls chosen by many families in the countryside. These colored houses are usually garden houses, designed in harmony with nature, in line with the trend of choosing "green living" which is popular with many people.

Color painted on the outside wall is blue

Blue to the sky is quite a special color, so quite a few people choose to paint the exterior of the house, most of this paint is chosen for interior painting. However, many customers have come to paint shops to choose this paint color for the exterior surface of the house.

For houses in blue color, it will give those who come across the house a sense of difference and stand out in the middle of the neighborhood. It's great after tiring work and coming home, you feel like immersed in the vast green space like the vast sky.

Color painted red exterior wall

Red is the color that few families choose to paint outside the house. But can not confirm that this is the paint color is not suitable for exterior paint. However, for small houses or houses using materials such as Gas ... Red paint helps the house stand out more and attract the attention of visitors.

Color of paint for exterior walls purple

Purple-painted houses often give people a sense of romance and peace. Therefore, this paint color is being chosen by many families in Vietnam, especially young couples.

Purple paint is suitable for most homes from large to small. The selection and consideration of exterior paint colors are therefore much lighter.

Yellow exterior wall paint color

Around 2006, painted yellow walls were chosen by the vast majority of families. Going all the way across the street is nowhere to be without beautiful yellow-painted houses. This paint color gives the house a fresh, lively feeling and looks very clean.

The yellow paint colors currently being bought the most include: earth yellow, cream yellow, lemon yellow, ...

Exterior wall paint color Earth Brown

Soil brown color belongs to the quiet color gamut. Therefore, the choice of this paint color to paint the exterior needs to be carefully considered. Large houses such as villas, garden houses,…, please consider choosing. The reason given is that houses painted with brown exterior walls often bring a sense of massiveness and awe.

However, browns used to paint houses are often not original, but are often reduced or combined with other colors to harmonize when viewed from the front. Some brown paint colors after mixing can be mentioned as: earth brown, yellow brown, light brown, ...

Orange exterior wall paint color

Also in the special color group for exterior paint. Orange color is chosen by many homeowners. “Putting on yourself” in outstanding color means attracting more glances of passersby to your home.

Color of paint for exterior walls in Pink

For those who dream and love romance, the pink house is a quite unique choice. Imagine how prominent in a row of popular colors your house is painted in pink. However, this paint color is quite picky for home architecture. Therefore, you should consider before choosing "coat" for the house with pink paint.

Color painted on white exterior walls

White paint on walls is never an outdated color. Notice that from the past until now, rich families, expensive villas are often painted white. This is a fairly modern color gamut, defeating all home paint color trends both inside and out and is the first choice for families who are wondering.

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