Get hot for your house to Vietnam

Today, climate change has a lot to do with the living environment of people, increasing temperatures make life uncomfortable, leading to reduced productivity and efficiency. Vietnam is located in a tropical monsoon climate, near the equator, and has a hot and humid climate all year round which is heavily influenced by this change. Climate change causes hot weather in our homes especially in the summer. Besides, most of our houses and constructions still use high heat absorbing materials such as: tole roof, masonry wall, ... To solve this problem, we often use equipment uses electricity to cope with the heat: air conditioners, fans, ... However, the effectiveness of this does not seem to be very good, for the following reasons:

Get hot for your house to Vietnam

- Use of air-conditioner: high equipment cost, large power consumption, can only be used when there is electricity, high cost of maintenance

- Using a fan: when the heat is too high, the fan creates a hotter feeling, affecting human health, regular use also consumes great power.

- Investment in water spraying and mist spraying systems: the cost is very high and can only be operated when there is electricity, and it is easy to damage electrical and electronic equipment in the house.

The anti-hot paint solution is a method that is considered economical, bringing good results besides using electrical equipment to cope with the increasingly high heat.

To solve the problem of heat and heat, create a better living environment we recommend heat-resistant paint for your home, construction works for the following reasons:

Low cost, fast construction, long life,

Executable on many materials: roof (brick, tole, ...), masonry, concrete, ...

After applying the heat-resistant paint, at the time of the highest temperature, the surface temperature of objects will be reduced from 10-25 degrees C, reducing the indoor temperature from 3-5 degrees Celsius outside.

Limit the absorption of heat, solve the accumulation of heat that causes uncomfortable tunneling at night,

To save energy, the devices will only need to be used at moderate capacity, to save costs,

High water resistance should effectively waterproof and protect the longevity of the building.

There are decorative paint products that are large companies, multinational corporations but also try to produce heat-resistant paint to join the market, often these products are merely decorative paints. function against heat only.

When it comes to professional anti-hot paint for corrugated iron, before, it brings convenience and practical effect, The effect of anti-heat is significantly reduced by 12 - 26 degrees C. Easy to apply, apply directly on the roof, does not affect daily life, production and business. Reducing power costs for cooling equipment.

Especially with high adhesion, extremely good wear resistance, cleaning up to 10,000 rounds is tested at Quatest 3.

We prioritize the production of superior quality water-based paints that are easy to apply, in line with the trend of consuming environmentally friendly products.

When applying hot paint, we provide highly effective, highly effective, heat-insulating water-based heat-resistant paint that is easy to use, without layering, easy to apply. Can be constructed with brush, roller, spray gun. The heat-resistant paint is dramatically improved to overcome the disadvantages of nozzle clogging that hot paint products face. We can paint on corrugated iron roofs, tiled roofs, walls of factories, houses, factories ... the parts of the sun shines to limit to prevent the absorption of heat from spreading down the house.

Easy to apply:

- Old corrugated iron roofs: Just primer to prevent rust, then apply the next coat.

- Roofing not rusted: After cleaning, just paint 2-3 layers, equivalent to a thickness of 0.3 - 0.5mm, effectively reduce the heat under the roof to reach 12 - 26 degrees C

With Heat Insulation Paint, we can paint on corrugated iron roofs, tiled roofs, walls of factories, houses, factories ... the parts that are exposed to the sun are limited to prevent heat absorption from spreading down the house. .

As you know, the corrugated iron roofing is subjected to direct sunlight and rain, the environmental impact causes the roof to rust for a long time, the corrugated iron roof also withstands a very high level of wear in heavy rain. What do you think if the paint does not guarantee to withstand abrasion when subjected to frequent heavy rain? Can be peeling, can be abrasive paint layer after a few rains reduce the effectiveness against hot rainy season ... please rest assured with the paint quickly hot by the following preeminent features:

- Reduce heat effectively 12 - 26 degrees C

- Water-based, environment-friendly paint

- Durable roof protection

- Reduce noise when heavy rain

- Construction on the roof should not affect or interrupt the daily life of the family as well as production and business of the enterprise.

Excellent wear resistance up to 10,000 rounds tested by the Center 3. This is very important because the hot paint not only effectively reduces heat this season but also keeps a good paint film to protect the roof, ensuring the purpose of heat resistance in the following years.

Experts believe that using hot paint to prevent heat from the roof is a practical, long-term, effective solution against heat - reducing noise - protecting the roof: economical - convenient - effective.

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