Principles of painting grade 4 house walls, Thai roofs, villas, and townhouses are simple but excellent

Paint color is the face of the entire house, so choosing paint colors for interior and exterior is extremely important. Choosing a house paint color according to feng shui not only contributes to the beauty of the house as well as expresses the owner's personality and preferences, but also brings luck and fortune. If the colors match, it can help things go smoothly, on the contrary, it can make homeowners face much trouble later.

Principles of painting grade 4 house walls, Thai roofs, villas, and townhouses are simple but excellent

However, many people have headaches and do not know how to paint the right feng-shui house. There are many principles to choose the color of home paint according to feng shui as the homeowner's destiny, according to the direction of the house, according to the theory of the five elements of mutual compatibility.

Feng shui color paint houses according to par

The year of birth of the host is associated with each certain arc of destiny, each destiny is compatible or incompatible with different colors. According to the five elements, each person's destiny includes: Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, Tho and exist according to the natural law with mutuality and incompatibility.

Color changes according to the five elements: Wood corresponds to green; Fire corresponds to red, pink, and orange; Earth corresponds to brown, dark yellow; Metal corresponds to bright gold, silver, and white; Water corresponds to blue, black, and purple.

With the above conception, how to choose a suitable feng shui home paint color as follows:

- Destiny: Should use white paint or paint with yellow, silver ..., do not choose red.

- Mo Moc: Paint green or black, do not choose white or yellow

- Menh Thuy: Should be painted black, blue, purple, should not choose brown, yellow earth.

- Mang Hoa: Should be painted in pink, dam orange, red, not to paint blue.

Or rely on the similarities to avoid the colors that are not destiny: Kim Khac Moc, Moc Khac Tho, Tho Khac Thuy, Thuy Khac Hoa, Hoa Khac Kim.

Feng shui color paint house according to age

Feng shui color paint house in the direction of the house

In addition, when painting the wall according to feng shui, you also need to refer to the direction of the house. If the house is in the direction with a lot of natural light, choose cold or neutral colors, otherwise, if your house lacks light, choose a warm color, a little vibrant color.

Such as:

East direction: painted blue

West direction: white, milky paint.

South direction: painted red, pink ..

North direction: painted gray, gray, blue

How to choose a feng-shui home paint color scheme

According to the experience of interior decorators, you should not choose more than 3 colors in 1 room, causing color chaos, you should remember that hot colors dominate cold colors, if you want to choose paint colors you also have Pay attention to the color and size of the furniture in the room.

The color of the house paint is suitable for feng shui, suitable for the age, personality, and destiny to bring a lot of luck, prosperity as well as create an airy living space, in harmony with the surrounding environment, helping homeowners always. feel peaceful, relax.

Principles of painting grade 4 house walls, Thai roofs, villas, and townhouses are simple but excellent

House painting is one of the indispensable jobs to help complete the house, renew and renovate the house more beautiful as well as protect the quality of the house from the imprint of time. However, how to mix beautiful house paint colors is not easy. With the variety of colors, how to mix beautiful house paint is not easy to create a different combination for the living space.

I. Principle of beautiful standard house paint color scheme

The beautiful house color scheme for the walls is not only a work of art, it is also the scientific factor of the proportion of colors, location, type of house. In which the most important factor when coordinating interior or exterior paint color is choosing the paint color and combining according to any principle.

Choose paint colors with age, gender, personality

The principle of combining beautiful house paint colors should be noted with each homeowner, rooms in the house will have aesthetic needs, requirements for each age group, gender, unique personality should choose. Different paint tones suit each person's preferences.

For example: Young women who are female and have a lively personality tend to choose warm, hot colors like orange, peach, and red. But middle-aged people like blue, warm yellow ...

Beautiful home paint color combination architectural style

Each architectural space will feature a design style and will be suitable for a number of different home paint colors. Therefore, the beautiful house paint scheme will need to pay attention to what types of houses?

- The paint color scheme for a beautiful level 4 house will be different from the villa paint color scheme

- The paint color scheme of the letter l house will be different from the square house, the paint color scheme of the tube house

- Modern house paint color scheme has different characteristics from neoclassical and classic house paint color or Thai roof paint color scheme.

Therefore, the architectural style of the house also determines how to choose the color of the house to coordinate beautifully.

Principles of house paint color coordination based on feng shui five elements

For Vietnamese, many people are interested in choosing a beautiful house paint color scheme but must follow the principles of house painting according to the feng shui of the house. So it is necessary to find out:

- Color matching according to the family's age

The colors, rules of compatibility, and contrast to have a paint color scheme for a beautiful house, suitable for the homeowner's destiny, help activate and enhance more vitality for themselves and the family's living environment.

- How to coordinate the house paint color according to the principles: Birth and flatness

+ The color scheme for the house according to the principle of color scheme "Born to life" is understood as follows: Going from bottom to top, starting from the background color to the wall color and going to the ceiling. Beautiful house color scheme because the element of balance, color harmony is very favorable on the five elements.

For example: The way to combine the paint color of the wall with the red-orange (fire) background brick is the yellow (earth) color, then the ceiling paint color will be white (metallic).

+ The beautiful paint color scheme according to the principle of "Khac flat" is understood as: If you go from top to bottom, that means starting from the color of the ceiling roof will be the color engraved with the wall color, the wall color will continue to be the color of the floor tiles. This house color scheme follows this principle not only in terms of feng shui, but also creates contrasting and impressive paint colors for the home space.

For example: If the owner chooses the ceiling color as white (needle), the wall color will be green (the onion is engraved with needles) and the background brick color is yellow (the earth is engraved with wood carving).

House paint color scheme in harmony with the interior color

The home paint color scheme but does not take into account the interior paint color, the proportional balance in the architectural color scheme makes the space not as subtle as expected. For example, the paint on the walls of the house is neutral gray, but the interior space is also gray or wood brown which reduces the highlight and fading.

House paint mix must be suitable for light

Light in the housing space has an influence on the depth, width, and perception of colors. This is because light can affect the color and feel of paint. Normally, the lower light, dark house paint color, the better the space and the brighter the paint color, the brighter the light, the brighter the space will be. So, before choosing and coordinating paint colors for houses, if you want to be beautiful, you need to consider low or strong light and space area to choose light and dark paint colors to adjust the feeling of the home space better.

House paint must have clear accents

The beautiful house paint scheme not only pays attention to the main paint, but also needs to consider accent colors to make the space attractive. Therefore, choosing accent color should also match with the main color so as not to lose the aesthetics of the space. Usually the ring color is the same color as the main tone, but will need to be darker.

II. How to coordinate beautiful house paint colors according to the color palette

To be able to learn how to combine beautiful house paint, first of all, it is necessary to understand the house paint color scheme and how to use the house paint color scheme in accordance with the following principles:

Basic home paint color scheme

The first thing you need to grasp and choose the right paint tones, can depend on your preferences or feng shui.

For house paint color schemes need to know the basic paint color groups on the wheel color wheel and color levels. According to Newton's color wheel, it will decompose white light into a range of seven colors with wavelengths from 0.75 micrometres (red) to 0.38 micrometres (purple) and is commonly known as the rainbow color band. include: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple.

The house paint color scheme follows the rules of dividing color groups into basic groups:

Group 1: Red, yellow, blue and if the combination of 2 colors of this group 1 will form groups of 2.

Group 2: Orange, green, purple are the secondary colors. If the paint color combination of group 1 and group 2, it will create color group 3.

Group level 3: Intermediate color orange red, yellow orange, yellow green, purple green, purple red ... are intermediate colors.

In addition, there can be ingredients in opposite and contrasting colors such as: Red - Green, Orange - Blue, Yellow - Purple ... but in lighter shades. Using opposite colors next to each other helps the colors to pop, but stinging the eyes like other contrasting color pairs.

In which: how to use the beautiful paint color scheme for houses usually applies the 60 - 30 - 10 rule in the beautiful house paint color scheme.

The principle of color scheme with a ratio of 60 - 30 - 10 means that in home color schemes, they often use only up to 3 different colors to coordinate to bring harmonious colors, easy-to-see visuals and also ensure elements. variety for living space. This home color scheme can be applied to house paint schemes at this scale.

Main color (level 1): 60% of the painted wall area of ​​the house

Secondary color (level 2): ​​30% of the painted wall area of ​​the house is often used in locations with changes in structure, level: ceilings

Accent color (level 3): 10% of the painted wall area of ​​the house for spots and arrays that need to be decorated with ledges, decorative traps

Instructions for combining beautiful home paint colors according to the color wheel rule

For convenience when coordinating paint colors for a beautiful house, it is usually divided into 3 basic colors: Blue, yellow and red. From these mechanical colors, you can use the house paint color scheme to get the unique color for the desired space.

Want to know: What color to paint your house with, what color to paint with gray, what color to combine with your paint color, blue, porcelain white, gray white ... you will need to know the principles of color scheme from the color wheel. Here are some guidelines to combine beautiful home paint colors from the basic colors to help you quickly choose the right home paint color.

Monochromatic color scheme of house paint

The monochromatic principle is a simple, easy, and highly effective color scheme. This home paint color scheme has 2 forms:

- Choose a unique color to paint the house

- Choose a color in the main color wheel and separate multiple colors on that main color. The thing to do is to choose your favorite color as the main color to match with the lighter level.

This method produces a variety of beautiful home paint colors than single color paints and still ensures harmony factors such as:

Color scheme of green house paint from dark to light: Bring back a multi-dimensional 3d space, increase the depth and expand the space, harmonize colors, not flashy and easy to combine with interior colors.

Gray and white house paint scheme: You can mix white and gray paint by choosing white as the main color and gray secondary color to have a modern, close house paint color scheme.

Gray house paint color scheme: Gray is the main color and can be combined with black to help bring a luxurious, modern space that is easy to combine with other interior colors.

House paint color scheme according to the rules of similarity - adjacent - Analogous

For the principle of similar complementary color schemes in choosing a beautiful home paint color scheme, it is to choose 3 adjacent colors on the color wheel to coordinate to create the most impressive points, in important details. such as decorative lines, lively space while still ensuring the consistency in the composition. This home paint color scheme is suitable for homeowners who want a variety of colors but not too picky in color combinations.

Example: The paint color scheme advice according to this principle will take colors standing next to each other on the color circle: like red - orange - yellow.

The house paint color scheme according to the direct complementary rule - Complementary

The principle of direct complementary paint color schemes, also known as contrast, is to take a favorite color (primary color) on the color wheel and find a color that is symmetrical to this color to get a contrasting color (secondary color). The opposite of the colors will accentuate important details but are not suitable for spaces that need lightness.

Selecting color according to this rule needs to remember the main color ratio is your favorite color and the contrast color is decorative color, accent color. For example, a pair of contrasting colors blue - orange, red, green ...

House paint color scheme according to the Split - Complementary alternating rule

The color scheme of house paint according to the alternating complementarity principle is the way to create a fun, lively and attractive space with lots of inspiration. This house paint color scheme only takes one main color and combines with one opposite color on the circle to form an isosceles triangle (the letter T). This is a paint color scheme that is very suitable for shops, or children's rooms.

For example: Red (main) and 2 main colors green - blue are a set of 3 for how to choose a house paint color according to this alternating rule.

Triadic color scheme of house paint color scheme

The method of beautiful house paint color scheme according to the principle of this complementary color scheme is similar to the alternating color scheme, but the difference is that this color selection will form an equilateral triangle for harmonious color coordination.

When you choose a main color on the color wheel, find the other 2 symmetrical colors to form an isosceles triangle as a secondary color to bring a rich, colorful house space. For this way, choose neutral colors to blend to help the space more harmonious.

For example: the house paint color combination with the main red and 2 colors Blue - Yellow.

Color scheme of house paint according to the rule of complementary quartet - Rectangular Tetradic

This is a beautiful but complex home paint color scheme that takes a lot of effort and requires good color matching techniques. To get a beautiful home paint color, users rely on the color wheel to connect 4 colors into a square or rectangle on the color wheel.

In particular, this color scheme is made up of two direct complementary color pairs and forms opposing color pairs, at the same time complementing each other to create a separate characteristic in the color space of the house.

A good tip for matching beautiful house paint colors according to this principle is to group hot (pink, yellow, orange, red) and cold (blue, purple, green) colors and make sure to choose a color that is well balanced with this color group.

For example: Yellow - Orange - Brown - Blue Blue are 4 colors that connect the rectangle on the color board to help bring about a space with lots of imprint, energy, excitement and personality.

In general, regardless of the method, the color scheme of the house according to the rules, always keep in mind the primary and secondary color ratios to avoid the space from becoming a mess and help them balance colors, bring Unique and unique beauty thanks to the beautiful house paint color scheme.

In addition to the home color scheme, you should also note some common mistakes in the paint color scheme that make your space not achieve the desired aesthetic effect such as: not blending with interior colors, light and without accents. #son nen nha xuong

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