Important notes in the long-term use of the foundation paint of the factory

 Let SON KLC learn about the important issues in epoxy coating construction control and construction quality maintenance for a long time… Factory floor has a lot to do with the production process of the business. 

The floor is affected often by machines, equipment, and people move often. However, how to ensure the quality of the factory floor? How to paint the factory floor to pay attention to? Let's join SON KLC company to learn 3 notes when painting factory floor in this article.

1. Should we paint the factory floor?
- Factory floor is a place that is greatly affected by direct external forces. Whenever machines, production equipment or people walk, affect the floor. Sometimes, grease, dirt, and corrosive stains still fall on the background. If not cleaned in time, the floor may become damaged, moldy, and flaky. This both causes loss of aesthetics, and hinders the movement of machines and people.

- However, the repair of the factory floor is quite difficult because the floor area is quite large. If repairing, all machinery and materials must be relocated to another location. Therefore, the fastest solution currently applied by businesses is using epoxy based paint.

- When a partner visits the company's factory. If the factory floor is clean, beautiful and tidy, it can partly show the professionalism of the business.

2. How to paint the factory floor with paint options Note
How to paint the factory floor with the most widely used paint today is epoxy. In which, epoxy coating, self-leveling epoxy paint and anti-static epoxy paint are 3 lines which are most used.

Epoxy coating is the most popular type in factories today. They are cheaper because they also have fewer advantages than the other two lines. However, they still meet the required usage requirements. Epoxy paint is suitable for workshops using machines, light lifting machines. This is to prevent the paint from getting damaged and peeling off quickly.

Self-leveling epoxy paint has many advantages such as being able to effectively antibacterial and mold. This is the paint that is preferred by factories and factories. When using machines on this paint, do not worry about damage. Because this paint has a high load capacity. In addition, the ability of this paint is also especially suitable for food factories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, ....

Anti-static epoxy coating is capable of preventing fire and explosion in electronic factories. They have electrostatic control - a requirement for specific electronic products.

3. Things to prepare when painting the factory floor
How to paint the factory floor is not as simple as the conventional way of painting the house. Because they need to guarantee a lot of technical standards. Helping the production process of businesses safe and uninterrupted.

Enterprises need to pay attention to the factory floor right from when pouring concrete. Concrete substrate is a factor that directly affects the painting process. In order to have a solid and non-subsidence base, the foundation concrete needs to pay attention to the following points:

- Grade concrete from 250 or more to be able to withstand large loads

- Before painting the foundation, it is necessary to carry out reverse waterproofing due to water vapor escaping from the ground. Enterprises can use two layers of nylon, technical cloth or bitumen film to coat the substrate surface.

- Before painting the floor, the business also needs to rub and flatten the foreground. This helps the paint to adhere more firmly to the concrete surface. However, businesses should not hit the floor hard because it will reduce the effectiveness of adhesion.

Above are some notes when painting the factory floor that any business should pay attention to. With the above information, now, enterprises can have the factory to best serve the production process. If you are in need of repainting the workshop floor with epoxy.

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