What color should the house be painted in? How to paint a house is for every old house painting process

 When choosing a paint color for a small house, you should also pay attention to light blue as the color that effectively expands the space. Creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort, cool is the advantage of this tone. Using this tone as the main color scheme for your little home, you will be surprised to see how it works. Not too bright and not too quiet, a small house will quickly change space.

What color should the house be painted in? How to paint a house is for every old house painting process

It seems that the green color has brought the house to renewal, the space becomes more spacious and airy. The youthful, fresh, and courteous color that the paint color brings will make you and your family come alive every day, expressing big and spacious.

Not too colorful but still eye-catching enough, the light blue walls give the space a spacious, bright, peaceful feeling like watching the sky on a beautiful weather day. Not too deep color like blue, blue walls suitable for all room designs, but it is necessary to see if it is suitable for the homeowner's destiny or not. Especially when you do not know what color the house is, it is very suitable to choose a blue color, not only does not cause a sense of urgency but also very gentle, attractive with modern and peaceful features.

Paint on the walls of a light blue house is also quite easy to combine colors in the design. It can be harmoniously combined with white, yellow, pink or purple, ...

The reason that blue is one of the most popular colors in home and interior decoration is for the simple reason that it is the color of nature, the color that represents peace and happiness, is the color of help. The owner reduces stress and easily creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort in a blue decorated house. In particular, interior design experts recommend choosing the blue color because when combined with natural light, blue helps the room "reduce heat", add coolness and comfort. Besides, the cleverly combined blue color will help the small room more spacious. 

Experiment with elegant and sophisticated white and white colors

To expand the floor, the usual way to use is to choose the color of white wall paint. Using a single white color on the walls and ceilings of the entire area helps to connect the spaces between rooms, erasing the boundaries of each area. This creates a feeling of generosity and openness.

White and off-white tones are extremely useful in small rooms because the color and spatial feel of white make the room more expansive and overwhelming, however this color is also available. One downside is that it is easy to create a feeling of coldness and dullness. Therefore, when faced with the question of what color is a cramped house, you should also consider if you want a bedroom with a warmer feel, use cream white, ivory white, light gray and turquoise white. Boys instead of a pure white.

It seems that white is always a color that can appear anytime, anywhere because of its elegant, fresh and cool beauty, especially the wall paint for the small bedroom. White can be combined with all colors to bring unique and new feelings. You will have to regret not using white as the paint color scheme for the small bedroom because white is the "savior" of this space.

White is a very good color capture gamut, they will quickly combine with natural light to maximize the space. Therefore, this is the lifesaver color for tight spaces

Both brings a cool feeling and has the ability to deceive the eyes of an area, cream white is a suggestion you should not ignore when you want to paint a white house. Like white, cream white has the ability to harmonize with any other interior or paint color in the room.

The "value" of expanding the space is one of the strong points, making the "brand" for the white color. This is a bright color gamut, white walls instantly blend in with natural light, to visually expand the space as much as possible.

If you are fed up with the cramped space and find the "salvation" from the colors of the wall paint and the combination between them and do not know what color the cramped house should paint, you can consult the above opinion. One meaning of color is "visual deception", so as long as you have a little aesthetic eyes, the interior space will definitely follow you and create a unique feeling for the house, from a A beautiful little house can also become a large villa thanks to the effect of color.

Luxury neutral paint color, courtesy

Gray, gray are very versatile colors. It is the result of a neutral color combination black and white. So the neutral color is easy to blend and combine with other colors, giving it a sense of spaciousness, elegance, warmth, mildness and attraction.

What color should the houses be cramped? A small house painted in gray, gray will be a lot more beautiful if accompanied by impressive color furniture. Take for example a warm carpet, bed, night lamp or room layout and don't forget to use striking colors for them. It can be said that neutral color is very suitable for tight spaces.

With the latest trend now towards elegance and elegance in residential architecture, what color do you think a cramped house should be painted? For that reason, gray house paint has quickly become a prominent trend this year. No need for dazzling, or brilliant like other colors, light recording still captures the hearts of many Vietnamese families. This helps narrow townhouses like 50m2 3-storey models have interior solutions.

When choosing light gray paint as the main color for the house, you should pay attention to mixing one or two colors. For the room to have a color effect, do not create boredom, monotony for your space. You should create accents by using bold colors close to the wall, or choose stronger colors for the railing, use more gentle tones, help increase the youthfulness and vitality of the house.

Paint gray house in the living room, you should combine gray color with warm colors or dark interior to not only large space but also create accent for the room. In the bedroom or bathroom, it can be combined with gentle colors such as white, light blue, light pink or cream to increase comfort and relaxation when resting.

Towards light yellow earth tone

The yellow land not only represents the color of the Tho, but also has an advantage that it can bring the feeling of expanding the space for a narrow house to become more spacious and harmonious, both warm and bright. rustic, authentic.

When painting a land yellow house in the living room, it creates a feeling of lightness, intimacy, and freshness with a little yellow color making the space more airy. What color should the living room be painted? Brown yellow color also shows elegance and modernity, suitable for business people, who love this style often use earth color for living room space.

If you're wondering what color a cramped house should be painted in, try the feeling that yellow gives you. The yellow earth really "burst" the small room. It can compensate for a dimly lit room. In fact, the golden earth looks great in winter and is also gentle when summer comes.

Although the yellow of the earth can help the space to expand, note that when choosing the golden brown color of the Earth, it is to choose the colors of the Moc as green. If you combine these colors, according to feng shui it is like a tree that absorbs all the life and power of the Tho. That will make the homeowner's wealth difficult and health problems.

Instructions on how to paint a house for every house

After rough construction, house painting is the next step to complete a beautiful villa model. Or, after a period of use in houses, paint peels off and need to be painted again. Painting the house is also quite simple, you can do it yourself with pretty easy steps:

In order for the house to have the perfect beauty as desired, exterior paint color greatly determines the beauty of each project. From architectural style, exterior decoration details, combined with exterior color paint, bring the house perfect beauty. And to get the beautiful home paint color you want, you should refer to the instructions on how to paint a beautiful house below:

Step 1: Instructions on how to paint the house - Clean the surface of the wall before painting

_ For newly built houses: use sandpaper, bordered paper or abrasive stone to clean the surface of the wall, sweep away dust and dirt.

- For old houses to be remodeled: It is necessary to scrape off the old paint layer, then scrub the surface of the wall before repainting.

Pre-painting surface cleaning includes preparing the scene, shielding furniture, moving indoor furniture to prevent paint splashes on the surface, in addition, shading measures are also required. block the floor to prevent paint from sticking to: It is possible to use shielding measures such as spreading canvas, spreading the floor with a thin layer of sand so that the cleaning after painting the wall is simple and convenient.

For new house exterior wall painting, cleaning is simpler. You just need to perform the surface manipulation, sweep the dirt.

Step 2: Instructions on how to paint a beautiful house - Paint roller

+ Use a ruler or brush to roll paint.

+ Can create more rolls for rollers used to paint high positions.

For straight walls, push the roller gently from low to high.

+ Counts back and forth many times, the paths of the view rollers overlap.

+ Roll gently to avoid "paint drops" on the wall (very bad).

+ Primer roller: 1-2 layers to create adhesion as well as color fastness for house walls.

+ Paint roller: 1-2 layers

+ Time, The distance between coats is from 30 minutes to 2-3 hours.

Pay attention to the paint roller process to avoid scattering paint on the floor and floor in order to minimize and save the cost of cleaning and repairing the floor due to the undesirable effect of the house paint! This is also one of the most important steps in how to paint a house.

Step 3: Instructions on how to paint a beautiful house - Check after finishing painting.

After painting, you need to check the requirements below:

Surface finish inspection includes: Pattern color test, Coating film thickness check, and fixing holes.

Note while painting the house: Do not let paint droplets splash into the eyes, affecting health. During the construction process, please pay attention to work cautiously in high positions because it is easy to have unfortunate accidents.

Self-painting of the walls of the house also has great advantages for the homeowner. The advantages of self-rolling that you can easily see are about:

+) You can save labor costs for hiring painters by having fun experiences in your own house.

+) Create a mark and good memories with family members.

However, you also need to face the following disadvantages when painting your house yourself:

+) You have to spend time and personal effort on things that you have no expertise in.

+) There may be risks, accidents if you do not understand the safety regulations while repainting the house.

+) You may not be able to paint the walls as beautiful as professional painters because you do not know how to mix paint according to the prescribed proportions. Therefore, you need to be very careful if you intend to paint your own house if you do not have the necessary skills and experience.

Old wall painting process

The house is a long-term sustainable architectural work, the house can be a 4-storey, 5-storey villa and it can also be a 4-story 3-bedroom house that has been with us for centuries. Keeping memories is really precious and very respectable. Therefore, from the plan to the interior and exterior structure, it is meticulously designed and extremely solid. However, as time passes, making the original new things will also fade away. The power of time is also proven by the fact that rocks can be eroded by waves, wind ... And the house you are using is no exception. Although the house is protected by waterproof, impregnated and moisture-resistant paints, after about 10 years, 20 years or more the walls will be peeled off. The house will look old and less sharp. Therefore, the need to renovate and renew the house is very necessary and should be done according to the rules.

The process of painting old wall coverings consists of the following four basic steps:

+ Step 1: Clean and prepare the surface

+ Step 2: Put on the mat

+ Step 3: Primer

+ Step 4: Finish painting

These are the 4 most basic steps of the old wall painting process to make your home fresher and to know better how to do it, we will give details of each step 1.

Step 1: Clean and prepare the surface in the old painting process

With the old wall surface, it is necessary to wash off algae, mold, peeling old paint, dust, old particles or old paint when it is like grease .... Remove everything on the old wall. Using a specialized cleaning solution, because the wall is old, it will be weak and must also be extremely careful. Scrape the old paint layers off the armor paper with medium friction, you can use a brush to clean the mold. Finally, rinse the wall with clean water and allow to dry before proceeding.

Remodeling and repainting old walls from inside to outside will inevitably spill the floors or furniture. Therefore, before remodeling, it is necessary to carry out items or cover neatly, the floor can be covered with pphur canvas or remove a thin layer of sand on the floor surface. Check the surface of the wall carefully again for any dents or loss of outer wall layers, then cement to achieve a flat wall because after repainting, it can be difficult to repair and more difficult in old wall painting process.

Step 2: Put on the mat in the old painting process for the most convenient and reasonable.

1. Grade 1 baits:

- Use one of the special putty powders for old walls (mixed and bagged, in powder form). Mix 1 water by volume with 2.5 parts powder. Stir well until all the dough components bond together into a dough.

- Use a baiting table, apply layer 1 on the wall then let it dry for 2 hours and use sandpaper to smooth the surface, absolutely do not use abrasive paper with high friction because it can remove all layers 1. Use clean or air compressor cleaning powder dust for baiting (Note to be applied after mixing with water within 1-2 hours)

2. Put on 2 layers: (Need to clean the dust particles to make the base layer stick better)

- Mix the powder with water as in grade 1. After 24 hours, use fine sandpaper, flat surface armor, smooth and smooth real armor to achieve the optimal and most effective level of the wall.

- You can use a light to check the flatness of the wall.

- Make up to 2 times on the protrusions and then proceed to clean the surface of the wall.

- Then use a clean rag or air compressor to clean the chalk dust particles.

- Let the surface of the wall be dry after 24 hours and paint the coating steps.

(Note: all steps and methods must be done in the correct order, because the wall is weaker than the original, if not following the rules, the wall will not be guaranteed when repainted and peeled off quickly. )

Step 3: Priming the walls of the house in the old painting process

Primer is considered as the 3rd layer of paint in the old wall painting process and is effective against the direct impact from the wall such as moisture, chemicals, dirt, impacts from nature ... on the coat. Coating leads to damage. On the market today, there are many types of primers and primers specialized in anti-alkali, anti-osmosis, anti-erosion ... As with level 4 houses in the countryside, the climate is so now also has cleaner air than houses in big cities. So the wall will be less affected by chemicals, smog.

- Use roller or conventional sprayer to paint one layer (01 layer) of waterproofing and alkali-resistant primer for exterior walls and similar to indoor walls and anywhere primer is needed.

- Paint a wet coat with standard thickness of 100 micro.

- Can add up to 10% of suitable solvent by volume during application.

- Paint after 1 to 2 hours (depending on temperature)

- Clean construction tools with appropriate solvent.

The priming will only be more careful when you carefully check the most general ambient temperature: -Operience temperature <50

- Surface temperature <80

- Air humidity: <80

- Do not paint in rainy conditions, strong winds, dusty air.

Step 4: Finish painting, the last step of the old wall painting process

Finishing is the last step in the old wall painting process, and finishing is very important. Whether the house is really fresh after remodeling or not depends on how well the paint is finished. When painting, pay attention to the texture lines of the house wall and you can refresh your house with a different color than the original to create a new, more unique look.

Before starting painting work, once again check everything such as: Safety issues for hats, scaffolding systems must be very safe, lighting systems. Check the paint again and read the instruction manual carefully, check paint tools and paint mixing method .....

Use roller or conventional sprayer to paint with two coats (minimum 2 coats) to protect the colors:

1. Paint protection, outdoor decoration: Waterproof or outdoor paints

2. Paint protection, indoor decoration: all kinds of paint in the house

- Can add up to 10% solvent (clean water) by volume during construction.

- The following classes are about 2-3 hours apart.

- Clean construction tools with appropriate solvent.

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