Construction of quality anti-rust epoxy paint according to customer requirements in Tay Ninh

There are many iron and steel constructions ... the weather environment factors will easily affect causing problems such as rust, rust, oxidation ... poor quality, losing the aesthetics of your buildings. . Therefore, choosing  a quality anti-rust epoxy coating is a smart solution to create lasting value.With outstanding features, especially very good anti-rust, it is widely used in epoxy construction. Professional anti-rust protection for machinery equipment, iron and steel surfaces, chemical industry.

Construction of quality anti-rust epoxy paint according to customer requirements in Tay Ninh

What is epoxy primer?

The same is the product line of epoxy paints, anti-rust epoxy paints manufactured on modern lines of epoxy resins, organic solvents, curing agents and additives, and pigments. Diverse in colors and types.

+ The paint has high adhesion ability, very good resistance to alkaline environments, so it is often used as a primer for anti-rust, used for works in buildings, steel structures, epoxy paints .

Surface preparation of quality anti-rust epoxy coating

+ It is necessary to treat the surface before construction, clean the dirt, grease stains, sanding to create the surface flatness for the high quality anti-rust epoxy coating process.

+ Avoid affecting the adhesion quality of the paint films, it is necessary to carefully check the paint surface to see if it is hard, sure, and not easy to mix impurities.

+ The available ingredients are used by a drill to mix to create the best mixture.

+ As well as the general epoxy coating steps

+ Carry out surface inspection again and then execute the construction of primer coat, epoxy coating, using spray gun, roller brush to make the construction process of epoxy coating with anti-rust quality more favorable and effective.

+ Need to choose the right time, weather, dry weather, appropriate temperature. Avoid applying in wet or rainy weather.

KLC epoxy coating company is a company with a lot of experience and a team of staff working professionally in the field of quality anti-rust epoxy coating, anti-rust primer, epoxy coating construction ... Bao will bring to you a project and the most perfect product. Currently, epoxy paint is an indispensable popular product line in the paint industry, construction works.

It becomes an essential product that plays an important role in increasing the value of all modern buildings, bringing many outstanding features, affordable prices, and creating a reputation in the market, so this is always the first choice of a lot of customers in the country in particular and the world in general. Please contact us for advice as well as bring yourself the best service and product.

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