Price list of effective waterproof epoxy coating on the market

Waterproof paint is a two-component epoxy coating with a component of paint and curing agent specialized for use on concrete floors, helping to prevent water repellency and wear resistance to help protect buildings for a long time. long. The installation of waterproof epoxy paint will help customers no longer worry about the roofs will leak, causing cracking, mold, algae that cause health damage and loss of aesthetics.

Price list of effective waterproof epoxy coating on the market

What is waterproof epoxy paint?

Waterproof epoxy paint is a continuous film forming agent whose main component is polyurethane resin, with high durability and adhesion on all different surfaces. Create high aesthetics, durability and good elasticity to help conceal defects, cracks on the floor surface.

In addition, waterproof epoxy coating is also a 2-component paint and includes waterproof epoxy primer and waterproof epoxy coating used to waterproof concrete floors that often have direct or indirect contact with water. Waterproof epoxy paint is suitable for projects such as roof waterproofing, swimming pools, basements, chemical storage tanks, wastewater treatment tanks, sports floors, ...

Characteristics of waterproof epoxy coating; Currently, epoxy waterproofing paint is used quite commonly because of its very useful functions: With the waterproofing feature, it is suitable for use in areas requiring high waterproofing such as swimming pools, drinking water tanks, waste tanks, chemical tanks, roofs, different types of floors. , ...

-Customers can choose the color of paint for the floor surface easily.

- Application of epoxy paint has excellent waterproof ability and minimizes the corrosion of water.

-Environmentally friendly does not cause any harm, protects the floor surface and living space of humans.

-Save on repair costs and easy to clean.

- Possesses excellent adhesion, coverage and durability that is not easy to fade.

The process of applying epoxy paint waterproofing

 - Step 1: Surface treatment

Use a specialized floor grinder to clean relics, stains, grease and abrasion to create a perfect bond for the floor to bond with the waterproof coating.

The better the surface treatment you can get, the better results you will get. So no matter what type of project, big, small, new old, brick or metal foundation, you must proceed to surface treatment first.

The rust layers, old paint patches or simply dust, grease stains will also make the adhesion of the floor significantly reduced. So clean the floor carefully.

 - Step 2: Surface repair

In the cracked position, need to be expanded and cleaned, use a dry trigger to treat stagnant water or high humidity so that waterproof epoxy paint can easily adhere.

Price list of effective waterproof epoxy coating on the market

A waterproof primer can harden the surface, creating an intermediate bond between the waterproof roof deck and the Polyurethane layer. Carefully applied this layer will help keep your roof basically free from mechanical shocks and natural phenomena that can have a strong impact on the roof.

 - Step 3: Apply epoxy primer for waterproofing

Use a mixer to mix 2 components A and B of the epoxy primer and pour it on the floor and spread evenly to fill the legs, cracks with roller. This step is to increase the hardness and create an intermediate bond between the floor and the waterproof epoxy coating.

Next, you pour on the floor and use a rolling table, spread waterproofing the floor with the weight: 2.6kg / m2 / 2mm and then use the hemp block to destroy all the air bubbles left on the waterproof coating. A small reminder that you need to mix the two components of the paint thoroughly. In order to avoid possible risks and help the work to be more complete, you need to carefully inspect the cracked and cracked locations and repair these places.

- Step 4: Paint the waterproof epoxy coating - Paint finish

After checking and making sure that the above steps have been done completely and completely. Mix the paint as in step 3, then spread evenly to ensure even coverage and the entire surface to be painted, this process helps to protect anti-wear and waterproof surface.

The last step to complete the waterproofing of the roof is to apply a topcoat. At this stage, a layer of Top coat will be coated on top of the epoxy paint waterproofing just now. This layer protects the surface, resists abrasion, resists color fading and resists harmful UV rays from the sun.

- Step 5: Acceptance test

After 24 hours, the waterproofing layer will be completely cured and we can proceed to pump water to the roof to check the quality of the building and after 07 days to put into use.

Price list of effective waterproof epoxy coating on the market

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