Paint and spray paint for the base of the factory to paint anti-rust ships on steel

 In the production workshop or the commodity warehouse, the solution to use a concrete foundation is often the popular choice. Because the cost for other methods of lining the floor is very large. On the other hand, because this environment suffers from many harsh impacts, concrete is often preferred. But how to paint on the best concrete foundation.

Paint and spray paint for the base of the factory to paint anti-rust ships on steel

What factors are affected by the concrete foundation?

Depending on the industry that is subject to the different environmental impacts. For example, factories, warehouses, equipment factories, ... There are some common common factors below: Can lead to the destruction of the concrete surface.

External force effects: such as bearing forces from equipment, truck movement, people and some other objects.

Liquid chemicals: such as water, grease, chemicals, industrial paint, ... During the process of workers dropping them while working or cleaning the floor.

Monsoon weather in Vietnam: With the concrete surface, it also has a great impact. Causes the be-tong to chalk quickly, creating a lot of sand if there is no protection.

Humidity: water vapor can evaporate through the concrete substrate, so need to find a preventive solution, can use waterproof epoxy paint before coating epoxy.

What is the best paint on the concrete floor?

Commonly used two-component epoxy paints are used. Because epoxy resins are very resistant to natural and human impacts. Use in sheltered areas. This is a modern approach for the industry.

The benefits of workshop-based epoxy paints

Adhesion ability by epoxy resin plus curing agent properties. Helps product to have a faster drying time.

Under the impact of soft wheel lifters up to 20 tons. Without causing paint film peeling.

Against corrosion of water, oxygen, chemicals, grease, ... Should choose epoxy industrial floor paint with high quality.

Nice shiny color, not slippery, good color fastness.

Nowadays, epoxy based paints are very popular. On the one hand, it protects the concrete foundation for a long time, and on the other hand adds a beautiful aesthetic to the factory. You do not like the color of the concrete substrate, you can choose a Benzo two-component epoxy coating.

Why do you have to clean the concrete floor before painting

Any paint process, the surface treatment is always very important. It affects the quality of the construction in the future. Whatever you use the highest quality product.

Help the coating stick more tightly to the surface of the factory floor

Create a flat level, ensure a high aesthetic beauty

Discovering the defects of the floor, can be fixed soon to ensure the best quality.

This is the first step of the workshop epoxy substrate coating process. As for other steps, you should consult the manufacturer before using.

The process of grinding concrete floors to clean the surface of details

As you note, this applies only to newly constructed concrete platforms. As for the old floors, a different procedure is needed to ensure the substrate is qualified for epoxy coating.

4 equipment you need to prepare:

1 Concrete ground grinding machine: CT179, CT279, CT379, ...

Grinding discs of concrete floors: HF, MF, SF

Grinding disc for numbers: # 20, # 30, # 50, # 100, # 200.

1 industrial vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Use a ground grinder with HF grinding disc (MF, SF) with # 20, # 30 to remove the floor surface of the workshop including dirt, chemicals, ... On the other hand, create a flat surface.

Step 2: Use a concrete ground grinder with a 6C polishing disc with # 50, # 100 with water. In order to create a rough and flat, smooth surface for workshop floor.

Step 3: Use an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining surface, dry the surface. If greasy is present, remove it by wiping it off with a solvent absorbent cloth.

Iron and steel ships or wooden ships always need high protection from harsh corrosive agents from harsh marine environments. In it, people often use the most popular paint today. But in the marine environment, it is quite complicated to use. If applied incorrectly, it will cause great harm to the ship.

Why must paint ships or wooden ship tunnels?

No materials will last forever, especially for ships using iron, steel or wood. Easily oxidized by natural corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to use popular paint to protect the existence of this material. There are many different types of paints in the category. Intensive knowledge is required to apply it properly.

In addition, iron and steel paint also functions to beautify the decoration of the ship. Easy to recognize a ship, giving pride to those who own it. In addition, epoxy is also used for floors, so see the epoxy painting process here.

Apply best steel and wood ship paint

Must be divided into areas of the ship to advise the right paint. Each section applies a different category.

Bottom of ship: in contact with sea water

Epoxy anti-rust primer + anti-microbial antifouling coating

The hull of the ship:

Epoxy primer primer + PU polyurethane coating

The inside of the hull:

Anti-rust primer epoxy + Epoxy coating.

Iron and steel metal will gradually disappear from the earth due to natural corrosion. Due to the reaction between metal compounds with oxygen in the air, a reddish brown rust compound is produced. Therefore, a barrier-forming compound such as a primer is required. This is the most popular method today. Suitable for painting iron doors, prefabricated factories, ... for decoration and protection. Although the construction is simple, how to make the anti-rust paint highly effective requires professional technique.

Why must anti-rust paint on steel

Commonly, a paint is often used to both protect and decorate metal surfaces. We will analyze in depth with these 2 product functions:

About protection:

In the product, there are ingredients that inhibit the ability to rust, help prevent contact between metals and the outside environment. But mainly in the primer anti-rust. Because this ingredient reduces the gloss of the oil paint film.

About decorative function:

When we talk about paint, we think of color. Currently there are more than 97 million realistic colors including 3 primary colors: Red, Green, Yellow. Benzo has the ability to color according to the requirements for large projects. With its glossy properties, anti-rust oil paint is resistant to direct sunlight, dust, wind, air, ...

How to make the best anti-rust paint for metals

Manufacturer Benzo since 1995 offers tips on effective rust protection for 5-10 years at the cost of each company. Here are the precautions to take:

Choose the right paint

Not all products will paint on all surfaces. Wrong choice will lead to the cost of the project to double or even take a long time. Depending on the surface and operating environment, use the appropriate product category.

Uncoated surface: Use anti-rust oil Alkyd Benzo

Galvanized Surface: Use epoxy anti-rust paint Benzo to adhere tightly to zinc. Therefore, the cost is higher than the solution above.

In addition, depending on the harsh corrosive environment, we use the appropriate chemical resistant coating system. The longest lasting iron and steel protection.

Surface treatment is very clean

In order to have a flat, long-lasting, beautiful-color surface, a clean metal surface treatment is required.

Paint to reach the right thickness

Mistake when conception, the thicker the paint, the higher the protection. This makes this solution costly, time-consuming, and easy to flake. Due to this situation, the paint film is difficult to dry, and the coating will crease when the surface is dry. Should see how to mix oil paint here to achieve high efficiency. When rusting metal, it should be in the range of 40-60 micrometres is best.

Standard construction environment

The influence of the environment during construction is very important. Recommended to take place in a cool, sheltered, less dusty, sunny place. Avoid applying at night.

In order to protect iron and steel structures from steel structures, paint is often used to protect the surface. There are many types of products on the market, making users confused about how to use them effectively.

How to evaluate 7 cheap anti-rust paints for metal surfaces

The following 7 anti-rust paints below are for reference only, only based on the product price. And other evaluation criteria such as grade level, color fastness, norm, ... Need to apply practically.

Suggested practical evaluation: Should buy an actual amount of paint for trial construction. Then wait about 1 day to evaluate the results. But attention need to perform the same construction method. First of all, it is necessary to use a rust cleaning method before the implementation will have accurate results.

The paints of the factory floor should not be ignored

Companies and businesses are now very interested in learning about factory floor paint to ensure the best working and production conditions.

An important role in factory floor painting

The factory floor is the place most affected by workers, machinery, production facilities and materials and corrosive chemicals. Degraded factory floor not only costs enterprises to restore, but also disrupts production work. Therefore, base paints are considered as the savior for businesses in this situation.

Compared with the previous form of pouring concrete, the factory floor paint helps the enterprise to meet the high quality factory standards. As a result, manufactured products will have the opportunity to find many partners and expand a strong market.

The floor paints of factories are commonly used today

It is not too difficult for businesses to choose the base paint for their factory. Because on the market there are many types of paint suppliers. But we recommend using the following 3 lines of high quality paint:

Epoxy coating: This is a popular paint used by businesses. However, the drawback of this paint line is only for factories located to machines with light and medium loads.

Self-balancing Epoxy paint: This paint is highly effective in factories that require high volume of equipment and machinery. The painted surface is always flat as much as possible thanks to its excellent self-leveling ability. And yet, paint works against mold and bacteria. Therefore, special environments such as research rooms, food processing factories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, factory to paint, ... often choose epoxy based self-balancing paint.

Antistatic Epoxy paint: Base paint products for factories dedicated to electronic and refrigeration factories. This paint ensures maximum safety for workers working in the factory.

Note when using background paint for the factory

In order to paint the best foundation for your workshop, you need to note the following:

Surface treatment workshop floor clean, smooth and free of dirt, grease.

The floor surface is kept dry, avoiding moisture, which will cause the base coat to peel off.

Conducting reverse waterproofing for the floor before applying paint for the workshop.

Time to work on new painted substrate is about 7 days after application. At this time, the base paint surface is dry, has good adhesion and no unpleasant odors.

Spray paint can be another term for the canned spray paint line or the paint used in the spray paint machine. So, what are the differences between these 2 products? What are the use cases as well as the secret to getting the paint as beautiful as you like and as professional as a skilled worker?

Spray paint: Another name for handy spray paint

If you research information about spray paint on the Internet, most of the results returned are spray paint products. We will learn through about this product.

What is spray paint?

Spray paint or spray paint is a type of paint that consists of N / C resin material combined with acrylic. They come in a compact, convenient hand-held spray.

When using, you just need to press the lid with your hand, the paint will automatically spray out in the form of thousands of tiny droplets like mist. These paint particles quickly adhere to the surface to be coated. Using spray paint, you just need to buy and use directly, no need to prepare additional paint brushes, machines ...

Some common types and uses

Not only beauty, paints in general have many effects. The same applies to direct spray paint. You can find many different products according to your needs such as anti-rust spray paint, heat-resistant spray paint, thermal insulation spray paint, reflective paint, insulation spray, emulsion spray or color spray ...

The secret to using spray paint

Simple to use, but not everyone knows how to get a smooth and even color polish with a spray paint bottle. Here are some little tips to make your paint more beautiful:

Clean and scrape the surface before spraying

Shake the bottle well before and after each spray

When spraying, press evenly on your hand, move slowly, steadily in one direction to paint evenly.

If you want to paint many layers, need to wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat, ...

Also, do not forget to make sure the spray area is airy but has little wind to limit the impact on the direction of the paint droplets. You should also wear protective gear to prevent chemicals in the paint from being harmful to the body.

Spray paint: Paint line used for paint sprayers

Spray paint sprayers are inherently a compact form of paint sprayers. It has the advantage of ease of use but is not suitable for large surface coatings. This is why many companies are still researching and improving new spraying machines.

Basic paint sprayer

Basically, a paint sprayer is a device that converts paint into fine dust that comes out of a paint nozzle. Currently, there are 2 popular models of handhelds and industrial machines. At this point, many people will surely wonder: What types of paint can be used for paint sprayers. Specifically: Spray paint for the machine should choose which one?

Which paint can be used for the sprayer?

Indeed, not all paints can be used with paint sprayers. The choice of spray paint should be based on the model as well as the nozzle and the needs.

For example: For paint machine with a nozzle size of 1.8mm, you can use it with paints used in oil paints, thin film paints, PU paints, or paints with sharp sophistication ... Meanwhile, The larger 2.6mm spray head is suitable for water-based paints, wall paints, especially in cases where large areas need to be painted in a short time.

To meet each of the above usage needs, you can choose from many different paint products. In the process of consulting, finding out details of each product, to make sure which paint line can be used with the machine, you should find out the introductory information and listen to the supplier's advice. Just like that, it is not difficult to find beautiful and functional paint.

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