Paint problems are common when painting your home

 Newly painted houses that have been stained, peeled after 6 months, damaged objects in the house when painted, dusty, messy houses after finishing are the problems you will encounter if you choose non-professional contractors.

Paint problems are common when painting your home

When building a house, in addition to the raw construction costs, the finishing part is also an issue to consider when calculating. Normally, the cost of finishing painting accounts for about 3% - 5% of the total construction value. Although the density is low, this is an important factor that makes your house stand out & durable or not.

Some families still have the mentality of choosing a low-cost construction contractor, but they do not take into account the value of the volume of paint, the costs of arising materials or solve construction and maintenance problems. Because of any money, after choosing cheap construction contractors, the family must be prepared to deal with many problems as follows:

Choosing the wrong house paint material

Many homeowners, due to ignorance, impatience, or failure to learn thoroughly about the paints and their uses, lead to the wrong use of paints. Each paint usually has its own outstanding feature. If you want to paint the exterior should choose paint lines with good waterproofing. Or, if you paint the interior, you can choose a paint that is easy to clean. In addition, paint color is also an important factor determining the spirit of the house, especially for families who love feng shui.

Not performing properly the painting process

Normally, in order to paint the house to be durable over time, we can apply a thin layer of matit, then primer to prevent moisture, the house paint is most afraid of moisture from the moisture. Next is 2 coats of paint, each coat spaced 6 - 8 hours apart. Besides, an equally important job is to thoroughly clean the surface for smooth smoothness before painting. Lack of experience in painting the house, homeowners often neglect to ensure the wall reaches a standard dryness, and has not yet cleaned the old paint layers for old walls that need to be repainted. This directly affects the quality of the coatings and is indirectly reducing the service life of the building.

The phenomenon of chalking wall paint.

When you touch the paint surface and see the paint clinging to your hands like chalk dust, this is chalking phenomenon. This can be caused by choosing the wrong paint when using outdoor interior paint, so keep in mind that each paint is manufactured with chemical materials suitable for different uses. Use poor quality paint, the paint line does not belong to acrylic resin. To avoid consequences affecting the house, it is best to scrape off this paint and then repaint the wall with the right paint. Mixing too much water to break the bond of the paint also causes chalking.

The paint layer appears white spots, fungi or moss.

This phenomenon occurs when the wall is damp, the alkali contained in the cement and the lime inside is not alkaline, leading to corrosion of paint, creating very unattractive white spots. To fix this problem, you should scrape off the paint and repaint it with an alkaline paint. Before painting, it is necessary to have a full primer and can be painted with a matit to prevent the wall from being damp, smooth and beautiful.

Poor coverage, revealing baseboard defects.

After finishing painting the house but still seeing the tiny holes in the painted surface, or touching the rough painted surface, this is due to inexperience in painting the house, making the wrong painting process, or the paint with the coating. least. Before applying topcoats, contractors recommend using a good quality primer, or primer. If not, at least use wax paper to scrub the smooth surface of the wall for the best adhesion of the coating. Paint must be mixed according to the instructions and stirred thoroughly before painting.

Currently on the market, some brands will have many lines of primer, these paint lines have a differentiation in price and quality. With the primer line, the criteria for quality evaluation are the surface bottle and the coverage, so wise consumers should consider carefully when choosing to buy primer products to avoid confusion. On the other hand, the lining of the paint is the same as the foundation of a house, if the house is stable, the foundation needs to be strong, the primer should be used with a good grade to reduce construction costs later when renovating and increasing durability. for the work.

The streak is not even.

The phenomenon of brush marks or streaks is uneven due to the fact that the first layer has not dried completely when the first layer is applied, or the paint is too thick (the viscosity is too high), when the construction worker is not uniform. The solution to this problem is to allow the top layer to dry completely before applying the next coat. When painting, the technician rolls evenly, to avoid the situation to be too exhausted, pay attention to mixing the correct ratio as the supplier does not let the paint be too thick.

Flowing paint film or paint film is wrinkled, sagging film

The paint has poor elasticity, the paint film is too thick or the paint is too thin, causing the paint to flow due to loss of bond. Wrinkle wear is defined by the paint film being too thick, painted on the surface at too high temperature, or applied after the first coat has not dried completely, caused by poor paint quality, dispersion and Poor spreading causes wrinkles, sagging paint film. The only way to overcome this phenomenon is to completely remove the damaged paint layer, and repaint it with several thin layers of paint. When the paint needs to be applied extensively in thin layers instead of one too thick layer, paint only when the first layer is completely dry.

Damaged objects in the house while painting

When painting the house, due to carelessness in packaging, your furniture is very susceptible to paint or damage. In this case, you can take precautions by asking the contractor to carefully prepare covering, shielding and relocating fixtures during construction.

Dusty and messy house after finishing

Irresponsible contractors will not pay attention to cleaning the site, resulting in even though completed, your nest is still messy and dusty. For these cases, it is best to choose a contractor that provides shielding and cleaning services after construction.

Home painting experience that you need to keep in mind

Make your home paint durable, especially if you paint your house yourself. You need to equip yourself with proper home painting techniques as well as some experience in handling paint problems such as cracks, peeling, water ...

Evaluation of construction works that need painting and repair before construction

This is the most important process in the construction of home paint because it determines the quality of the paint surface and chooses the method and type of paint to suit the building conditions. Therefore, the guide to paint the house, paint and paint the wall can not ignore the survey of the surface of the building, the surrounding environment, the annual weather.

Observing that the house has lost the space contact surface to choose the right waterproof paint and paint color,

Preliminary inspection of the construction quality on how smooth the surface is, the core convex, the dirt of the painted wall ... to decide on the plan of plastering deep indentations, grinding the protrusions, smoothing the surface face, primer or direct waterproofing roller ...

Check the humidity of the wall: see if the wall is waterproof, if there must be a waterproof treatment before painting or using any special waterproofing materials to renovate.

Assessments of painted surfaces will determine how to paint the old walls, how to paint or paint the newly built walls, how to waterproof the toilet, how to paint the painted walls, lime paint, paint the walls of the house. mold, peeling ..., paint the wooden house, paint the house, paint the house, primer or paint ...

So make sure that the first step of painting is to inspect the surface to fix existing construction errors to help get the wall surface before painting the best guarantee as required.

Limit patch mileage

During the construction process, other items in the works such as electricity, wood, bricks ... Often times will collide and scratch your wall. The patch marks of these spots are often inconsistent with the wall that has been previously applied and require you to apply another coat of paint over the entire wall, which is very costly. Therefore, after applying the first coat, we should wait for other items to complete before patching.

Pay attention to cleaning, cleaning ... in the contract with the construction contractor.

If paint causes damage to your furniture and you have to spend large sums of money to buy replacement items, then that is too wasteful. So, before painting your house, you need to find a skilled construction team with a lot of experience in painting the house so that you can rest assured after finishing.

Experience choosing to buy home paint should definitely know

In home paint, people often choose water-based paints used for different internal and external spaces. This requires the user to understand the characteristics of a solid, temporary building, humidity, light intensity, a frequently dusty or clean environment, use of paint indoors or outdoors, and preference for color. Paint ... Or in other words, you have to know how to choose a house paint color that suits your architectural design, preferences and especially feng shui to choose to buy cheap, good house paint in accordance with the most space.

The current home paint

Nowadays, there are many types of paints with different features to serve the diverse needs of users in interior and exterior paints for beautiful space and quality of the building to ensure durability and guarantee. weather protection.

The types of house paint used in the construction of new houses, repainting include:

Interior paint (indoor paint)

Exterior paint (exterior paint)

Alkali resistant primer.

waterproof paint for vertical wall

At the same time, there are house paints with specialized features such as waterproof, heat-resistant, heat-resistant, fireproof or have special decorative features such as imitation stone paint, wood imitation paint, emulsion paint and diverse prices. Depends on the brand of paint epoxy production.

There are also more products to support the construction of finishing house paint, ensuring durability such as: Putty - Powder plaster.

Choose the best home paint color

When you are about to "dress" for the wall, you will definitely ask what color to choose? How to choose a house paint color… In fact, how to choose the right paint color will need to consider factors including:

Home design style: choosing the paint color for a home garden will be different from that of a tube house, an old style house will be different from a modern home. So choosing to paint the house white or blue ... will depend in part on the architecture of your house.

Homeowners' preferences about paint colors: You will need to consider choosing a luxurious home paint color or expressing a personal mark, in favor of the classic ...

Area of ​​paint space: choosing paint colors for a house with a small area will be different from choosing a paint color for a large house. Usually, small houses will choose simple colors, bright properties to increase brightness and wide space. In contrast to the large spaces, you can completely choose modern home paint colors such as deep colors, helping to bring luxury.

Depends on interior or exterior paint: Choosing outdoor paint color can differ from indoor paint because it also depends on the ability to retain color, the impact of humidity, light, and dust.

Feng-shui element of house paint color: Currently, feng shui of houses plays a very important role in the design space of the house. In which, color is considered as the factor to choose suitable with feng shui. In it, each homeowner will match some colors and help increase your fortune. But there are also home-paint color options that are incompatible with the destiny of the homeowners, making the homeowners unlucky.

In addition, people also choose to paint the house according to the direction of the house, the position of the house in the overall space to ensure balance in feng-shui. Therefore, the feng-shui factor will be something that cannot be ignored when choosing the outdoor paint or interior interior.

Therefore, how to see the house paint color or how to choose a beautiful home paint color will need to fully evaluate, there is a harmonious combination of factors that affect the selection of paint colors for walls and house paint.

Determine your paint space

Currently, paint or wall paint is divided into indoor paint and exterior paint (interior and exterior). Buyers will need to determine whether the paint space is indoors or outdoors in order to choose the appropriate indoor paint or buy the appropriate outdoor paint. Because of the characteristics of the interior and exterior, it will be different for different painting environments. Therefore, new manufacturers classify these paints to help decorate the most beautiful interior and exterior space, in accordance with the environmental conditions.

Experience choosing interior paint

Interior paint is the inside surface of the home space exposed to the typical environment: easy to be wet, difficult to dry, stains are often impacted by humans with many different types of dirt ... Therefore, When choosing interior paint, it should be noted to ensure a full assessment, well ensure the following factors:

Is the paint resistant to waterproofing, mildew, algae?

Does the paint have good adhesion and how long will it last?

How hard or soft is the painted surface? Is it easy or difficult to clean, can it be self-cleaning?

Does the composition of paint ensure safety and health, other than in the paint, ensure safety standards?

How to choose outdoor house painting - Exterior painting

Exterior paint is the paint used to paint the exterior wall of the house and is always directly affected by the weather from rain, weather, changes in temperature, humidity, and dust. Therefore, the exterior paint's performance will also be different from the interior paint. The criteria for evaluating the quality of outdoor paint are:

Exterior paint products ensure a high degree of cover and adhesion, keep the color fading for a long time;

The paint surface has wide coverage, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and anti-fouling

The composition of the exterior paint must be friendly to people and the environment, contain no harmful substances and have good heat resistance, save energy, and minimize the greenhouse effect.

In general, exterior paint also needs to meet the specific technical and artistic requirements for the wall surface. Rich paint colors to help easily meet the aesthetic needs of each person. In particular, you should choose paints with safe ingredients, paints with harmful substances in home paint should be noted below the allowable level as low as possible.They are: VOCs (volatile organic compounds can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, severe infections, susceptible to birth defects, cancer and central nervous system damage.), mercury, lead ...

Price list for paint and construction of wall paint

Painted walls are the final finishing step in the construction of a house and it is an important factor showing the appearance and aesthetics of the building. Therefore, not only the project owner will have to know how to choose good quality paint, but also need to choose a construction unit with good house painting, home painting techniques, good wall painting at a good price.

Refer to the current price list of wall paint and the current price of construction, home painting, how to calculate the basic house paint price to choose effective house painting services.

Wall paint prices of all kinds

Wall paint prices of all kinds will depend on the manufacturer's price announced and listed. It is important that consumers can choose from level 1, 2, 3, 4 distribution agents ... the discount rates of agents are different. Therefore, when you need to choose home paint and need to consult a large dealer to find out the price of wall paint to be able to choose the cheapest home wall paint address.

Price for construction of water-based paint, paint-putty

The method of calculating the paint construction cost depends on many factors such as: the quality of the worker, the quality requirements of the paint, the type of paint, the complexity of the paint (fine paint, indoor, outdoor, height ...). The price of paint works is based only on basic properties and it is common for painters with experience in painting to calculate the price list of paint works for paints, wall paints, primers, and topcoats based on requirements and type of paint, work nature when customer describes the request for a quote.

Scrub away dirt and mold from the wall.

After you have prepared the surface, the next thing to do is to use sandpaper or abrasive stone to tea the surface to remove dirt on the surface of the wall.

Use a brush to reapply to make sure the surface of the wall is free of dust.

When painting the new wall surface, primer must be used. Primer coat is useful against alkalization.

When applying paint to the house to be able to mix beautiful watercolor paints, you will need 10% more water for the paint to roll, evenly spread and the paint is not thick, difficult to stick to the wall surface, causing peeling.

In addition to choosing the color of home paint, the standard paint should also be based on large or narrow spaces, more or less light. Tips for mixing paint colors are: Choose paint colors carefully and suitable for the indoor and outdoor space and paint color with the surrounding housing.

Do not use too hot paint colors when mixing colors, but use bright colors and create a cool feeling, hot colors should only be used for decorating combinations.

Paint must be stirred evenly before painting.

Small rooms should be mixed with paint on the ceiling about 1-2 tones lighter than the wall to create the effect of expanding the space.

Rooms with direct sunlight should not use bold colors to paint houses that easily reflect colors.

The standard way of mixing watercolor paint will help you get a beautiful space, ensuring high durability.

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